Hulk Hogan Aggressively Promoting Big Announcement On Oct. 27th

Hulk Hogan appears to be teasing something big for the month of October.

"The Hulkster," who was recently reinstated into the WWE Hall Of Fame, has been teasing something for October 27th on social media as of late.

Hogan appeared at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday and once again teased something for the 10/27 date.

"All the brothers out here with the nWo shirts on, something really special is going to be going down," Hogan said. "Just remember, the date, October 27. Go to, something very special is gonna happen October 27."

He continued, talking about being reinstated by WWE last month.

"There's a lot of stuff going on. WWE put Hulk Hogan back in the Hall of Fame," said Hogan. "That means I get to go back and beat Vince McMahon up one more time."

It's also worth noting that the front page of also reads the following:

"Something big is coming and it's going to be 2 sweet brother. Save the date, October 27th."