AEW All Out Results (8/31): Hoffman Estates, Ill.

All Elite Wrestling returns to the pay-per-view arena TONIGHT, as they present their AEW All Out event.

AEW All Out emanates from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on Saturday, August 31st, with the show being available on PPV and via the Bleacher Report (B/R) Live service.

AEW All Out "Buy-In" Pre-Show Results

The show will feature a two-match "Buy-In" pre-show card leading into the main card which is advertised to feature eight matches, including two title matches and a title eliminator.

We will be providing live play-by-play results coverage of the AEW All Out PPV right here on this page from the very start of the show until the very end this evening.

21-Woman Casino Battle Royale

The AEW All Out "Buy-In" pre-show is now officially underway.

Kicking things off on the official AEW All Out pre-show is the 21-Woman Casino Battle Royale where the winner earns a spot in the inaugural AEW Women's World Championship match on the debut episode of AEW On TNT from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, October 2nd.

The first five entrants in the bout are Leva Bates, Faby Apache, Nyla Rose, Pricilla Kelly and Shalanda Royal. The announcers claim Rose is the favorite. All four try to gang up on her early on, but she shoves them off with ease.

Royal ends up being the first eliminated. Apache is out next. Kelly dives at Rose, who catches her and throws her out, eliminating her as well. She landed hard. Ouch. Rose throws Bates out of the ring now as well. Avalon tries going after Rose, so she throws him over the top rope as well.

The next five entrants are Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Sadie Gibbs, Big Swole and Dr. Brit Baker. Baker throws out McKenzie. Big Swole gets eliminated. Ford is as well.

Five more enter and it's Tenille Dashwood, Ivelisse, Bea Priestley, Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong. Kong uses Ivelisse to eliminate Dashwood. Ivelisse is then eliminated right afterwards.

Allie, Nicole Savoy, Teal Piper, ODB and Jazz join the fray. Rose eliminates Savoy. Kong eliminates Piper. Rose and Kong brawl in the corner to the delight of the crowd. Jazz joins in. As does ODB. Kong and Jazz end up getting eliminated. Brandi is eliminated shortly after.

Mercedes Martinez is the final entrant.

Allie is eliminated, leaving Rose, Priestley, Gibbs, Martinez and Baker remaining in the match.

Baker blasts Martinez with a super kick to eliminate her. We're down to our final three now. In the end, Nyla Rose was the last woman standing. With the victory, Rose moves on to her hometown of Washington, D.C. to challenge the winner of tonight's Riho vs. Hikaru Shida match at the 10/2 premiere episode of AEW On TNT from the Capital One Arena.

Winner and advancing to inaugural AEW Women's World Championship match: Nyla Rose

Private Party vs. Angelico & Jack Evans

Our second advertised "Buy-In" pre-show match is up now, as Private Party make their way down to the ring for tag-team action. Out next are their opponents for tonight, the team of Angelico & Jack Evans.

Both teams match the other in high-flying action until each guy tags in their partner, who comes in and does the same thing. Quen and Kassidy tagged out and ended up gaining an advantage on Evans. Evans fights them off and hit a springboard corkscrew kick to Kassidy. Angelico got the tag and he hit a double team double stomp off the top rope for a two count. Then Evans took the tag again, but Quen turned it around eventually.

Finally, Private Party hit poison-ranas all over the place before hitting their "Gin & Juice" finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Private Party

Final Hype For AEW All Out 2019 Pay-Per-View

After the second of our two scheduled pre-show matches, MJF is interviewed backstage and then back inside the Sears Centre Arena, the Oklahoma Boomer-Sooner theme hits and out comes WWE Hall Of Famer and the voice of All Elite Wrestling, "Good Ole JR" Jim Ross.

J.R. joins the crew at the announce table to deliver some final promotional hype for the top matches at tonight's show.

AEW All Out Results

The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) ALL OUT 2019 pay-per-view kicks off with the singing of the national anthem.

After that, we see the "Cold Open" video package embedded directly above.

From there, we shoot inside the arena where the AEW announce team welcomes us to the show. The trio breaks down some of the top matches scheduled for tonight's show. As they talk about each match, a graphic is shown in the arena, which gives us an idea on the excitement level in the arena for each of tonight's matches, as they pop for everything but the Ladder Match and the inaugural AEW World Championship matches garner the best reactions.

SoCal Uncensored vs. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

Following the in-depth breakdown of tonight's card, we shoot live to the entrance stage where SoCal Uncensored's theme music hits. Out comes Kazarian, Daniels and Scorpio Sky. They cut a promo before their opponents make their walks to the ring.

After they cut their brief pre-match promo, we shoot back live to the entrance stage where Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt make their way to the ring.

This match was given a good bit of time, and in the end it delivered exactly what it was intended to do -- a solid opening match to set the tone in the arena for tonight's show.

There were a lot of high spots, including a crazy suicide dive from the Luchasaurus. Virtually everyone in this match jumped off of something or onto someone, if not both -- many times over.

When all was said and done, it was the established trio of SCU that managed to get their hands raised. The three posed in the ring as the announcers run down highlights on the broadcast.

Winners: SoCal Uncensored

PAC vs. Kenny Omega

The video package telling the story leading up to tonight's PAC vs. Kenny Omega match airs as the action continues here at AEW All Out.

From there, we shoot back inside the Sears Centre Arena as pyro explodes and Omega's theme song plays over the house speakers. The AEW EVP makes his way to the ring for our first one-on-one contest of the evening in Hoffman Estates.

As noted, PAC, formerly known as Neville in WWE, is the short-notice replacement for the originally scheduled opponent for Omega tonight, Jon Moxley.

PAC makes his way to the ring now as the announcers tell us about his re-dedicated focus to the pro wrestling business. They remind fans of PAC's decorated past and what he is capable of when he is not under any restraints.

The bell sounds and here we go. J.R. seems to be a bit uneducated, asking his broadcast partners if it's considered a dumb question to ask if Omega is over-looking PAC tonight. They explain why, yes, that might not be the smartest question to ask as this one continues to unfold inside the squared circle. He also points out how Omega is "the guy" right now because of "a bunch of online polls."

After neither man is able to gain an offensive advantage in the early going of this one, the action spills out to the floor where PAC starts to show a violent / mean streak. He takes the offensive upper-hand and rolls Omega into the ring before climbing to the top rope. He comes flying off with a front-double-foot-dropkick that sends Omega flying across the ring. The fans boo as PAC looks on at a grounded Omega, who starts punching at PAC from the mat. PAC cuts his offensive attempts short and slaps a side head-lock on a still grounded Omega.

PAC continues his onslaught of Omega. Omega ends up on the floor and PAC climbs to the top rope. He changes direction before jumping and finally he leaps off with a moonsault that sees a crash-landing on Omega on the foor. Both guys slowly get back to their feet and back into the ring, where the action continues.

J.R. is selling the right ankle of PAC on commentary as he climbs to the top rope. The announcers keep saying he is looking for his finisher. PAC nails a beautiful 450-splash onto Omega. PAC remains in control of the offense with ease as he toys with Omega now as Omega struggles to get back to a vertical base. Each guy trades chops and it appears that Omega is looking to make his comeback.

Omega hits a spiked Dragon suplex and a V-Trigger on PAC for a near fall. He goes for another V-Trigger, however this time PAC blocks the knee and starts fighting back. He misses a roundhouse kick attempt and Omega calls for another V-Trigger. Again, however, PAC sees it coming and stops him. Seconds later, however, Omega dusted him with a big V-Trigger that lands flush. And another. The crowd starting to fire up now as they see some extended life in Omega for the first time in a while.

A brief slip-up from Omega allows PAC to find his way back into the offensive mix. The two start exchanging chops, punches and strikes in general. Omega floors PAC with a big knee strike. Omega scoops PAC up on his shoulders, looking for a One-Winged Angel. PAC is fighting it, and now PAC hooks The Brutalizer submission on a standing Kenny Omega. PAC is sinching it in now as the announcers point out that Omega is fading. Omega crashes down to the mat. The referee checks on Omega and calls for the bell. The crowd is stunned. Omega is out.

Winner: PAC

Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Darby Allin (Cracker Barrel Clash)

After the PAC-Omega match ends, things quickly move along to set up the next match, which will be the Cracker Barrel Clash pitting Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Darby Allin in a three-way match.

Each of the three participants in this match make their way to the ring for the match named after the presenting sponsor for AEW All Out -- Cracker Barrel.

Jim Ross explains that the first man to score a pin fall or submission wins the match. There aren't any disqualifications or count-outs. That's the very complex rules and regulations for the first ever Cracker Barrel Clash in the history of any-and-everything.

Each guy goes under the ring and grabs a weapon. One grabs a table, one grabs a chair and one grabs a staple gun. Havoc grabbed the staple gun and actually stapled himself as the fans chant "You Sick F*ck! You Sick F*ck!"

The fight gets going outside of the ring. Allin and Janela seem to team up to get Havoc out of the match. They tape Havoc to a chair outside of the ring. Now Darby spreads some thumbtacks on the floor. They take some of them and scrape them into Havoc's eyes and face. Now they put some on some ductape and tape Havoc's mouth closed. The announcers freak out as they point out that thumbtacks are now in Havoc's mouth.

With Havoc seemingly out of the picture right the time being, Allin and Janela re-enter the ring and the action gets going. Darby walks the top rope and arm-drags Janela. Allin then goes up top and hits a wild splash onto Havoc, who was still taped to the chair outside of the ring. The fans break out into "Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!" chants.

Janela hits a wicked move on Allin on the ring apron. Now, he sets up a table bridge across the ring apron and barricade. Havoc is finally freed from the chair he was taped to. He approaches Janela and spits thumbtacks in his face. Havoc is now in the offensive driver's seat in this one as Allin is still down and out selling.

Back in the ring, Havoc grabs another staple gun and goes after Janela, who catches him coming in with the double boots. Now he grabs a piece of paper and purposely swipes it in between the fingers of Janela. The announcers put over the pain involved in getting a paper cut. This is all really happening.

A staple gun shot into the forehead followed by a monkey flip, and Janela is actually monkey-flipped directly into the chair -- in the seated position. Kind of cool. He poses to the fans while still seated until Havoc comes from behind and staple-guns him again. Janela with a power bomb on Allin through the aforementioned table bridge. Yup, as soon as Darby finally got back up, he goes back down for what will likely be another extended selling break.

"Cracker Barrel" chants break out as Janela goes to the top rope. He flies off with a crazy moonsault type of move, but Havoc moved and Janela just smacks the ground hard. Now the fans chant "We Want Barrels! We Want Barrels!" as the ring announcer informs us ten minutes have gone by. Now a skateboard is brought into the ring by Darby Allin. He blasts Janela with it. We see the bottom of the skateboard is covered in tacks. Havoc went to chop the skateboard, but found out the hard way what was all over the bottom of it.

Things continue to get crazier and more violent now as things appear to be winding down to the finish of the first ever "Cracker Barrel Clash" here at AEW All Out.

Ask and you shall receive. Darby Allin grabs a giant wooden barrel and goes to the top rope. He leaps off backwards while sitting on the barrel as he flies to the outside. Unfortunately, no one was there for his landing, so he went through the barrel, and likely added a bunch of splinters to the many thumbtacks already buried in his ass.

Havoc superplexes Janela through another barrel that was set up in the ring. He hits another splash onto Janela and covers him. 1-2-3. The Cracker Barrel Clash is over and Jimmy Havoc is our winner.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

The Dark Order vs. Best Friends (AEW Tag Tourney First Round Bye)

After the announce team has some fun joking about Cracker Barrel and sign language not being audible, we are informed that up next here at AEW All Out will be a tag-team contest with the winning team earning a first-round bye in the AEW Tag-Team Championship Tournament.

With that said, The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) make their way to the ring first. Out next are their opponents for tonight -- Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta (Chuckie T. & Beretta).

The announcers put over AEW's goal of re-establishing a legitimate tag-team division to the wrestling business as The Best Friends finish up their ring entrance. Finally they do, the fans start breaking out in various chants and then the bell sounds to get this one officially underway.

They give this one a decent chunk of time, however when all was said and done, it boiled down to the numbers game.

That's right, despite the hard-fought effort of all four guys inside the ring, "The Creepers" who accompany Stu Grayson and Evil Uno to the ring provided the distraction and interference, which led to The Dark Order hitting their double-team finisher for the 1-2-3.

The Dark Order pick up the "W" and with the win, they advance to get a first-round bye in the AEW World Tag-Team Championship Tournament.

Winners and advancing with a first-round bye in the AEW Tag-Team Championship Tournament: The Dark Order

After The Match: Orange Cassidy Makes The Save

After the match, Orange Cassidy, who came out with his hands in his pocket, took out all four members of The Dark Order at ringside after they tried to take Best Friends to the back.

He did so, by the way, without ever removing his hands from his pockets. The crowd loves Cassidy, who eventually gives Chuck Taylor a hug.

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida (AEW Women's Title Match Eliminator)

Up next is our lone one-on-one women's match on tonight's card. This one will feature Japanese pro wrestling stars Riho and Hikaru Shida.

As the announcers point out, Nyla Rose already won the 21-Woman Casino Battle Royale earlier this evening during the AEW All Out "Buy-In" pre-show. With the win, she already moved on to be one-half of the match that will crown the inaugural AEW Women's World Champion.

Meeting Rose in the first-ever AEW Women's World title match will be the winner of this match between Riho and Shida. The first AEW Women's World title match is scheduled to take place on the debut episode of AEW On TNT, which goes down from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Both ladies have made their walks to the ring, the bell has sounded and now this one is officially underway. This one started off kind of slow but the pace picked up heading into the finish, which saw Riho get her hand raised.

With the win, Riho moves on to face Nyla Rose in the inaugural AEW Women's World Championship match on 10/2. Rose comes out and stands on the top of the stage. Both girls stare each other down as the camera pans over to show the vacant AEW Women's World Championship belt. Highlights of the action are shown as the announcers recap the match.

Winner and advancing to inaugural AEW Women's World Championship match: Riho

Cody vs. Shawn Spears

Up next is our battle of two former friends turned bitter enemies after one brutal, unprotected chair shot to the head.

The camera pans up to the announce team who build-up the next match -- Cody vs. Shawn Spears. The video package is shown that tells the full story behind this rivalry heading into tonight's show.

First up, we see the lights go out and a spotlight come up on the top of the entrance stage. It is "The Chairman of AEW," Shawn Spears, who is actually sitting on the chair he wrapped around the skull of AEW EVP Cody at AEW Fyter Fest. The lights turn orange, we see Spears' eyes, which have crazy eye contacts in, as he is accompanied by WWE Hall Of Famer Tully Blanchard.

His entrance wraps up and we see Brandi Rhodes walking down the hallway backstage in silver. She is joined by Diamond Dallas Page as she continues walking. They are joined by MJF as they continue walking. Finally, they get closer to the entrance area and the camera goes off of them and returns to a dark arena with just the staging area lit up as ominous music plays and smoke billows out. Slowly, Cody emerges as the lights pick up and the music picks up as well. Cody is joined by the aforementioned trio as fire and pyro explodes inside the Sears Centre Arena.

Cody's actual entrance music plays as Brandi, DDP and MJF come out of the entrance way and join Cody. The four make their way down the entrance ramp, led by Cody, as our next one-on-one showdown here at AEW All Out is just moments away. Earl Hebner informs them when they get to ringside that only one can remain in his corner. Cody chooses MJF to stick around. Brandi disrobes Cody and she and DDP head to the back. We see Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears on one side of the floor outside of the ring, as Cody and MJF stand on the other.

Before any introductions can be made or any bells can sound, Cody climbs to the top and flies off out to the floor, splashing onto Spears and taking him out to get things underway on his own terms. The fans pop as he poses before the match itself gets started in the ring.

Cody keeps taking out Spears before he can get going, which is a smart strategy as the announcers point out. Finally, Spears does take over the offensive control of the match and in typical heel fashion, he is slow and methodic in his approach to dominating his baby faced foe.

This leads to a spot which is just classic Tully Blanchard heel tactics. Spears takes the weight belt around Cody's waist, but before he can use it, he gets into a shoving match with referee Earl Hebner. They do the cheap pop spot where Hebner fires up and shoves Spears back and Spears backs down in semi-cowardly fashion.

Eventually, Spears throws the weight belt away without using it, but as Earl goes to get rid of it, Tully Blanchard sneaks Spears an additional weight belt, which Spears uses as Earl disposes of the weight belt he was aware of. Cody finally has had enough and snaps, however Spears manages to cut Cody's comeback attempt short.

Cody selling the left knee of his as Spears starts to focus his attack on said-knee. Spears hoists Cody up on his shoulders outside the ring and smashes Cody down onto the steel entrance ramp. Both guys are down now outside the ring as Earl Hebner comes out to check on them.

Just as Jim Ross makes a "crossroads" pun on commentary, Cody hits Spears with the CrossRhodes which seems to have won him the match. Unfortunately for Cody, one of the smartest heels of all-time, Tully Blanchard, is on hand to screw things up for him.

As Cody attempted to finish off Spears, the referee's attention is taken away by Tully's interference. This prompts MJF to get involved and all hell breaks loose. In the confusion, WWE Hall Of Famer and another former Four Horsemen member, Arn Anderson, hit the ring to make the save. He hits a textbook Double-A spinebuster on Spears.

Tully, in shock, walks up the ramp with his jaw dropped looking to confront his former tag-team partner and fellow Four Horsemen member backstage after what just transpired.

Meanwhile, Cody is recovered and gets Spears back into the ring. He sees a steel chair in the ring as Spears is down and out. Cody defiantly walks over and grabs the chair, picking it up with emphasis. Spears is begging off. Cody drops the chair and punches away at Spears, swirling his arms around and blasting Spears with a Bionic Elbow in honor of his late father, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. Cody hits another CrossRhodes for good measure and covers Spears. 1-2-3. Cody gets the win and the retribution against "The Chairman of AEW," his longtime friend turned bitter rival, Shawn Spears.

Winner: Cody

The Lucha Bros (C) vs. The Young Bucks (AAA Tag-Title Ladder Match)

It is time for our co-main event of the evening. Escalera De La Muerte. A ladder match. The AAA World Tag-Team Championships on-the-line. Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix -- The Lucha Bros. Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson -- The Young Bucks.

Oh, it's time. FOLKS!

The Lucha Bros come out first, followed by The Young Bucks, who come out wearing Mexican head ring / masks, in mocking fashion towards their opponents in tonight's AEW All Out co-main event.

The announcers put over the history of ladder matches and point out what has come to be expected of them, and why so much more is possible with these four guys here tonight.

The bell sounds as all four men are in the ring now. We see a close-up camera shot of the AAA Tag-Team Championships hanging above the center of the ring as the fans chant random crap in Spanish.

The Young Bucks take off their entrance gear, as do The Lucha Bros. Both teams taunt each other a little bit and play to the crowd a little bit before finally things get physical and this match gets underway.

Once this one gets going, it gets GOING. And I mean in a hurry. These two teams left nothing back, as they put their bodies through more physical trauma than a car crash victim.

The match featured too many high spots to count, with ladders and tables breaking and being thrown around like they are going out of style (which appears impossible in the pro wrestling world, especially those two particular "foreign objects.")

Among the high spots were some cool Meltzer Drivers through tables off of ladders, as well as a spot where opposing team members were on top of enormous ladders set up on the floor while opposite team members were laid out on tables below them. They stood atop each ladder on opposing sides of the ring at the same time threatening to jump onto the other ones teammate until, yes, you guessed correctly -- they both leapt off and crashed through the others teammate at the same time.

Later on, one of the Bucks was standing on a ladder when it was pushed over, sending the Buck flying to the outside where two tables are stacked on top of one another. Unfortunately it looked like he only went through one and his head bashed into the side of the other.

Back in the ring, we get a chase up the ladder again, which is stopped when one of the Bucks reaches over and yanks off Pentagon JR's mask. The Young Bucks are finally both laid out now, as the other Buck just got taken out. Finally Pentagon JR, with his mask back on, climbs one side of the ladder in the ring while Fenix climbs the other. They get the titles down and win the match.

Winners and STILL AAA Tag-Team Champions: The Lucha Bros

After The Match: Mystery Masked Men Attack

After The Lucha Bros successfully retain the titles, two masked men hit the ring and take out the champs before turning their attention to The Young Bucks. They take them out as well.

Finally, the two masked figures stand in front of the hard camera side of the ring and take the masks off to reveal that they are former multiple-time IMPACT Wrestling World Tag-Team Champions, LAX -- Santana and Ortiz.

The crowd pops as LAX pose in the ring with their Latin American Xchange colors and flags flying in the air. They throw their masks down in disgust at The Young Bucks and finally exit the ring as highlights of the ladder match are shown.

Chris Jericho vs. "Hangman" Adam Page (AEW World Title)

Alright wrestling fans, there is only one match remaining. History is about to be made as the inaugural All Elite Wrestling (AEW) World's Heavyweight Champion is about to be determined.

The first-ever vacant AEW World's Heavyweight Championship match takes place next here at AEW All Out, as Chris Jericho and "Hangman" Adam Page go one-on-one in our main event.

Following the elaborate video package telling the story leading into tonight's Jericho-Page first-ever AEW World Title match, "Hangman" Adam Page's theme music hits the loud speakers inside the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and out he comes riding a horse down to the ring.

After that, lights go down and it's time for Chris Jericho to make his way to the ring to try and make history by adding another World Championship to his long collection. Jericho makes his way to the ring to what sounds like a Fozzy song of some kind. He comes out in his spiked leather jacket with a black hat on as pyro explodes behind him and he slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Here we go! It's time for our main event of the evening. It's time to crown the first-ever AEW World's Heavyweight Champion. It's time for Chris Jericho and "Hangman" Page to go one-on-one.

This one was given a ton of time to develop and tell a story, as the PPV ran until Midnight Eastern Time, with the main event starting with well over 40 minutes remaining in the PPV window to wrap up business.

Jericho and Hangman Page told an excellent story and put on an awesome display of talent in what was a great capper to an even better night. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, it was Jericho catching Hangman Page with his new finishing strike to score the pin and become the inaugural AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner and the first-ever AEW World Champion: Chris Jericho