AEW ALL OUT Results (9/3/2023): United Center, Chicago, Ill.

Tonight is the night!

AEW ALL OUT 2023 goes down this evening from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, with a 13-match card.

Things get started with the "Zero Hour" pre-show at 7/6c hosted by Renee Paquette and RJ City, and featuring the Over Budget Charity Battle Royal, as well as Athena, Mercedes Martinez & Diamante vs. Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue, and an AEW Trios title bout with The Acclaimed & "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn defending against Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Jay Lethal.

The pay-per-view main card starts at 8/7c and features Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Moxley for the AEW International title, Samoa Joe vs. Shane Taylor for the ROH TV title, MJF & Adam Cole vs. The Dark Order for the ROH tag titles, Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho for the TBS Women's title, Luchasaurus vs. Darby Allin for the TNT title, Bryan Danielson vs. Ricky Starks in a Strap match, Kenny Omega vs. Konosuke Takeshita, Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs, Bullet Club Gold vs. FTR & The Young Bucks, as well as Eddie Kingston & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Blackpool Combat Club.

Featured below are complete AEW ALL OUT results from Sunday, September 3, 2023. The following report was written by reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live from 7pm EST. / 12am EST. on pay-per-view.


The "Zero Hour" pre-show for ALL OUT 2023 is now underway across all of AEW's social and digital media outlets. We shoot live inside the United Center where we see Renee Paquette and RJ City standing in the center of the ring.

"The Wrestle Aunts" run down how fans can order the show tonight based on where they live and what they're trying to use to order it. From there, they run down the lineup for tonight's show as the official match graphics flash across the screen.

We then head into our first of many pre-match video packages telling the stories leading up to matches on tonight's card. The first looks at the Strap Match between Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks. After the package, Paquette and City, who are now on the entrance ramp, give their thoughts on the bout.

Bryan Danielson Addresses Tonight's Strap Match

From there, we shoot to the locker room where "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson talks about his love for pro wrestling legend Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. He talks about seeing what Ricky Starks did to him on AEW Collision and then saw he was going to challenge a 70+ year old man to a Strap Match.

Danielson says the last time he was in a Strap Match, it was against somebody he loved, and they beat the sh*t out of each other. He tells Starks he doesn't love him, nor does he even like him. He tells him to imagine what he's going to do to him tonight.

Lexy Nair Interviews The Mogul Embassy

Now we shoot to Lexy Nair, who is standing backstage in the interview zone with The Mogul Embassy and Prince Nana. He mentions his three men being in the Over The Budget Battle Royal. He says if they win, they'll be donating their $50,000 winnings to The Mogul Embassy Foundation Charity.

Over The Budget Battle Royal

From there, we head down to the ringside area where Excalibur, Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly get us ready for our first of multiple matches scheduled for this "Zero Hour" pre-show leading into ALL OUT.

The Best Friends duo of Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta make their way down to the ring for our first bout, which will be the Over The Budget Battle Royal, where the winner gets $50,000 for their charity. Dalton Castle comes out next, followed by Scorpio Sky.

Prince Nana then leads The Mogul Embassy trio of Brian Cage, Toa Leona and Bishop Kaun to the ring. "Hangman" Adam Page's theme hits next and out he comes to the biggest pop of the evening thus far. Fireworks explodes as The Elite member makes his way to the ring.

The rest of the competitors are already surrounding the ring. The men that just came out join them. Before the bell sounds, Tony Nese jumps in the ring on the mic. Nese says everyone at ringside knows he can beat them. He offers instead to do some group training. They don't seem interested. He asks us to count along as he does some push-ups.

Nese drops down and begins doing push-ups. Someone rings the bell and they all swarm the ring and throw out Nese together. From there, the rest of the guys are in the ring and all 19 of the bodies in the ring are bouncing around and duking it out. Komander hits a big shooting star press onto the floor to take out a bunch of the guys.

Daniel Garcia and Shawn Spears end up in a dance / ten-off. It's exactly how it sounds. Aussie Open ends up stereo super-kicking Spears and eliminating him. The Mogul Embassy team up and eliminate Komander. Dalton Castle is thrown out but his boys catch him and crowd surf him back on the apron. Angelo Parker ends up crowd surfing too but they set him down and he's eliminated.

Moments later, Brian Cage hits a discus lariat to eliminate Castle. Garcia eliminates Darius Martin and does his little dance on the ropes to celebrate. Best Friends give the people what they want -- which, of course, is a hug.

Chuck Taylor gets eliminated by Toa Leona seconds later. "Hangman" Adam Page eliminates Bishop Kaun. "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard gets eliminated. Scorpio Sky eliminates Jake Hager. Mark Davis of Aussie Open gets eliminated. Daniel Garcia gets eliminated. He does his little dance all the way to the back. Scorpio Sky is eliminated. Kyle Fletcher gets eliminated.

We're down to the final three, which is "Hangman" Adam Page and two members of The Mogul Embassy -- Brian Cage and Toa Leona. You can guess how this ends. No? Alright ... "Hangman" Adam Page wins. Buckshot Lariat. Ya know, "Cowboy Sh*t." Fun opener to get the crowd warmed up and alive.

Winner: "Hangman" Adam Page

Athena, Mercedes Martinez & Diamante vs. Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue

We head back to Renee Paquette and RJ City who run down more of the card as more of the official match graphics flash across the screen. They then set up the scheduled women's Trios bout.

With that said, the theme music for Hikaru Shida plays and out comes the former AEW Women's Champion. She stops and is joined by Willow Nightingale and Skye Blue. The first team heads to the ring together.

After they settle in the ring, we hear the familiar sounds of Mercedes Martinez's theme music. Out she comes accompanied by Diamante. They stop and the music cuts off. The theme for Athena plays and out comes ROH Women's Champion "The Fallen Goddess" to join them.

Billie Starkz accompanies Athena and the duo of Mercedes Martinez and Diamante to the ring. It's time for women's Trios action in our second match of the evening here on the AEW ALL OUT "Zero Hour" pre-show.

The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. The three heels argue over who will start first. None of them want to. Skye Blue hits a big leaping splash from the ring to the floor. Shida works over Diamante as the first two women starting things off in the ring.

After some back-and-forth action, we see the babyface trio start to pull ahead. Willow hits a big pounce on the floor. She whips Martinez into the barricade. Back into the ring, Willow works over Diamante and then tags in Skye Blue, who hits a super kick before hitting her Code Blue for the win.

Winners: Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue

AEW Trios Championship
The Acclaimed & "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn (C) vs. Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Jay Lethal

After the match, we shoot to the latest developments with RUSH and the LFI. Once that video package wraps up, we head back inside the arena where Paquette and City talk about the AEW International Championship main event tonight between Orange Cassidy and Jon Moxley.

From there, we head back to the ring for our third and final match here on the "Zero Hour" pre-show. Sonjay Dutt introduces the team of Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh and Jay Lethal like an NBA intro, complete with a jersey on and basketball in-hand. There's also a basketball hoop set up.

When the heel trio settles in the ring, their music dies down. The familiar sounds of The Acclaimed theme plays and out comes the reigning and defending AEW Trios Champions.

Max Caster does his freestyle rhyme routine on the way to the ring with Anthony Bowens, "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn and NBA legend Dennis Rodman. They settle into the ring and Gunn says there's already a problem. He says he has a special referee and it's not the one in the ring. He tells Aubrey Edwards to come out.

Karen Jarrett isn't happy about this. The bell sounds and the fight is on. Lethal and Bowens duke it out in the ring, as does Jarrett and Caster. Gunn and Singh fight on the floor at ringside, where we also see Karen and Sonjay on one side of the ring and Rodman on the other. Caster and Jarrett settle in as the legal men in the ring.

Bowens tags in and he and Caster hit the middle rope scissor-me-timbers leg-drop. After some heel shenanigans, we see the Jarrett team take over. Karen Jarrett tries sneaking in for a guitar shot on Gunn, but Aubrey Edwards sees it coming. Aubrey ends up kicking Karen out of the ring. Dennis Rodman comes in and grabs the guitar.

He blasts Satnam Singh with it and then The Acclaimed finish him off for the win to retain their AEW Trios Championships in the ALL OUT Zero Hour pre-show main event.

Winners and STILL AEW Trios Champions: The Acclaimed & "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn

ROH World Tag-Team Championships
MJF & Adam Cole (C) vs. The Dark Order

The bad-ass cold open for tonight's AEW ALL OUT 2023 premium live event airs to get the pay-per-view portion of the show underway. We then shoot back inside the United Center where Excalibur welcomes us to the show.

We head down to the ring for our opening contest, which features the ROH World Tag-Team Championships on-the-line. The Dark Order theme hits and out comes John Silver and Alex Reynolds for their big title opportunity.

After they settle in the squared circle, their entrance tune dies down. Now the joint-theme for MJF and Adam Cole hits and out comes the "Better Than You Bay-Bay" duo to defend their ROH World Tag-Team Championships.

The crowd is way into MJF and Adam Cole, as you'd expect. Cole and Silver kick things off for their respective teams. Almost immediately we hear super loud "Kangaroo Kick" and "Double Clothesline" chants. When MJF tags in he yells off-mic that Alex Reynolds helped train him so he starts a loud "Sportsmanship!" chant.

MJF pretends to show sportsmanship with a handshake, only to thumb Reynolds in the eye for a huge pop, which he soaks up. He goes to work on Reynolds and does a goofy Jackie Fargo strut and Rick Rude style hip-swivel dance.

The Dark Order take over and hurt MJF's neck, which he sells outside of the ring as Cole shows concern. Silver and Reynolds come by with a sneak attack, using steel chairs to shift the offensive momentum in their favor on the floor. Doctors come out to check on MJF on the floor as Cole hoovers over looking nervous and concerned.

It looks like MJF is not going to be able to continue. He is helped to the back. Adam Cole has to decide whether or not to forfeit or continue by himself with this tag-team title defense. He obviously chooses the latter and the action continues.

Silver and Reynolds hit a double clothesline on Cole and taunt the crowd as they begin a prolonged run in a comfortable offensive lead, with their two-to-one advantage over Adam Cole (...BAY-BAY!)

We see Evil Uno even get involved at ringside. This eventually brings MJF back out and while holding his neck and pushing past doctors and security, he gets on the apron and MJF tags in. MJF beats down The Dark Order and "Better Than You Bay-Bay" pull off the win with a Double Clothesline to retain. MJF has to be helped again after the bout.

Winners and STILL ROH World Tag-Team Champions: MJF & Adam Cole

ROH TV Championship
Samoa Joe (C) vs. Shane Taylor

As an injured MJF gets up and heads to the back with Adam Cole, the theme for Samoa Joe hits and out comes "The King of TV" for his scheduled ROH TV Championship defense. He shoves past MJF. MJF looks pissed.

MJF pushes past Cole and heads to the ring. He attacks Joe from behind but ends up in a guillotine choke with Joe squeezing on his already injured neck. A ton of security guards hit the ring to keep the two apart.

Order is eventually restored and the theme for Shane Taylor hits. Out he comes for his scheduled ROH TV Championship opportunity against "The Samoan Submission Machine." The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with our next match of the evening.

We see Joe start off strong but then Taylor takes over. He makes the mistake of standing over Joe and taunting him, and "The King of TV" fights back into the lead. He knocks Taylor to the floor and hits a dive through the ropes, leading to a "Joe is gonna kill you!" chant from the Chicago crowd.

After some more back-and-forth action, we see Joe hit a nice spinebuster and eventually locks in his Kokina Clutch for the submission victory. With the win, Joe retains his ROH TV Championship.

Winner and STILL ROH TV Champion: Samoa Joe

TNT Championship
Darby Allin vs. Luchasaurus (C)

It's time for our third straight title tilt of the evening, as the pre-match video package airs to get us ready for our scheduled TNT Championship match of the evening.

The video package wraps up, we return inside the United Center, and out comes Darby Allin with Nick Wayne by his side. Jim Ross has switched in for Kevin Kelly on commentary for this match.

Now the theme for the champion hits and out comes Luchasaurus accompanied by Christian Cage for this scheduled defense. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one.

We hear the commentators quickly point out and stress how Allin is still banged up after a top-rope coffin drop on a coffin at ALL IN last weekend. Luchasaurus manhandles Allin straight out of the gate, badly busting him open.

Christian Cage doesn't want him to beat him, but instead, to punish him. He does. For a while, too. Luchasaurus gets Allin up in the Torture Rack and literally tortures his already tortured back. Christian tries convincing Darby to throw in the towel.

Darby starts to fight back, escaping the Torture Rack of Luchasaurus and diving through the ropes to splash on Christian on the floor. Back in the ring, a bloody Allin bites the hand of Luchasaurus to avoid a chokeslam. He hits an Avalance Code Red off the top for a super close near fall.

Allin heads up for a Coffin Drop but he sees Christian attacking Nick Wayne with a chair. He has Wayne in position for a con-chair-to. Darby gets distracted and Luchasaurus hits a tombstone. He doesn't let go and hits two more tombstones and then a vicious lariat for the win. After the match, the roster runs out to stop Christian from attacking Darby with a con-chair-to after the match.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion: Luchasaurus

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Miro

The pre-show video package for Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Miro airs now to get us ready for our next match of the evening. The two big boys collide next here at ALL OUT in Chicago.

After the package wraps up, we return inside the United Center and head down to the ring where the two each make their respective ring entrances. It's time for our next match of the evening.

The bell sounds and we see these two get off to a slow start. Neither big guy can make the other big man budge. It's an even power match-up tonight it seems. Miro ends up shoving Hobbs down to his butt and letting out a war scream for a big pop.

Hobbs comes to life and the two start trading shots. Miro gets the better of the exchange and beats Hobbs until he slumps down in the corner of the ring. He goes to whip him into the ropes. The two collide in the middle of the ring and again neither man budges. Hobbs runs over Miro seconds later.

Powerhouse Hobbs enjoys some time in the offensive driver's seat, but eventually Miro fires up and takes over. The crowd goes wild as Miro sets Hobbs up for a finish. Hobbs avoids it and counters with a big slam for a close near fall attempt.

Miro connects with his big kick and goes for the cover, but Hobbs kicks out. Miro yells Game Over and slaps his camel clutch / Steiner Recliner finisher on Hobbs. Hobbs fights it and escapes. He hits a spinebuster on Miro for a close near fall of his own.

Now we see Hobbs try and get Miro's own Game Over submission finisher on him. Miro fights out of it and hits Hobbs with his own spinebuster and then slaps Game Over back on him for the submission win.

Winner: Miro

Lana Makes AEW Debut

After the match they shake hands and then Hobbs attacks Miro from behind. Hobbs continues to beat down Miro until out of nowhere we see former WWE Superstar Lana, the real-life wife of Miro, come to the ring with a chair.

Hobbs ends up in a stand-off with her. Miro recovers and attacks Hobbs with the chair. He and Lana stare at each other but Miro looks upset. He turns and walks away, leaving Lana in the ring by herself.

TBS Women's Championship
Kris Statlander (C) vs. Ruby Soho

Now we head back inside the United Center where we see Ruby Soho make her way out accompanied by AEW Women's Champion Saraya. The Outcasts duo settle into the ring for our next match of the evening.

The theme for the reigning and defending TBS Women's Champion hits and out comes Kris Statlander. She settles inside the squared circle, her music dies down and the bell sounds to get this one officially off-and-running.

We see Soho jump into the early offensive lead. Every chance Saraya gets, she gets involved at ringside behind the referee's back, continuing to give Soho an unfair advantage.

Statlander starts to fight back. She hits a wild avalanche power slam off the top-rope that looked painful. Soho takes over again and hits a poisonrana and a wild DDT after slingshotting off the ropes. Statlander hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close near fall.

Soho hits No Future and follows up with Destination Unknown for a super close near fall attempt. She is shocked when Statlander manages to kick out. Soho gets the spray-paint as Saraya distracts the ref. Toni Storm crawls from under the ring and steals the spray paint away from Soho. Soho turns around into Statlander's Sunday Night Fever for the pin fall.

Winner and STILL TBS Women's Champion: Kris Statlander

Strap Match
Bryan Danielson vs. Ricky Starks

The pre-match video package for our next bout of the evening, the strap match between Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks, airs. After it wraps up, we head back inside the United Center.

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat's epic theme music from back in his late-1990s WCW days plays and out comes the pro wrestling legend. He heads over and joins in on special guest commentary for this one.

Now the theme for Ricky Starks plays and out he comes with pyro and fireworks erupting. He settles in the ring as Steamboat talks to Excalibur-and-company on commentary about his issues with "Absolute" Ricky.

After Starks settles in the ring, his music dies down. The familiar sounds of Europe's "Final Countdown" entrance tune for "The American Dragon" plays and out comes Bryan Danielson.

Danielson gets the strap put on his arm. Starks exits the ring before it is put on his arm. He then sneak attacks Danielson and gets the early jump in this one. He heads over and grabs a strap and starts whipping Danielson with it at ringside.

Following the initial onslaught from Starks before he is connected to the strap, we see Danielson is badly busted open. Starks finally lets the ref put the strap on him. The bell sounds again and now the match is officially underway. He heads back out and continues to beat down an already badly bloodied "American Dragon."

Starks spends several minutes in the offensive lead, further bloodying up Danielson and taunting him. He even runs around doing the "Yes!" chant. Danielson finally fights back and whips the hell out of Starks on the top-rope. He then uses the strap to choke him, very similar to how he did Justin Roberts in WWE, an incident that led to him being fired many moons ago.

Ricky Starks avoids a big shot from Danielson and then whips him in his bloody face with the strap. After that, he turns to Steamboat and says, "This could've been you old man!" Danielson fights back and beats Starks down at ringside and then plays to the crowd.

Big Bill ends up running down and getting involved but Ricky Steamboat hops up from the commentary desk to even things up. Danielson hits a big dive onto the guys on the floor. Back in the ring, Danielson starts to take it to Starks looking for a finish as fans chant "This is Awesome."

Steamboat returns to special guest commentary as a very, very bloody Danielson holds Starks hands and stomps the hell out of him like "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin in his prime. Danielson uses the strap in his LeBelle Lock and chokes Starks unconscious for the win. Steamboat joins him to celebrate afterwards.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Eddie Kingston & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

We see a promo for AEW Wrestle Dream, Nigel McGuiness reveals the charity "Hangman" Adam Page is donating his $50,000 to from the pre-show Over The Budget Battle Royal. We then shoot back inside the United Center for our next match of the evening.

With that said, Katsuyori Shibata's theme hits and out comes the Japanese star. He stops and the theme for Eddie Kingston hits and out comes "The Mad King." The two head to the ring together.

Taz joins in on commentary for this one. The Blackpool Combat Club duo of Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta make their way out and heads to the ring. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with our next match of the evening.

Shibata and Yuta kick things off for their respective teams. Shibata establishes the early offensive lead. Yuta tags out. Castagoli comes in and he starts taking it to Shibata. Shibata starts fighting back. Kingstyon wants the tag. He comes in and Claudio immediately tags out and heads out to the floor as fans boo.

Kingston and Claudio finally collide on the floor and they start wildly exchanging shots. Yuta hits a big splash on them. Claudio then drives Kingston spine-first into the barricade. Now the BCC duo settle into a comfortable offensive lead.

After some more back-and-forth action, we see Kingston and Castagnoli finally in the ring together again. They duke it out until Kingston hits his spinning back-fist. He follows up with a northern lights bomb for a close near fall. Seconds later, Claudio hits one European uppercut and covers him. 1-2-3. Odd finish.

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kenny Omega

We very quickly move on to the pre-match video package for our next match of the evening, which as Excalibur points out, is another grudge match showdown.

On that note, we see the events that led to tonight's showdown between Kenny Omega and Konosuke Takeshita. Who is the God of pro wrestling? It's time to find out!

Back live, Konosuke Takeshita makes his way out accompanied by Don Callis. The two head to the ring together to a ton of heat. They settle inside and then the theme for Kenny Omega plays. Out comes "The Cleaner."

The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. Omega and Takeshita immediately go nose-to-nose in the middle of the ring. They each back up and now they begin getting after it. Omega works the arm of Takeshita early on. Don Callis yells at fans at ringside to shut up.

As the action continues, Omega fires up and starts hitting high spots. He knocks Takeshita out to the floor and then connects with a moonsault off the barricade. Takeshita recovers and takes over from there. He starts hitting high spots and begins a prolonged punishing of "The Cleaner."

Takeshita tries grabbing a chair from under the ring but referee Paul Turner catches him. He makes him get back in the ring and as he does, Don Callis stacks a bunch of chairs on Omega. Takeshita hits a running senton over the top-rope, splashing onto all the chairs laying on Omega.

Omega begins fighting back a few minutes later. He knocks Takeshita out to the floor and then pounds the mat to the tune of the Terminator. The fans do it as well and then Omega energizes and leaps with a flying senton onto Takeshita on the floor. Omega hits back-to-back dragon suplexes, spiking Konosuke on his neck.

The fans chant "One more time!" and Omega goes to oblige but Takeshita stops him. Omega then hits a knee to the back and a reverse hurricanrana for a close pin attempt. Omega hits a power bomb and then quickly follows up with a V-Trigger for a close near fall. He hits another and looks for the One Winged Angel, but Takeshita counters.

Kenny takes Konosuke up to the top-rope on his shoulders, looking for an Avalanche One Winged Angel, but Takeshita escapes. Takeshita gets Omega up to the top and connects with an Avalache Blue Thunder Bomb for a super close near fall. Callis tries to use a screw driver on Omega, but he avoids it.

He hits Takeshita with a V-Trigger and then looks for a One Winged Angel. Takeshita has the screwdriver but the ref takes it from him. Omega goes for a victory roll but Takeshita rolls through and connects with a V-Trigger of his own. Takeshita drops the knee pad and hits another for the win.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

Bullet Club Gold vs. FTR & The Young Bucks

Now we head to the pre-match video package for our scheduled co-main event of the evening. After it wraps up, we return inside the United Center where the Bullet Club Gold theme hits and out comes Jay White, Juice Robinson and The Gunns duo of Austin and Colten Gunn.

The Bullet Club Gold foursome head to the ring together and settle inside. The theme for The Young Bucks hits and out comes Nick and Matt Jackson. FTR is out next and the duo of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler settle into the ring. The fans get on the Bucks' case with some CM Punk chants.

From there, the bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. Wheeler and Colten Gunn kick things off for their respective teams. We see the Bucks and FTR all hit the ring after Bullet Club Gold start to double and triple team them. The faces clear the heels out of the ring and then all four of them pose together.

After that we see the Bullet Club Gold foursome take turns utilizing frequent tags to keep a fresh man in the ring at all times. Wheeler ends up tagging in and he helps shift the offensive momentum back in his team's favor, taking it to Jay White. White starts working over the leg of Wheeler and then he tags Robinson back in to pick up where he left off.

Things build to a big intense spot where all eight men are in a stand off in the middle of the ring. They build the drama by staring for a few seconds and then a wild brawl breaks out as the crowd goes wild. We see FTR and The Young Bucks all lock a member of Bullet Club Gold in a Sharpshooter to the point that we've got four Sharpshooters going on at the same time.

For the first time in the match, Harwood and Wheeler aren't able to tag each other, so Harwood has no choice but to tag in one of the Bucks. Nick Jackson tags in and the crowd immediately starts loudly booing him and getting on his case with CM Punk chants. Wheeler isn't around to spike Harwood's pile driver, so Jackson does it off the ropes for him. They go for the cover but only get two.

FTR and Jackson hit some high spots and then Jackson hits a 450 splash. They go for the cover but Robinson breaks it up. Harwood and White end up in the ring alone trading chops as the crowd reacts. We see a Shatter Machine and then Harwood and Jackson look for a BTE Trigger, only for it to be broken up. FTR looks for a Big Rig but White breaks it up and hits Bladerunner. Gunn follows up with the cover for the win. Great match.

Winners: Bullet Club Gold

AEW International Championship
Orange Cassidy (C) vs. Jon Moxley

It's main event time!

The pre-match video package airs for our last match of the evening here at AEW ALL OUT 2023, which features "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy putting his AEW International Championship on-the-line against Blackpool Combat Club leader Jon Moxley.

Back live inside the United Center, we see a Goodfellas restaraunt scene camera shot of Jon Moxley walking the hallways backstage with the rest of the Blackpool Combat Club behind him like a fight team getting ready to walk their fighter to the Octagon for a UFC title fight.

Mox emerges to the sounds of "Wild Thing" and heads to the ring for our final match of the evening. He settles inside the squared circle and his entrance tune wraps up.

Now we see Orange Cassidy walking the hallways backstage with Best Friends behind him in a similar pre-UFC ring walk style. His catchy-ass theme music plays and out he comes with his AEW International Championship in his back-pack ready for his latest title defense.

Once both guys are in the ring, "The Dapper Yapper" Justin Roberts begins the formal pre-match ring introductions for the champion and the challenger. Cassidy is running a 326-day reign as AEW International (and AEW All-Atlantic) Champion into this defense against the leader of "The Paradigm Shift" in pro wrestling.

After the bell sounds, we see a delay as Cassidy soaks in the moment, panning the venue with his eyes. Mox has his fight stance and is bouncing side-to-side staring at Cassidy from the opposite side of the ring. The crowd noise picks up and then the two finally get after it and start mixing things up.

A confident-looking Cassidy walks to the middle of the ring and does the big dramatic hand-raise. He can't lower them back into his pockets, however, as Mox doesn't feel like playing games tonight. Instead, he decks Cassidy and immediately goes to work on him, putting the boots to him as he slumps down in the corner of the ring. Mox then bites at Cassidy's head.

Mox launches Cassidy half-way across the ring and he takes a bad bump on the back of his neck. Cassidy clutches his neck and kicks and stomps his feet on the mat like a kid throwing a temper tantrum, but legitimately and because of pain. The fans try and rally behind him but Mox continues to beat him down as Excalibur runs down all the nagging injuries Cassidy is dealing with right now.

We see Mox do the Ronnie Garvin-style stomp spot to Cassidy, but Cassidy fights back and hits a big Stun-Don Millionaire to slow the challenger down.

After some more back-and-forth action, we see Mox take Cassidy out to the floor and he badly busts him open. Real badly. He tears up the padding and mats around the ring, exposing the concrete floor. He dumps Cassidy on his bloody dome.

Back in the ring, Mox has Cassidy in the Bulldog Choke and this one looks to be over, but somehow Cassidy hangs on. Cassidy hits Beach Break. He starts doing his wimpy kicks routine with his hands in his pockets as the crowd goes wild. Mox decks Cassidy and goes for the cover but again the "Freshly Squeezed" one avoids being put away.

Mox follows up with a Death Rider and immediately goes for the cover, yet again Cassidy kicks out. Mox looks like he doesn't want to finish off Cassidy, almost feeling pity for him. Cassidy defiantly flips him off. He ends up picking up the lifeless champ and hoisting him up for a high-angle Death Rider. He follows up with the pin and gets the win. We have a new AEW International Champion. The BCC join Mox for the celebration. That's how the AEW ALL OUT 2023 premium live event goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner and NEW AEW International Champion: Jon Moxley