AEW Rampage Results (6/24/2022): UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, Milwaukee, WI.

It's Friday night, and you know what that means ...

All Elite Wrestling returns from UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee, WI. with this week's edition of AEW Rampage.

On tap for tonight's show, which is the "go-home" edition of the weekly two-hour AEW on TNT television program, is Cash Wheeler vs. Jeff Cobb, Andrade El Idolo vs. Rey Fenix, The DKC vs. Hook, as well as Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez in action.

Featured below are AEW Rampage results from Friday, June 24, 2022. The following report was written live as the show aired on TNT by reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709).


This week's show kicks off with the usual, "This is Rampage, baby!" theme song and opening video and then we shoot inside the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee, WI. where Excalibur does the "it's Friday night, and you know what that means ..." catchphrase.

His fellow co-commentators chime in with their first words and then we head down to the ring for our opening contest of the evening.

Andrade El Idolo vs. Rey Fenix

The two men have already made their ring entrances during the "Exclusive Entrance" special stream on AEW's official YouTube channel.

After a quick introduction from the ring announcer, the bell sounds and we get this one-one-one showdown off-and-running.

Jericho and Taz put over Andrade and Fenix as two of the best in the world as the two lock up to start this one off. Andrade isolates the arm of Fenix but he escapes. The pace picks up with each bouncing off the ropes but failing to gain an advantage over the other.

Andrade hits a suplex and starts to take over on offense until Fenix fights back and knocks him out of the ring, following up with an incredible leap to the floor for a big splash.

Back in the ring, Fenix hits another high spot off the top-rope. He hits another big move and goes for the cover, but only gets two. Andrade ends up knocking Fenix off the top as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

Both start going nuts, including a big Spanish super-fly high spot as soon as we return from the commercials.

We see Andrade passed a tablet for a cheap shot. Rush ends up showing up and kicking Fenix with a brutal low blow. This sets up the pin fall for Andrade in an amazing match.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

Eddie Kingston Promo

We shoot backstage for a quick word from Eddie Kingston. "The Mad King" puts over his friends and talks about wanting to taste Chris Jericho's "kool-aid" blood.

When we return on commentary, Jericho reacts to the comments and then we head to a commercial break.

Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez vs. Laynie Luck & Trinity

The duo of Shane Strickland and Keith Lee talk when we return and then Serena Deeb is introduced.

She makes her way down to the ring to no music and settles in the ring and then Mercedes Martinez heads out and settles in the ring as well.

Laynie Luck and Trinity end up getting the assignment. The match goes quick and ends brutally for the duo via submission.

After the match, while Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb are celebrating until they tease a future showdown with each other.

Winners: Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez

Tully Blanchard Enterprises Introduced

Tully Blanchard is shown in a backstage vignette wearing a jacket that reads, "Tully Blanchard Enterprises."

He goes on to introduce the members, which includes "The Machine" (a.k.a. Brian Cage with a mowhawk), Toa and one other member.

Jonathan Gresham & Lee Moriarty Challenged

We return from the break and we see Jonathan Gresham and Lee Moriarty are shown with Tony Schiavone backstage.

They are confronted by Tully Blanchard who challenges them two a match with two of his guys.

Hook vs. The DKC

We head back inside the arena and we hear Action Bronson playing as Hook makes his way out to a big pop.

He settles in the ring where his opponent, The DKC, is already standing.

The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with this one. The commentators talk about The DKC to introduce him to AEW fans.

Hook dominates early on but for the first time ever shows some vulnrability as DKC blasts him with shots in the corner.

Hook's father, Taz, on commentary ensures us that this is only angering Hook.

Hook fires up and blasts The DKC with forearms and then locks in the Red Rum for the submission victory.

Winner: Hook

Mark Henry's Pre-Main Event Interview

Now we shoot to Mark Henry who is standing by with the usual pre-main event interview.

This leads to FTR talking first, with Cash Wheeler talking about tonight's match and his opponent.

Jeff Cobb answers next, demanding that he put some "-spect" on his name. Henry determines that it has been enough talking, and it's time for tonight's main event.

The Gunn Club & Max Caster Headed To ... Chicago!

The Gunn Club and Max Caster of The Acclaimed are shown backstage.

Billy Gunn informs the guys that he has secured them a match on The Forbidden Door card as the match on The Buy-In pre-show.

They talk about being excited to go to Japan but the Caster says they're headed to Chicago. "Now scissor me!"

Jeff Cobb vs. Cash Wheeler

We get the commentators running down the lineup for The Forbidden Door and then head back to ringside for tonight's main event.

Out comes Cash Wheeler and Jeff Cobb for their showdown in the final bout of the evening.

The bell sounds to get this one off-and-running and then we see these two go at it. After some quick back-and-forth action we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Cobb is still dominating the action, however Wheeler starts showing signs of life and is fighting back.

Cobb has Wheeler in a back-breaker. Wheeler escapes and counters but then Cobb starts pounding away with big strikes. Wheeler returns fire and the two trade shots back-and-forth. The commentators mention it not being wise to go strike-for-strike with any member of FTR.

Wheeler hits a chop-block on the back of Cobb's knee and then knocks him out to the floor and follows out with a big splash.

The two go back-and-forth with some more intense offense and then Cobb scores the pin fall victory.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

After The Match: Pre-Forbidden Door Brawls

After the match, The Great O Khan makes his way out now. He congratulates Cobb on the victory.

Behind comes Dax Harwood sprinting from the back. He attacks him and then Will Ospreay and Aussie Open run out and attacks him.

The theme for Orange Cassidy hits to draw the big pop from the crowd and out he comes with Roppongi Vice to join the brawl.

The commentators hype up the brawls breaking out, which includes Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston brawling right at the desks.

He grabs a pen and is looking to draw the blood that he wants to taste. The commentators hype this and the other brawls as this week's show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!