AEW Star CM Punk Talks 3-Hour Tattoo Coverup Process For The Heels Series

CM Punk, who recently made his pro wrestling return after 7 long years as well as his debut with AEW, stars as a wrestler named Ricky Rabies in the Starz series "Heels," made his first-ever appearance on the show during the third episode of the series this past Sunday. Punk recently took to his Instagram and revealed the grueling three-hour process of covering up his tattoos for the "Heels" series, while also giving a shout out and calling the two makeup artists, who have been covering up his tattoos the real MVPs.

CM Punk mentioned on his Instagram post that the process of covering up his tattoos takes three hours a day prior to his appearance on the show. Punk also described the entire tattoo removal process when he took part in a recent Q&A session on Wrestling Inc.'s Daily podcast.

You can check out CM Punk's full Instagram post below, along with a video of his comments: