AEW Star Jokes About Looking Like Arn Anderson, Reveals Backstage Talk He Had With The Wrestling Legend

Arn Anderson has seen it all throughout his years in the business.

Hell, more than once he's seen someone rise to the top in the industry based on using the Anderson name, with some even looking like the sons he never had in terms of their physical appearance.

For every CW Anderson, there is also a JD Drake, who doesn't borrow from the "Anderson" family tradition by using the name, but certainly falls into the later category, as he has often been compared to "The Enforcer" of the original legendary Four Horsemen faction based strictly on his looks.

As noted, JD Drake recently appeared as a guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast for an in-depth interview, during which he spoke about a backstage talk he had in AEW with "Double A," who was a hero to him as a young wrestling fan growing up in North Carolina, and how he brought up their similar physical resemblance.

Featured below is an excerpt from the interview where he shares the story.

"Well, he had heard of me through the grapevine. He had not really seen much of my work, but he knew who I was, and we sat down. And we talked for about 30 – 45 minutes about everything other than wrestling, about life, about sports. You name it. We talked about it, and then he said, ‘I like your look kid.’ I was like, ‘Well, I appreciate it. Does it look familiar?’ And he just smirked and walked away, and his son Brock happened to be sitting there too, which was even more hilarious.

"Brock looked at me and said, ‘Yeah,’ and that was about it. Arn, he’s just been a pleasure to sit down and talk to any time I’m down there. You can’t get enough being under his learning tree. Him, or Jake Roberts, or Sting or anybody that’s down there, Big Show (Paul Wight), any of them. If they speak, you listen, and if you do anything other than listen, you’re doing it wrong."

Check out the full interview below, or at


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