AJ Styles Reflects On Being Undertaker's Final Matchup: "Thing Happened The Way They Did"

WWE superstar AJ Styles was recently interviewed by TalkSport to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including how he was the Undertaker's final opponent and how the Deadman got to go out on his own terms. Highlights are below.

Says he doesn't think Undertaker ever thought he'd be his final match:

Somebody asked me who do I want for my retirement match? I said ‘I have no idea! I don’t even know when I’m going to retire, how can I even think about that!’ There’s no way The Undertaker was thinking a year before WrestleMania ‘I’m going to have AJ Styles as my last match!’ He wasn’t thinking about that. I wasn’t even on his list, I’m sure of it. But, things happened the way they did. It literally was a phone call making him think about some things and I don’t know, I think it was him being on the verge of retiring and then having that match and saying ‘wow, how can AJ and I even top that? It was a lot of effort brought about by a lot of different people, but the most, of course, was done by The Undertaker. I was just there to stand beside him and do my thing!

How Undertaker got to go out on his own terms:

We talked, but it was right. He did it the right way, he did it on his own terms. He didn’t have to do it because of an injury or something else. He’s the one that said you know what, I’m OK with leaving it right here. And there’s something to be said about something like that because injuries plague this business and you never know how long you’re going to be able to hold out. Good for him that he was able to call his own shot.