Aleister Black Featured On A New Video Vignette On SmackDown

Last night's SmackDown show saw Aleister Black being featured on a new pre-recorded vignette. Similar to last week's episode, Black read from the “Tales of The Dark Father” book, but on last night's show Aleister would read from a chapter he calls the “Reality” chapter. Last week's Aleister read from The Dragon chapter, which he referred to as Chapter one.

Aleister Black started with, "You look at me and you judge me, and you make assumptions, because this is the true nature of man, and I’ve always lived… in this reality.”

He continued with, “In high school people like you littered the halls.” “You were so unaware, lost in a constant of success and adoration that you had been fed. The date to the prom, the right college, the three bedroom house with a white picket fence… building your life on a foundation of lies. Imagine thinking any of that is real, imagine falling for that trap."

“Father never fed me those dreams. He was quick to teach me the truth, and the truth is that there is something horribly wrong with all of that, and all of you. I could help you, I could give you the keys to escape, but I won’t.”

Aleister Black then slammed the book shut to end the vignette. There is still no word on where WWE is headed with these video vignettes and with Black’s character as well as when he will be making his TV return or when he will be brought back to in-ring action, but updates will be provided as it has been made available.

Aleister Black last wrestled for the WWE when he lost a No DQ Match to Kevin Owens on the October 12, 2020 episode of RAW. He was drafted to Friday Night SmackDown that same night, but hasn't appeared on WWE TV since.

You can check out the video vignette below: