Backstage News On Possible Reason Anthem Sports Released Scott D'Amore From TNA Wrestling

-- Anthem Sports released TNA President Scott D'Amore from his role yesterday, sending mixed messages on how he left the company, while not addressing any potential reasons. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided some insight into why Anthem may have decided to part ways with the long-time leader of TNA/IMPACT.

-- According to Meltzer, D'Amore was looking to spend more money with TNA, including going after more free-agent talent to bolster the roster. Anthem meanwhile was not keen to increase the budget and may have even wanted to cut back on funding and it resulted in a bit of a stand-off between the two sides. D'Amore had "always been trying" to get a bigger budget and was essentially rebuffed and shown the door.

-- Meltzer added that TNA was coming back and looking more popular than in recent years but Anthem's mandate was to simply "have a product", tape television shows, run pay-per-views, stream shows and do it all as cheaply as possible. While not confirmed that this is the main or only reason for the split, it is something that internally people have noted that D'Amore and Anthem couldn't agree on and potentially may have had a dispute over it as well.