Becky Lynch's Return & Quick Title Win Was a Decision Made By Vince McMahon

-- Becky Lynch's return to WWE on SummerSlam was a change in plans that happened after Sasha Banks was unable to compete at the PPV. reports that sources have noted that Banks' situation and ongoing absence is not injury related but it is unclear when she will return. Lynch's return - originally scheduled for October - was fast-tracked by several weeks and her winning the title from Bianca Belair was said to 100% be a Vince McMahon decision in an attempt to make her surprise return even more spectacular. Some detractors felt that the quick win over Belair hurt her momentum but it sounds like they were obviously overruled by Vince's vision for Lynch and the finish but ultimately, it is not meant to convey that WWE has lost any faith in Belair nor do they consider her de-elevated.

-- WWE reportedly knew Sasha Banks wouldn't be competing for over a week but kept promoting the match as a way to increase the surprise factor when Lynch eventually showed up. WWE went to great lengths to keep Becky's return under wraps and she was hidden from most people backstage until shortly before her segment.