Blake Christian Talks Triple H Shutting Down A Gimmick That Was Pitched To Him

Top Indie Star Blake Christian, who has competed for promotions such as GCW, AEW and IMPACT, recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to talk about a variety of topics such as how when he was under contract to NXT and Triple H was there as well his first match was against top NJPW Star KUSHIDA, which he was totally okay with, but there was this gimmick that was pitched to him that Triple H shot down.

Blake Christian also talked about how the gimmick that was pitched was shot down because it isn't for WWE NXT 2.0, but it is now being used on TV by a tremendous wrestler.

Blake Christian said:

“Triple H was there [NXT] when I started. Obviously, the first match with KUSHIDA or whatever. This one gimmick was pitched to me that I was totally okay with, you know? At the time, I wanna be on TV and used the best way I can so maybe this is it so they pitched it to me and Triple H shot it down. He’s like, ‘No. This guy’s a wrestler, let’s let him wrestle. Put him in there with KUSHIDA’ and I’m very grateful for that. I got that opportunity. But when 2.0 came around, that’s when Triple H was out with the heart issues or whatever. He was recovering from that and really, we just — we didn’t take our business to him because he’s recovering with his family so it was Shawn’s show. So Shawn [Michaels] was running things and we had made a video for Triple H and stuff like that but, yeah, Triple H was there for the beginning of it, not towards the end.”

“I prefer not to [say what the pitched gimmick was]. It’s out there on TV now but, yeah, the guy they gave it to is a tremendous wrestler and I love him to death so very much. I’m very thankful that they gave it to somebody that would do well with it.”

“When we first talked about it, it was like they were shooting it down because that’s not what NXT was but NXT became something different when it became 2.0. It was more colors, more young audience, stuff like that. So, the gimmick very much hit this 2.0 audience and they were all for it, even John Laurinaitis was high on me too but, you know, things just don’t work out and sometimes you get cut. It’s okay, it’s a part of life. I knew what I was signing up for when I signed that contract. Like I said, I didn’t wanna live my WWE career in fear of getting released. I wanted to have fun so, it is what it is.”

Blake Christian then talked about how he received a text from pro wrestling legend William Regal when he was released and how Regal told him that if he ever needed anything, to just reach out.

Blake Christian said:

“Even when I got released [from WWE], he [William Regal] shot me a text and he’s like, ‘Anytime you ever need me to watch some of your stuff, anytime you need anything, just reach out to me’ so, he’s always been very good to me.”

“I asked [if I could keep ‘Blake Christian’ in WWE]. But my real name is like that so they’re like, ‘Oh, we can’t own a real name.’ But, I did ask them. But yeah, it just didn’t work out.”

You can check out Blake Christian's full comments at this link. H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes.