Chris Jericho Reveals He Was Scared When He Wound Up In The Hospital Last Year

ROH World Champion Chris Jericho recently appeared on Howie Mandel’s Does Stuff program to talk about a number of topics such as how he couldn't breathe when he was on stage with Fozzy as well as how the doctors told him he needed to go right to the hospital after he took some blood tests as he had blood clots or what you call Pulmonary embolism, which people can die from.

Chris Jericho said:

“Couldn’t breathe. Like literally, I was on stage with Fozzy and I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t catch my breath. And I was like, ‘This is weird.’ And I started hearing a blood clot, because I talked to a couple doctors that I knew here. And lo and behold, I had a day off in London, went got some blood tests and they said, ‘You gotta go right to the hospital, you got you’ve got blood clots. Pulmonary embolism.’ Which I mean, people die from that. Right away, you got to start getting blood thinners. And they bring this freaking needle and they stick it right in your thigh and it’s like, ‘Ahh!’ The blood thinner’s got to get in there right away to start tearing them apart, essentially. So that was the first thing, and then the oxygen level was really bad, because you can’t breathe. And that’s something I think during COVID time, everyone was checking their oxygen levels, it was supposed to be at like 99 or 100? Mine was like down at like 92. I couldn’t walk from here to that couch without being like [panting].”

Chris Jericho also talked about how the blood clot came on pretty quick and how he had no symptoms or anything as it was just a normal day, then he suddenly couldn't breathe.

Chris Jericho said:

“It was quick. It was quick that [it] got to that point. So at the beginning of the tour, the first three shows were great. Fourth one I started feeling weird, and I lasted about another three days after that before I went to the hospital. So it hit very quick. [The] onslaught was like, ‘boom!’ And that’s how people die from it because you don’t know. No one knows if you have blood clots, how are you supposed to know that? I had no symptoms or anything, it was just a normal guy, normal day and suddenly I can’t breathe. So it was really kind of like, when you hear that people die of these you can understand how because you don’t know.”

Chris Jericho also talked about how he was scared and freaked out when he ended up in the hospital as it was during COVID and you never know what could happen.

Chris Jericho said:

“When you’re in the hospital at any time it’s kind of scary, because you never know, like ‘Oh, what if,’ right? When you’re in the hospital and this is once again, during COVID times, so the level starts going down, and then they put the the oxygen in your nose. And I’m like, ‘The next step is the intubation, the freaking ventilator.’ And then you start freaking out. And I was like, ‘I’m not getting in a wheelchair to go to any of these tests, I’m not putting on this gown.’ ‘You got to put on the gown.’ ‘No I don’t.’ ‘You gotta get this wheelchair. ‘No, I’m walking. I’m walking where I need to go.’ I was scared. Everything that would like, if I get into a wheelchair and put the hospital thing on, that’s one step closer to in my head never getting out… I just didn’t want to accept the hospital gown. All of it was just in my head, like ‘What if I never get out of here,’ you know? ‘What if I don’t get out of here,’ and you start thinking that way. It’s freaky.”

You can check out Chris Jericho's full comments in the video below. H/T to 411Mania for transcribing the above quotes.