Court Bauer Talks WWE Nearly Bringing In Top MMA Star Bob Sapp

MLW owner and former WWE writer Court Bauer recently appeared on The Insiders podcast for AdFreeShows to talk about a variety of topics such as how the WWE was interested in bringing in Bob Sapp into the company because he was a huge star at the time, but he wanted the Brock Lesnar type of deal and Vince McMahon wouldn’t do that, so that deal never came to fruition.

Court Bauer said:

“Similar to Bob Sapp, who at the time was huge in Japan and almost came in but there were issues with him. He didn’t want to work house shows, that was a big issue. Back then, he basically wanted the Brock (Lesnar) deal and Vince wouldn’t do that. You have to go out and earn your keep. He didn’t want high-end guarantees and then you didn’t have to work hard for it. There was feeling that, ‘then you’re in WCW territory. You’re sitting at home, you’re making your money, how motivated are you to make it when you’re getting a fat guarantee?’ Today, people are experimenting with that model more than ever. Brock is the current model, but Bob Sapp, they weren’t going to do it. Bob was at the shows and talking to Vince ringside and I thought we were very close to Sapp coming in and a few others that I thought would come in from PRIDE, but no dice.”

You can check out Court Bauer's comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.