DDP Reflects On Working With WWE Over The Years, Shares Thoughts On Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Diamond Dallas Page enjoys his work with WWE, even if his actual active run with the promotion was less than stellar.

The WWE Hall of Fame legend spoke during a recent installment of his DDP Snakepit podcast with Jake "The Snake" Roberts about his work with WWE over the years.

Page noted that he enjoys the time he does work with the international sports entertainment (and pro wrestling) conglomerate.

"I really enjoy doing the things I do with WWE,” DDP said. “I’m back there again and doing stuff again with them. Paul [Levesque] is the guy, but don’t think that Stephanie [McMahon] is not," he began. "That is one of the smartest people in the business and I’m sure they talk about stuff all the time because that’s the element of the couple that they are.”

DDP then spoke about his involvement in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal from WrestleMania 32 back in 2016.

“I did the battle royal [the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 back in 2016] and they gave me the entrance and I’m 61 years old at the time,” DDP recalled. “I just walked up to both of them and gave them a big hug and thanked them for letting me go out there and just have a little fun dropping some Cutters and getting thrown over the top rope and getting a nice payday.”

Check out the complete episode of the DDP Snakepit podcast by visiting Patreon.com. H/T to WrestlingInc.com for transcribing the above quotes.