Details on Some WWE Talent Being Told Ahead of Time Where They Would be Drafted

-- WWE held its draft earlier this month and as reported multiple times before, the news of who was being drafted where was kept within very few people leading to a minimal amount of leaks. reports that some WWE talent who were drafted on Friday's Smackdown were told on Thursday night where they would be picked and that the message was given by either Vince McMahon or Talent Relations.

-- However, there were "numerous people stuck in limbo" between NXT and the main Raw/Smackdown brands as these talent learned about their future through various means. Some wrestlers learned of their destination as their name was called out while others were told during the draft that they wouldn't even be drafted.

-- For those wrestlers who ended up being selected on Monday's Raw, most of them didn't know of any plans by the time the draft started but there were some exceptions that ended up finding out. Several talent had to arrange for travel plans to get to Raw and ended up putting "two and two together" and many assumed they'd be moving brands.