Dutch Mantell Reveals Scary Roddy Piper Story

During the latest edition of Smack Talk, wrestling legend Dutch Mantell revealed a crazy fact about one of WWE’s biggest heat magnets, Roddy Piper.

Dutch shared a story from a time when Roddy went to the Dominican Republic, and explained a pretty scary situation involving "Hot Rod", as well as guns. Dutch told listeners:

"I wasn't around him that much but I remember one time he went down to the Dominican Republic and I remember telling him about how dangerous Puerto Rico was and the Dominican Republic was even worse. I don't think he believed it till he got over there. He was a master of getting heat and people hated him anyway. I think he was pulled out of the ring by two cops. They pulled a gun on him inside the arena and took him to the back and I think handcuffed him. They didn't beat him up anything but he said he was fearing for his safety and his life. So that's the only story I have about Roddy Piper. Roddy said, 'I'll never go back there again.' Somebody told him that we tried to tell you the first time not to go but you wouldn't listen.”

Dutch continued to talk about the Piper story, and even mentioned that “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair wanted Roddy to stay away from the territory. Mantell mentioned:

"I think Flair even told him not to go to the Dominican Republic because he had a run in. Flair got beat in the Dominican Republic by their hero and the people still wanted to kill him.”

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)