EC3 Breaks Down The Benefits Of An AEW and ROH Relationship

ROH superstar EC3 recently spoke to Cageside Seats about a wide range of topics, including what he would think of an AEW/ROH relationship, and how there was an idea of teaming him up with Drake Maverick and FTR prior to his "Free the Narrative" gimmick becoming his commitment. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says there was an idea to form a Horsemen-esque group with FTR, Drake Maverick, and himself:

“There were ideas thrown around where we wanted to create some things before The Narrative was full tilt. There was an idea for a Horsemen-esque kind of thing we tossed around and played with, but the pandemic prevented one of our days to travel and shoot stuff. [FTR] went their way, I went my way and Drake returned to WWE. What a good idea that was. I was kind of hesitant too. I was kind of hesitant too because I don’t look that part anymore and I’m doing this. But that would have been awesome. [FTR] is the best tag team in the world and Drake is one of the greatest wrestling brains in the world. I’m all-around [the] best body, best mind, best personality, best looks, best facial hair. It would have been money. I think I would have wanted to call it, RICH.”

Talks about a potential relationship between AEW and ROH:

“We should play bold and do some things to bring attention to what is a very talented locker room and a very great product. It’s just getting the eyeballs on it. Obviously, a partnership with AEW does that in a sense, but at the same time, it’s just been done with Impact. As opposed to rehashing the past and the nostalgia, which I always preach against, I don’t want to do something that’s already been done as much as doing something that’s never been done. Ring of Honor is sitting on a giant library of extremely crazy content I’m creating on my own called The Narrative where I have Braun Strowman’s first non-WWE match. There’s buzz in that I would think. We also have a pay-per-view coming up. We have Death Before Dishonor coming up in Philly at the 2300 Arena. I’m in the world title match. I’ll win, it’s cool. Maybe as the champion, I will bring the brand the attention and notoriety it deserves.”