Edge Reflects On Past Forced Retirement, Real Reason He Came Back (Video)

Adam "Edge" Copeland recently appeared as a guest on The Nation Network's Leaf's Morning Take podcast for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During his appearance on the Toronto-based program, the WWE Hall of Fame legend spoke about his past forced retirement due to injury, why it was hard to accept, wanting to retire in Toronto when he's done with his current run and the real goal he wanted to accomplish with his comeback.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On his past forced retirement, why it was hard to accept and wanting to retire in Toronto when he's done with his current run: “That’s the key. The first time I was told, ‘You gotta hang it up. That’s it, you’re done.’ It was WrestleMania. I retired world champ, and that sounds Cinderella, but I just didn’t know. That made it hard to chew on all those years, but I had to accept it and move on with what life is now. [I got to] start an amazing, beautiful family and the acting thing started to kind of take [off] a little but when I had the chance to get this back. The first thing I thought is, ‘I want to retire in Toronto.'”

On the real goal he wanted to accomplish with his WWE comeback: “Because again, I know the window is not open for long. But if I can do it there, I think then I’ll be able to go right. I’m good. That was the last thing to kind of check off. I didn’t come back to win 4 more championships or anything like that. I really just came back to have fun, try and help teach a new generation of talent that I never got my hands on before. I always say, I call us storytellers. [I always intended to] come back and tell hell of a story for three or four years and then ride off into the sunset.”

Watch the complete Adam "Edge Copeland interview from The Nation Network's Leafs Morning Talk podcast via the video embedded below courtesy of the official YouTube channel of the show. H/T to SEScoops.com for transcribing the above quotes.