First Look Of Chris Jericho In New UpTV Film "Country Hearts" Now Available

Chris Jericho's new movie "Country Hearts" is scheduled to premiere on UpTV on October 22, 2023 at 8/7c.

The official description for the film, which features Chris Jericho as Bones Jamieson, a former rock star who's addictions ended his career and now raises his daughters on their ranch, reads as follows:

    "The daughters of country music and rock & roll royalty find themselves at a crossroads, torn between following their dreams of performing or helping their father run their up-and-coming horse breeding business.

    "Between old flames, new love, best friends and family -- they’ll all need the strength of each other to face the next steps."

Also in the film are Lanie McAuley, Katerina Maria, Brendan Morgan, Jeff Irving, Craig Strickland, David Pinard, Michelle Nolden, Genevieve Fisher, Roy Lewis, Lara Amersey, Greg Ellwand, Bebsabe Duque, Celine Bauwmans, and Neil Whitel.

There is apparently already a sequel to the program in the works dubbed, "Country Hearts Christmas."

Check out a first look at the film at