Former IMPACT Star Tessa Blanchard Teases Joining WWE NXT

Since June 25th, 2020, Tessa Blanchard has been a free agent when her contract with IMPACT came to an end. It would then be reported that Tessa Blanchard was still celebrating her marriage to Daga and is still undecided on her future with the pro wrestling business, but both Blanchard and Daga was having talks with AEW on a potential deal, though nothing ever came of it.

A report by Fightful Select then indicated that Tessa Blanchard was contacted by the NWA to discuss a possible working relationship down the line, but the talks were unsuccessful and no deal was reached. Tessa Blanchard, who's a former IMPACT World Champion as well as a veteran in the wrestling business, took to her Twitter and posted a photo of herself, teasing that she could be on her way to WWE NXT as she could be seen holding what's believed to be a stack of WWE Hall of Famer "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase's $1 million bills.

WWE Hall of Famer "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase just recently ended his latest run with WWE in the black and gold brand, when he was put in a storyline with L.A. Knight, Cameron Grimes and the WWE Million Dollar Championship.

You can check out Tessa Blanchard's tweet below: