Former WWE Star Set To Make His IMPACT Wrestling Debut Soon

It was previously reported that according to a former WWE Superstar was set to make his IMPACT Wrestling debut on last night's show as that was what was shown in a vignette. The report also indicated that this was someone who "never really got a fair chance" during his time with WWE, but it seems that IMPACT had another plans as they did not push through with the debut.

During last night's IMPACT episode, instead of a debut taking place, another video vignette was shown where it was revealed that Steve Maclin (F.K.A. Steve Cutler in WWE) will make his IMPACT debut soon, but it was not mentioned when exactly the debut will happen.

Cutler worked for the WWE from 2014 - 2020, where he was most notably known for being part of the NXT brand and The Forgotten Sons group, alongside Wesley Blake and Jaxson Ryker.

You can check out the vignette below: