Highlights from "The Broken Skull Sessions" Interview with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

After last nights TLC Special Event, current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre sat down with Stone Cold Steve Austin, for an interview on Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. Below are a few highlights from the interview!

What having the belt means to him:

“For me it was my lifelong dream. I’ve always wanted to be Champion. I’ve had some highs and lows, and to finally pull it off and be accepted by the company and the fans... lifting that title meant so much to me. It’s hard to put into words, it’s surreal. Thinking about everyone who has held the belt,it’s cool to be a part of that lineage”.

On Vince introducing him as “The Chosen One”:

“As weird as it is to say, when I started my career in the UK I was always on top. I’ve always been educated to be the top guy, and when I got the chance in WWE, I never felt the pressure the way I should have. It’s interesting that Vince can see things in you that you can’t see in yourself, and sometimes it takes a long time to get there. It finally came out”.

On if he was really supposed to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26:

“That’s what I heard from Shawn. I spent some time with Shawn Michaels, and yeah that was the plan. If I had that match at that time it wouldn’t have been what it should have been. I ended up being in the money in the bank ladder match”.

On 3MB:

“It was dead on arrival. Vince named a few guys he thought would fit into it, and he wanted you bring something more out of Jinder and I. They sat me down and explained it to me, and I’m like great, I just want to do something. I had an injured wrist at the time, so we did all the promo videos. It was fun as hell, and I showed my personality alot. With what I was going through at the time, it helped me have a spot on the card”.

On winning his first WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, without fans in attendance:

“I accepted what it was at first, but then weeks later I was kinda frustrated. I’m getting all of this attention after 20 years, and now no ones gonna be there. As I started to understand how big the COVID situation is, I became more understanding to the entire situation. I had to take a step back and be grown up about it. I knew we had told a good story between me and Brock, and I wanted to finish it by making people happy with the outcome. There was a skeletal crew that day, and everyone’s telling me to get psyched up, you could hear a pin drop on there. As soon as I hit the curtain I was like ok I’m feeling it now. We were both in the zone and I thought if he pulls any funny business I’m gonna mess him up. I know I’ll get a chance to do it in front of a crowd someday, but this first one meant the world to me”.

On what he has left to prove:

“I want to help make the Royal Rumble, or another big 4 event happen in the UK. We have the WWE network, and supershows in all these other countries now, and there’s no reason we can’t have a big 4 event in the UK. I will continue to push for it, and talk to Vince about it”.

You can watch the full interview, on demand, over on the WWE Network!