IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/27/21) - Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN

Report by: Mike Johnson,

This week's edition of Impact on AXS opened with a review of the circumstances leading to Rhino and Joe Doering winning the Impact Wrestling Tag Team titles last week.

Sami Callihan came to the ring. He said that The Good Brothers cost him a chance at the Impact title because they were scared of him. You can plan for other challengers, but you can't plan for Callihan. You can't plan for getting your head bashed in. He said that Don Callis is going to do everything in his power to keep Kenny Omega out of the ring with him because he's afraid of Callihan. He said that if Kenny Omega isn't a coward, he can come out here right now.

Instead, Moose came to the ring. He said that the last time he checked, Sami wasn't the top contender for the title, Moose was. He said Sami should stay out of his business. Sami asked him to wonder why they are trying to take out Sami and they aren't worried about Moose.

Before Moose could respond, The Good Brothers came out. They mocked Sami for blaming the Good Brothers and said they were tired of being blamed for things. They said they are on Moose's side. They said at Under Siege, Moose won the number one contendership of the title. Perhaps Sami needs to stay out of Kenny Omega's business and Moose's business. They said they are on Moose's side. Moose said they are on his side but he isn't on theirs. Moose and Callihan jumped them and ran them out of the ring.

An effective opening segment to set up what was obviously the main event.

Backstage, Don Callis said they will make a match with the Good Brothers vs. Moose and Sami for tonight.

After commercial, Gia Miller asked Callis why he was making a match tonight and questioned that he was able to do that. He said he's the Invisible Hand and does things to make everyone money. Scott D'Amore said he was surprised he see him do it. Callis said he was told to interact more with the talents and stormed off, saying he was collaborating. They seem to be building to Scott vs. Don. A barnburner!

D'Lo Brown pointed out all the tension. He's been joined by Josh Matthews this week.

TJP & Fallah Bahh vs. Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Josh Alexander & Petey Williams.

Alexander and Bahh started out. Bahh used his power to toss Alexander to the caorner, then used his size to ride him to the mat. Bahh used a series of clubbing shots to the back but was hit with a low dropkick. Bahh was doubleteamed by Williams and Alexander but double shoulder-tackled them down. He and TJP hit a double elbow on Petey. There was a comedy bit where Bahh couldn't do a kip up.

TJP nailed a splash into the ring and slammed Williams. Bahh tagged back in and they nailed a running backpack splash but Williams moved. TJP went to the apron to recover but Alexander struck him with a high cross body from behind sending him to the floor. They went to commercial. When they returned, Bahh was back in control on Williams. Williams fought back and took him down with a series of knees, then tagged out to Alexander. Josh dropped a knee and began drilling him with right hands, but they had no effect and Bahh psyched himself up. Alexander cut him off and went for a Jay-Driller but Bahh backdropped him and hit a sit down splash. TJP tagged in and he and Alexander had an EXCELLENT series of exchanges. Their chemistry in the ring is Eddy Guerrero-Dean Malenko level excellence.

Williams tagged in and went for the Destroyer but TJP blocked and went for the Detonation Kick. Alexander tagged back in as Williams nailed a Codebreaker. Alexander nailed a German suplex. Bahh hit the scene and battled Alexander, who nailed a ripcord clothesline. He went for another but was caught in a Samoan Drop. TJP nailed the Mamba Splash and pinned Josh Alexander.

Your winners, Fallah Bahh & TJP!

A good tag match. They showcased Bahh's girth and power early. TJP and Alexander are just excellent together in the ring and it's always great to see Williams wrestling.

Gia Miller sat down with W. Morrissey for an interview. She said she was happy to have him. He said everyone says they are happy until they bury him and everyone else behind their backs. He said he's not bitter but he's realistic. Every time he fell or made headlines for the wrong reasons, he was mocked. When he had a seizure in Philadelphia in front of 1,500 fans, they filmed it instead of calling 911. His co-workers laughed at him and no one reached out for three years. When he comes back three years later, everyone tells him hey you look great or hey happy to see you back because they want to be his friends when he does great. He was asked about his issues with Rich Swann and his best friend Willie Mack. He said they aren't best friends. Swann got involved because the fans wanted it. He did it for himself. He wouldn't care if Mack wasn't here anymore. He said they are just like everyone else who laughed when he was crying and at his lowest point. He screamed that everyone laughed and then asked, who was laughing now. Swann superkicked him in the face and attacked him. Security held them apart.

This was a hell of a promo from Morrissey. I was there the night he collapsed and he's not lying about how some fans reacted.

They aired a piece on the Knockouts division.

Team Tenille Dashwood were interviewed by Gia Miller about tonight's 10 Knockouts tag. Rosemary promised no mercy and no survivors. Taylor Wilde was not with them and no one seemed to know where she was. Kaleb said they might want to find a replacement. Rachael Ellering suggested Jordynne Grace but Dashwood buried her until Grace showed up. She didn't like the idea of being someone's sub but finally agreed. They are teasing a Grace turn.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N' Flava & Kimber Lee & Susan vs. Rosemary & Havok & Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering.

Havok showed her power early on Hogan, then tagged out to Ellering. Rachael powered her over with a suplex but was kicked in the face, allowing Tasha to tag in. They locked up and Dashwood tagged in. Grace didn't like Ellering working with Dashwood. Ellering and Grace went to doubleteam her but the referee ruled Ellering was in the ring too long and admonished her.

After a commercial, Hogan was working over Grace with a series of kicks to the back. She was unable to overpower Grace who was able to tag out to Rosemary. Rosemary cleaned house with a series of clotheslines and a slingblade on Hogan. Rosemary nailed a splash in the corner followed by a suplex. Rosemary nailed the upside down head scissors, hanging off the apron. Steelz kicked her in the face while she was inverted. This allowed Hogan to attack Rosemary in the corner. Team Purrazzo gained control, beating over Rosemary. Everyone battled and Rosemary scored the pin on Purrazzo with a DDT.

Your winners, Rosemary & Havok & Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering & Tenille Dashwood!

Good, solid stuff here. It appears Grace and Ellering are heading for a split.

The Impact+ Flashback match was Eric Young vs. Bobby Young from January 2016.

TJP and Josh Alexander argued over who was the better man backstage. TJP said he got the win tonight but Josh Alexander said that when it's one on one, he always win. Scott D'Amore showed up and said they will settle it, announcing TJP would challenge Alexander to the first ever BTI Iron Man Match with the winner being the competitor who had the most falls in sixty minutes. That will air next week at 7 PM EST on AXS TV. TJP and Alexander shook hands and said they'd see each other next week. Yeah, THAT's going to be fun.

They aired a video feature on Jake Something vs. Rohit Raju to set up a future match, I am guessing, for next week. This was very well done.

Violent by Design came to the ring. Young said that violence to those watching is scary, chaotic, unpredictable but to them it's a tool, a well lit path from where they are to wherever the hell they want to go. When he started this war, he needed people with their eyes open who knew the sickness needed to be removed. Joe Doering was his first choice. He cut a path of violence through Japan that may never be seen again. He found Deaner when he was at his lowest and Young opened his eyes and showed him the truth. He allowed Deaner to become his purest self. That brings him to Rhino. He was sick, weak and a shadow of his former self and now the War Machine has returned. They waited by design and then used Rhino's Call Your Shot trophy. FinJuice is back in Japan and can't use their rematch clause. All of that was by design. He warned everyone they would be back and all wrestling belongs to them. He said all of wrestling in Europe, Mexico and Japan will belong to them.

The lights went out and the debuting Satoshi Kojima came to the ring. He and Joe Doering faced off. He took the mic and said, "Against All Odds." Doering agreed. They will face off at Against All Odds.

Great, great promo from Eric Young. It really is insane, on infinite levels, at how much more Impact gets out of him with one appearance than WWE ever did.

They recapped the scene where Brian Myers attacked Matt Cardona last week. Dr. Ross Forman said Cardona has a fractured orbital bone and will be out for 12 weeks. Myers burst in and complained they were talking about Cardona and asked what he can break to put Cardona out for good. Sam Beale stepped into the scene. Myers said he's not professional and he should slap the bad tattoos off his body but instead, Myers is going to teach him how to be a professional. So, Myers has a young boy now it appears.

Backstage, Joe Doering and Eric Young said Kojima's challenge is accepted. Decay walked into the scene and Deaner asked them what they were doing. Crazzy Steve said he should know about stepping out of the shadows since he's gone from Jake Something to Young's shadow.

Decay vs. Hernandez & Johnny Swinger with Alisha Edwards

Crazzy Steve started out controlling Swinger, tagging out to Black Taurus. They controlled Swinger early. Taurus nailed a back senton splash for a two count. Swinger cut off Steve. Hernadez tagged in and held him in an over the shoulder backbreaker, then slammed him down. Swinger came off Hernandez's shoulders, but landed on his feet, then splashed Steve.

Steve was able to tag out to Taurus, who wiped out Swinger. He hit Hernandez with a twisting splash. Everyone battled. Hernandez tossed Steve into the ring. Taurus nailed a pescado to the floor. Swinger went for a piledriver but was backdropped over. Steve hit an inverted DDT off the ropes.

Your winners, Decay!

This was fine for what it was meant to be.

Backstage, Don Callis told the Good Brothers that they are family while Moose and Callihan aren't on the same page. They need to make sure they don't connect together. Callis said he didn't even need to watch and for them to go have fun.

The Good Brothers vs. Sami Callihan & Moose

Callihan attacked Anderson at the bell and ripped at his face and ear. Callihan drilled him backwards into the corner and tagged in Moose. Moose nailed a big slam and then slammed Sami atop of Anderson. Sami didn't appreciate that. They faced off as Gallows checked on Anderson on the floor.

When they returned, Callihan worked over Anderson's arm and forcefully attacked tagged Moose. Moose drilled Karl and then returned the favor, slapping Callihan to tag him back in. That allowed Anderson to take advantage and tag out Gallows, who mauled him. Anderson and Gallows worked over Callihan, tagging in and out. Gallows beat Sami down with a series of right hands. Callihan finally stunned him with a jawjacker and went to tag Moose but went to the wrong corner. Gallows charged but was kicked off.

Sami tagged Moose, who battled off both Good Brothers. Moose nailed an incredible bodypress and set up for the spear, but Callihan tagged himself in. They started shoving each other. Callihan went for a piledriver on Anderson but Moose kicked him with a pump kick. Anderson drilled him but Callihan kicked out and kicked Moose off the apron. Anderson snatched him with a spinebuster. The Good Brothers nailed Callihan with a Magic Killer and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Good Brothers!

The story was that Callihan and Moose's issues caused them to defeat themselves. Solid main event.

Moose speared Callihan as he finally got back to his feet. They will obviously be at each other's throats before they get to Kenny Omega, so Don Callis' plan worked tonight.