IMPACT Wrestling Star TJP Undergoes Surgery To Repair His Broken Nose

TJP, who competes for both IMPACT Wrestling and NJPW, recently took to his Instagram and noted he has suffered a broken nose, which he recently underwent surgery for. TJP also said he has been performing with a fractured nose for a few weeks now, which he broke about a month ago and he has been wrestling with it broken and kinda loose.

TJP then said that he just needed to wait until he had some time to do the surgery to repair his nose because his schedule was really heavy the last month or so and that he doesn't expect to miss any in-ring action.

TJP is set to face IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion Josh Alexander in the company's first-ever 60 Minute Ironman Match for the IMPACT X-Division Title.

You can check out TJP's full Instagram post below: