Jay White Talks To Fellow Bullet Club Member Chase Owens About AEW Reforming The Bullet Club Recently

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star Jay White recently appeared as a guest on the Twitch channel of fellow Bullet Club member Chase Owens for an in-depth discussion covering all kinds of topics related to the pro wrestling business.

During their discussion, White spoke about his desire to work a program with Adam Cole, how he's not paying attention to how All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is doing and how he has no thoughts on The Bullet Club reforming in the promotion in recent weeks.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On fans reaction to him possibly leaving NJPW: "I know people are gonna talk anyway. I wasn’t too bothered by what other people were thinking. It was more about me trying to decide what to do at the time so I kinda wasn’t focused on what other people were saying and stuff. I had other things to think about opposed to putting attention to what I thought the fans were saying or thinking, you know? It was down to what I needed to do at the time."

On having no thoughts about AEW reforming the Bullet Club: "I mean I don’t really have thoughts on it. That’s not where my focus and my time is. Other people wanna go on about it but they do their thing, we do ours. I’ve got more important and bigger things to worry about over here with the New Jay-pan Cup on at the moment so, you say what are my thoughts on it? If I had any thoughts on it, it would be wasting my time so I don’t really have any thoughts on it."

On if he would love to work with NXT’s Adam Cole: "Yeah, I’d love for Adam [Cole] to come and to work alongside Adam. When I was around him before, I think we kinda got along for the most part. So yeah, if he wanted to do something with us over here, we would love to."

On loving the freedom he has to say what he wants in NJPW, but notes that have been times where comments have been edited out: "Yeah, in anything you do, if you — they’re obviously smart. Allowing guys like myself to just talk and actually say what we what, they realize more people are gonna watch that so, whether they like what I say or not, luckily they seem to realize that whether they like it or not doesn’t matter but what I say is gonna be pretty important. A lot of people are gonna wanna come in and listen so, do I enjoy it? Of course. If there was anything where they were trying to tell us what not to say or what we can’t do then obviously that is gonna get pretty frustrating so, it does help. There’s been a couple times recently where I’ve noticed they edited a couple things out. T [Tama Tonga or Tanga Loa] had some choice words for YOSHI-HASHI and [Hirooki] Goto I believe that — I don’t know. They didn’t like it and stuff so we’ll make sure that they don’t get too carried away doing that. But, the freedom of it of course is nice always."

Check out the complete interview at Twitch.tv. H/T to POST Wrestling for transcribing the above quotes.


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