Jeff Hardy Says He Is No Longer The Future Of The WWE

WWE legend Jeff Hardy recently spoke with Sportbible on his role in the WWE as of late and that is to help Austin Theory out because he feels that Theory is the future of the WWE and he is not.

Jeff Hardy said:

“There’s no way to get around it and not look stupid. It’s me helping him out because he’s the future and I’m not.” “It’s cool to give them the rub in pro wrestling as they say, and hopefully, it helps in the longer run.”

Jeff Hardy also talked about how despite his in-ring style of being a high-flyer and a daredevil, the Charismatic Enigma is still feeling good and even though his back and neck are beat up, he is getting a great chiropractor and masseuse.

Jeff Hardy said:

“Right now, I’m feeling good.” “[My] back and neck are beat up a little bit but the chiropractor and masseuse here has been great. It’s kind of just a day-to-day, week-to-week thing. I live my life pretty much one day at a time, focusing on the day, hopefully sleep, and do it all again tomorrow.”

Jeff Hardy then mentioned on a previous interview with Metro News that it's crazy how the new WWE NXT talents just pop up each and every week on the main roster and how it is like they are there to claim their spot against the veterans.

Jeff Hardy said:

“The newer talent’s coming up from NXT like crazy, every week it seems like there’s somebody different there.” “And it’s like, ‘Oh God, here’s the future coming to knock out the present and the past.’”