Jeff Jarrett Reveals The Origin Of The "Slap Nuts" Term, His TNA Goals, More

WWE Hall of Famer and former TNA/IMPACT Owner Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet on his Chris Van Vliet show, where Jarrett talked about where the “slap nuts” term came from, what Jeff does when he gives someone a guitar shot to make sure they don’t get injured, his goals when he got in TNA and his personal relationship with Kurt Angle now.

Below are the highlights:

On where the “slap nuts” term came from:

“My grandmother used to call folks, ‘slappies’, and that is people who slap their gums. They know more and more about less and less everyday. During that time, the slap nuts just rolled off. Good old standards and practices of Turner, when they called me in, at a Nitro, slap nuts was really just first taking off. They were like, ‘We need to ask you a question’, and they were dead serious. They said, ‘What does slap nuts mean? We have looked in the Urban Dictionary and we can’t find it.” I’m like, wow, this business has come a long way. I’m being questioned about where slap nuts came from.”

On what he does when he gives someone a guitar shot to make sure they don’t get injured:

“Swing it as hard as I possibly can, and that’s the truth. You got to swing it as hard as you possibly can and that’s something, and this business is so transparent now. Same somewhat with a chair shot to the back. Swing it. When you stutter start, your edges can get in. I don’t bat 1000, but not bad, but the accidents do happen. Ask Kurt. There was a time when I busted him open two or three times in a row. It happens.”

On his goals when he got in TNA:

“In the startup years of TNA, I went on a couple of tours in Australia and The United Kingdom and saw the abundant amount of talent. You can’t have a number one without a number two. With WCW going away, not just kind of away, but game, set, match, there was no national promotion. The simple goal is to be a fantastic distant, distant number two, which can be super successful. Avis, we try harder. They made millions upon millions being number two behind Hertz. That’s a real simple story. McDonald’s came on the scene. Guess what? Burger King came on the scene. They were successful. It breeds success. It’s the industry.”

On his personal relationship with Kurt Angle now:

“In my world, that’s family. It’s personal. But it goes without saying that in 2010, I spent more time in the ring with him. He has spent Halloweens here at my house. He has five kids. It’s hard to imagine, but I have three biological. He has five biological, but Kyra and Kody are with me and Karen. It’s family. Obviously, we all have our ups and downs, and ins and outs.”

You can check out Jeff Jarrett's comments in the video below: