Jeff Jarrett Shares His Take On AEW, IMPACT Wrestling Partnership

Jeff Jarrett has enjoyed the partnership between IMPACT and All Elite Wrestling.

During his recent chat with WrestlingInc., WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett discussed "the forbidden door." Jeff also shared his thoughts on those who have been critical of AEW and IMPACT's working relationship, and more. Check out the highlights from the interview with Double J below.

On being a "huge proponent" of the partnership between AEW and IMPACT:

“Again, it’s easy to armchair quarterback so many things, I have no idea, I wasn’t in the room, didn’t really know what they wanted out of it on either side. What were their goals, were their goals aligned? Was it a Don Callis and Kenny Omega relationship first? I’m not saying the only first. What was the end goal? I have no idea what their goals were, but it goes without saying I am a huge proponent.”

On people who have been critical of the partnership:

“A lot of people like to say online, ‘Oh, neither side got anything out of it or one side got more than the other.’ I think that is being so hypercritical. At the end of the day, it’s great for the industry. It creates a sense of freshness that you don’t normally get. I understand why WWE and Vince, look, that’s not their business model. When you get outside of that WWE realm of things, they’re number one, they’re so much bigger and so much more profitable than everybody else, I kind of think you’re doing a disservice if you don’t work with other promotions and try to figure out a way.”

On "the Forbidden Door":

“Forbidden door, is that an oxymoron? What’s forbidden about it? I don’t mean that in a bad way, what is forbidden about it? If you look at what the territory business was built on, Andre The Giant was a touring attraction. NWA Champion was a touring attraction, Super Clash 3, three promoters got together. super cards in Florida, years ago guys would be sent in from all over... So anyway, I think the collaborative effort has always been, you look at Japan and Mexico and they have worked together for years and years, so I’m not sure what’s forbidden about it,” he questioned. “But I think it’s something that is so beneficial to the promotion. The end result is the fans win out of it.