Joe Hendry On Signing With Impact Wrestling

During his recent chat with Slam Wrestling, former Ring Of Honor star Joe Hendry weighed in on his decision to sign with Impact Wrestling. Check out the highlights below.

On joining Impact Wrestling:

“I absolutely believe that Impact Wrestling has the best TV wrestling product in the game right now. The team they have, their vignettes are just next level, like the creativity, the quality, those vignettes, they look like movies,” Hendry said. “I’m very excited about that company. … I know it sounds obvious, but it’s a pro wrestling show. It feels like it is an authentic wrestling show, where you can just watch, you can lose yourself for a few hours and just enjoy.”

On his decision making process behind signing with a new promotion:

“For me, it’s definitely about the promotion. I like the promotions that … invest heavily in having great footage, having great production, bringing in great talent. It’s just pro wrestling at its best, and it’s that creative freedom. It’s one of those things, I’ll start naming places, but my main promotions at the moment are Discovery Wrestling, Wrestle Carnival, North Wrestling in the UK, they’re kind of the three core ones that I’ve always had my back.”