Juria Nagano Says She Has Interest In AEW

During her recent chat with Fightful's Scott Edwards, Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling talent Juria Nagano discussed her in-ring goals.

Nagano also explained the reason behind her decision to step into the sqaured-circle, and more.

Check out the highlights below.

On her decision to start wrestling:

“This is because I was scouted by President Sanshiro Takagi. I had rarely seen professional wrestling before, but it looked like fun! I wanted to fight in the ring and become a professional wrestler. ”

On in-ring goals:

“To become a wrestler who can impress those who watch me, using karate as his greatest weapon.”

On a potential All Elite Wrestling appearance:

“I am interested in AEW, I love the excitement of AEW, the production, everything special.”