KiLynn King Praises Jazz, Explains How Mickie James Helped Her In NWA

During her recent chat with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, KiLynn King explained how Mickie James helped her land an NWA gig.

KiLynn also explained how former WWE and Impact Wrestling talent Jazz lended her own helping hand to King, and so much more.

Featured below are the highilights from the interview.

On Mickie James:

“So a lot of people thought I had been signed to AEW because I had done so much work with them. I remember when I was doing less and less from them and I wasn’t hearing from anybody, I was getting really worried. I’m like, ‘Why don’t people want to work with me?’ So I had Mickie James’ number from EmPowerrr. So I texted her and said, ‘Hey, I just found out recently that people think I’m signed. I’m not and I’m looking to work other places. I want to build my name and my brand.’ She’s like, ‘Oh, I did not know that. Okay. Cool.’ So a week later I got an e-mail from NWA and that’s how that all came about. Just sent a text message and the ball got rolling.”

On Jazz:

She’s(Jazz) always looking out for me. Any match I’m put into, she always keeps an eye on it, like, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ Giving me such great advice and leading me and stuff like that. She’s an agent, yeah. You always wear multiple hats when you work with companies. But in regards to her helping me, she’s always been an agent / locker room leader.”