Kurt Angle Discusses Steve Bradley

WWE Hall of Famer, and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle recently pressed the record button on another edition of his podcast, where he dished out credit to Steve Bradley.

Kurt Angle and Conrad Thompson discussed Bradley during The Kurt Angle Show, and the former King of the Ring had kind words for Bradley. Kurt told listeners:

"Steve is the reason I became so good so fast. When I tried out for WWE, he was there at the camp and they glued me to his hip for six months. That’s all I did, was work with Steve and train with Steve. He taught me everything! And I knew he was going to make it big, I knew he was going to be the next Rob Van Dam, maybe even a little more, I guess, versatile, than Rob. As far as his promo skills and everything. Rob was good too, don’t get me wrong, Rob is exceptional. Steve was very, very talented and I’m surprised he didn’t make it... I’m just surprised and shocked Steve Bradley didn’t make it big. He was the reason I made it in the company! I think, with his talents, people would have absolutely loved him. He passed away, I think, fourteen or fifteen years ago. It’s unfortunate”.

Conrad recalled the Hall of Fame acceptance speech Kurt gave, where he name dropped Bradley as one of the people he needed to thank. The first ever Euro-continental Champion responded, and explained:

"I had to thank him, especially with him being up in heaven. Good Lord, I’m grateful for what he did for me”.

Steve Bradley passed away in 2008.

(H/T and transcribed SKWrestling)