Kurt Angle On Randy Orton Being An Effective Heel, Wearing A Mouthpiece And More

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently took to his The Kurt Angle Show and spoke about The Viper Randy Orton being an effective heel and the "You suck" chants being removed from his entrance theme when he became a babyface.

Below are the highlights:

On "The Viper" Randy Orton being an effective heel:

“Randy was always good in the ring. He needed to sharpen his skills from a promo perspective, and he did. He is so cold and calculating in the ring. He takes his time. He controls the tempo of the match. He doesn’t let the fans control it. He had to do that with his promos too because sometimes when he would talk, the fans would start responding and he would speed up his conversation. Randy learned how to slow it down and be cool and calculating in his promos as he was in his matches. Randy is a natural heel. That’s his best asset. There’s no other heel like him. There’s no other heel better than him. He’s great at it. I don’t know if he’s a real life a**hole (Kurt laughs), but you have to have a little a**hole in you to be that kind of character, to portray it, but Randy just had it all together. He knew how to take his time. He didn’t let the fans control anything. He would slow the promo down to frustrate the fans until they listened. He knew how to pull back and make sure the fans knew he was in control. That’s Randy Orton…Randy is effective as a babyface, but he still does heel tactics. He doesn’t change much of his match or his psychology. Randy is just Randy, and he is a very special talent. The great thing about him is he doesn’t have to have these long, drawn out false finishes in matches. His RKO, he protected it so well, he can hit it out of nowhere and the fans are going to buy into it that it’s the finish.”

On the "You suck" chants being removed from his entrance theme when he became a babyface:

“I actually never wanted WWE to take the ‘You suck’ chants out of my ‘You Suck’ song. I loved them, as a babyface and as a heel. It was Vince McMahon that didn’t like it. He didn’t want fans chanting, ‘You suck’, when I was a babyface, when I was the wrestling machine. Vince wanted to deter them from doing it, so he decided to take the ‘You suck’ chants out of my song. I loved them. I always liked it. I never had a problem with it, whether I was a heel or a baby. I knew when I was a heel, it was disrespectful, and as a baby, it was out of respect. It was something that the fans related to me, and it stuck for the rest of my career.”