More Changes in NXT; Creative Writing Team No Longer Operating Independently

-- Over the last several weeks, NXT has undergone a massive overhaul with not only a rebranding complete but the release of several officials as well as multiple talents either released or choosing to leave the company. is reporting that from a creative standpoint, there are also significant changes as the creative team for the brand will no longer be operating independently.

-- Previously, under the leadership of Paul "HHH" Levesque, NXT functioned as more or less a separate entity with the booking and creative decisions made by its own team of writers, however, with WWE choosing to unravel the team that HHH created, the writing will now fall under the guidance of Bruce Prichard and Christine Lubrano. The writers will be reporting directly to them, much like the Raw and Smackdown teams are already doing. Essentially, the days of NXT being in its own separate bubble within the WWE business appears over and these major, sweeping changes have been underway since the summer of 2021.

-- Combined with recent departures from the NXT creative team, Johnny Russo (no relation to former WWE head booker Vince Russo) will now head up the team with Dewey Foley (son of Mick Foley) and Anthony Golden Jr. also remaining key members of the team. Russo has been with WWE for over a decade, working almost exclusively on the creative team. Dewey has been with WWE since 2015 and has been leading the 205 team while while Golden has been with WWE less than a year but has a significant education and experience with theatre, film and television.