NXT TakeOver: New York Results (4/5): Brooklyn, N.Y.

The road to WrestleMania 35 takes a huge detour on Friday evening, and as usual Rajah.com has you covered.

WWE runs the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York this evening with their highly-anticipated NXT TakeOver: New York show airing live on the WWE Network.

Five matches are scheduled for tonight's live special, which is headlined by a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole for the vacant NXT World Championship.


The NXT TakeOver: New York Kickoff Show is officially underway. The pre-show features the usual panel lineup breaking down all of tonight's matches. Video packages also air to explain the rivalries and stories heading into tonight's matches.

In addition to the build-up to tonight's show, the finals of the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge took place, with The Golden Voice squaring off against A.J. Styles in the contest finals. The Golden Voice picks Brock Lesnar, Styles selects himself and the two talk to Corey Graves as they play the WWE 2K19 video game in the contest finals.

When all was said and done, The Golden Voice -- talking trash as a natural heel to the Brooklyn fans as well as Styles the entire time -- ended up winning a million dollars. The fans boo like crazy.


Following the conclusion of the Kickoff Show pre-show, the main broadcast started off with the usual elaborate, bad-ass video packages running down the storylines leading into tonight's big matches.

From there, Mauro Ranallo and the announce team welcome us to the 24th NXT TakeOver show. We head to the Spanish announce team and then some other broadcast teams before heading to the ring for our first match of the evening.

NXT Tag-Team Championship
* War Raiders (C) vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet

The awesome entrance for the NXT Tag-Team Champions, The War Raiders, takes place as the fans in the sold out Barclays Center chant "WAR! WAR! WAR!" The two make their way through the smoke and fog as the chants continue.

After that, Ricochet's music hits and out he comes to a wild reaction from the Brooklyn fans. Then, his tag-team partner and the other-half of this year's Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic 2019 tournament winners, Aleister Black, makes his way to the ring. The former NXT Champion gets a big response from the crowd at Barclays as well. Our first match of the evening is now officially underway.

Rowe and Black kick things off for their respective teams. Rowe out-powers Black early, then Black out-smarts Rowe. They both stop afterwards and fist bump each other. Then they tag out to their partners. Now Ricochet and Hanson tag in as the fans applaud.

Now all four guys go at it. Ricochet and Black sit Indian style in the ring for a moment of dual zen while the NXT tag champs stare them down from outside the ring. All four go at it inside the ring again for a while until finally the War Raiders' power advantage helps them gain the upper-hand in the match.

Hanson runs corner to corner splashing Black and Ricochet over and over again before Ricochet finally catches him in mid-air, showing his strength, for a fall-out slam, Razor Ramon style. The fans chant "Mama Mia! Mama Mia!" The action continues to pick up, as does the response from the fans inside the Barclays Center. When the dust settles, Black is the legal man and he hits a big knee strike and German suplex into a pin attempt for a close near fall. Both guys make tags, Ricochet hits a cart wheel into a crazy kick. He hand springs off the ropes, but misses. Hanson then does the same thing, only using his hand spring off the ropes into a back elbow. The crowd -- and Mauro Ranallo -- popped huge for that. The fans break out into "This Is Awesome! This Is Awesome!" chants as Hanson climbs to the top rope. The War Raiders nearly finish off Ricochet, but Black hits a double stomp off the top rope out of nowhere to break up their double pin attempt. The fans go crazy and chant "NXT! NXT!"

Each guy hits a dive to the floor and/or a high spot, with the final one being Hanson hitting a somersault off the top onto all three guys on the floor. Back in the ring, the action continues after a near double count out on the floor.

Ricochet hit a shooting star press, Black hit a Black Mass, but the pin is accidentally broken up by Black and Rowe fighting on the side of the pin. We get some more high spots and wipe-outs on the floor outside the ring as Ranallo is likely already on the verge of going Horse from yelling so much. Finally, War Raiders hit their finisher on Ricochet for the 1-2-3. With the pin, they retain their titles. After the match, the fans give Ricochet and Black a standing ovation for their NXT swan-song.

Winners and STILL NXT World Tag-Team Champions: War Raiders

NXT North American Championship
* Velveteen Dream (C) vs. Matt Riddle

The video package for this one airs and then we head back into the arena. Matt Riddle's music hits and out he comes in bright pink flip-flops. From there, the NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream makes his way to the ring and our first singles match of the evening is about to get underway.

Things get started with the two competing for a bigger pop from the fans. It's pretty even. Finally, they engage and Riddle starts using leg kicks and mat wrestling, submission-style moves, to keep the upper-hand in the offense. Now we get an old school Greco Roman knuckle lock. The fans are having fun doing some chanting while this is going on. Riddle, out of nowhere, switches the knuckle lock to a close armbar submission attempt.

Velveteen Dream finally starts getting in some offense, using his high-flying, quick-paced style to gain the upper-hand. He goes for a flying dive off the top rope onto Riddle on the floor, however the O.G. Bro catches him and blasts him with a German suplex on the floor. Ouch! The action continues in the ring with Riddle continuing his beatdown of Velveteen Dream.

Riddle looks for the Bromission and then locks in a tight armbar. Velveteen Dream keeps getting to the bottom rope to force the break of the submission hold. The fans chant away as Riddle continues to control the offensive flow in this North American Championship contest.

Velveteen Dream starts making a comeback. He Hulks Up. He does the Hogan finishing sequence, minus the leg drop, as Ranallo plugs Hogan inducting Brutus Beefcake. He hits a FameAsser as Ranallo plugs Billy Gunn going in with D-X. And on and on. Velveteen Dream keeps hitting near fall after near fall on Riddle, who refuses to stay down for the count of three. Dream hits his finisher but at the last second, Riddle counters with the Bromission. He escapes. From the outside of the ropes on the apron, Riddle, standing on the middle rope, hits a pure strength pick-up German suplex on Dream. That was absolutely and completely insane. He follows up with a big splash for a very close near fall. Riddle locks in the Bromission again out of nowhere. Dream reverses into a pin attempt. 1-2-3. Dream wins and retains.

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion: Velveteen Dream

WWE United Kingdom Championship
* Pete Dunne (C) vs. WALTER

The video package for the WWE U.K. Title match airs after we see KUSHIDA making a cameo in the crowd. Out come WALTER and Pete Dunne for tonight's WWE United Kingdom Championship showdown.

The action gets underway and immediately WALTER is too big for the champ. The champ uses his quickness and veterans smarts to slowly chop and break down the bigger foe. Dunne starts working his submission game once he has the big fella grounded. The fans are into everything these two are doing tonight. Mauro Ranallo is, too.

As the pace picks up, Dunne is fighting his way into the battle. WALTER continues to use his size to dominate the smaller guy. Dunne uses small joint manipulation, finger locks, etc. to gain advantages when needed at times. Now he's stomping on the fingers and blasting the big fella with kicks. The fans chant "U.K.! U.K.!" WALTER and Dunne head up to the top rope facing backwards. WALTER goes for a German suplex, but no dice. He goes for a sleeper hold, but Dunne smashes WALTER's fingers on the steel ring post. WALTER hits a big flying superplex on Dunne off the top rope for a close near fall. Dunne kicks out at 2 1/2.

Dunne ends up hitting his Bitter End finisher but somehow WALTER kicks out before the count of three. The fans, and yes, Mauro Ranallo, go absolutely wild. The two go face-to-face slowly as the fans chant "Let's Go WALTER!" and "Brui-ser-weight!" in dueling chants. They start exchanging shots and challenging the other to do the same and take it. Finally they brawl uncontrollably as the announcers and the crowd again goes wild. After going to the top rope, Dunne locks in a triangle while hanging off of WALTER's giant body on the top. WALTER hits a huge power bomb off the top and follows up with a flying splash off the top for the 1-2-3. We have a new WWE United Kingdom Champion!

Winner and NEW WWE United Kingdom Champion: WALTER

NXT Women's Championship
* Shayna Baszler (C) vs. Io Shirai vs. Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair

The video package for our next championship contest, for the NXT Women's title, airs now. Our co-main event is up next. After the video package, all four ladies make their respective ring entrances and from there, our semi-final bout of the evening officially kicks off.

The beginning of the match was two on two with Baszler and Belair mostly, and a brief tease for Shirai and Sane that was thwarted when Baszler and Belair tripped them from ringside and went back to fighting in the ring. Baszler and Belair went to ringside and Baszler tried to pull her hair first into the post, but Belair blocked it, then pulled her own hair to pull Baszler face first into the steel ring post.

Io hits double knees on Belair in the corner. Shirai performed a corss body block from the second rope. Belair caught Shirai and swung her legs at Sane and knocked her down, then performed a fallaway slam on Shirai. Baszler returned to the ring and went after Belair again, this time on the ropes. Sane went under them and eventually Shirai joined for a tower of doom spot. Sane screams. McGuinness freaks out on commentary because she didn't try to pin anyone.

Ranallo and McGuinness get into a little bit of an argument on commentary, while still selling fast-paced action in the ring, so with their yelling voices they argue small details. Gotta love it. Finally Baszler gets the choke and Belair taps out. After the match, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, two of the other members of the MMA Four Horsewomen stable led by Ronda Rousey, celebrate with "The Queen of Spades" on stage.

Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion: Shayna Baszler

NXT Championship (2 Out Of 3 Falls)
* Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole

A video package airs showing the history of Tommaso Ciampa vacating the NXT World Title due to neck surgery and Triple H announcing a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole to determine the new champion. After that, the participants in tonight's NXT TakeOver: New York main event make their way to the ring. Our 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match for the vacant NXT World Championship is up next. The formal pre-match ring introductions are made and our NXT TakeOver: New York main event is now underway.

Gargano catches Cole with a dropkick through the ropes as Cole was standing at ringside a few minutes into the match for a cool spot. They each go for simultaneous cross body blocks but crash into each other instead. Gargano leapt off the second ropes and performed a DDT style move for a two count. Cole caught Gargano in the corner and spun him around on the middle rope and gave him a Backstabber for a two count.

Watson marveled over the fact that there hadn’t been a pinfall yet even though they were just over ten minutes into the match. Ranallo spoke about Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels going an hour without a fall. A few minutes later, Cole hit Gargano with the Last Shot for the first fall.

Winner of Fall #1: Adam Cole

After scoring the first fall at just under 14 minutes, the action continues with Cole up 1-0 in the ongoing 2-out-of-3 falls match for the vacant NXT World Championship.

Adam Cole finally gets to the point where he could've become the new champion with a count out victory over Gargano, but he didn't take it. Instead, seconds later, back in the ring, Gargano locks Cole in a submission and he immediately taps out.

Winner of Fall #2:Johnny Gargano

Cole tapped quickly to avoid further damage to his body knowing the third and deciding final is all that is remaining for these two fatigued warriors. Sudden death over-time, winner-take-all, shouts NXT announcer Mauro Ranallo as the fans do some scattered chants that turn into one loud "NXT! NXT! NXT!" chant as Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano slowly return to their feet, close in on each other face-to-face and start exchanging shots. The pace immediately picks up, with these two hitting the ropes and running their gas tanks empty in one offensive stretch to get the crowd exhausted with emotional exerting.

Each guy hits their respective finisher on the other, but neither man will stay down for the count of three to determine the second out of three falls, which as noted, is still remained locked dead even at 1-1. We have a big spot set up on the announce table and after a big top-rope splash where the table doesn't break, the announcers sound somber and finally after moments of confusion, the referee starts making the double count-out countdown in the ring with the fans yelling along. They make it back to the ring just in time. Once in, Cole hits a picture perfect super kick and immediately covers him. 1-2- ... Gargano kicks out. The announcers put over how impossible it is to keep Gargano's fighting spirit down long enough to admit defeat. He finally fights back but one Undisputed Era member interferes while Gargano has Cole locked in the submission finisher. He fights that member off and it happens again with another member. Finally, all members use the numbers advantage and get the referee back into the mix. He counts. 1-2...NOPE. Gargano STILL somehow manages to kick out before the three count. Finally, Gargano locks in Cole in the Crossface. Cole fights but ultimately taps out. Johnny Gargano is our new NXT World Champion.

Winner of Fall #3: Johnny Gargano

After the win, the announcers put over the significance of this to Gargano and his fans in particular. Candice LaRae comes out to join him. Also is Tommaso Ciampa in a neck brace, who hugs Gargnao and Candice LaRae to close an excellent show.

Winner and NEW NXT World Champion: Johnny Gargano

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