NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Night One Live Results (4/7/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome one and all to Rajah.com's live coverage of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Night One! Your host tonight is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment live coverage today, the one, the only, the egotistical loquacious tool, Mike "
Bálor wins, we riot" Hogan.
We have a loaded show tonight, as the
official NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Night One preview has six matches listed--three championship bouts and a gauntlet being amongst it! For more details, please check out the official NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Night One preview.
NOTE: The NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night One Kick-Off show will air at 7pm EST on the Peacock and will feature the Toni Storm vs Zoey Stark match.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Night Pre-Show Live Results (4/7/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Pre-Show Opener: NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Night One

Sam Roberts and former MMA fighter Jimmy Smith from SiriusXM welcome us to the kick-off show. They heavily promote how big of an TakeOver event this is, that it needs two nights. Stand & Deliver, Night One is streaming it's pre-show right now and will also carry the full event! Roberts and Smith run down the announced card, and remind us that the main event will be for the NXT Women's Championship.

Pre-Show Match: Toni Storm vs Zoey Stark

After much ado about nothing and hype galore, we get our first match of the event! Toni Storm makes her way out to boos and plays up the heel role well. Zoey Stark comes out next, springboarding over the ropes and into the ring. The ref calls for the bell. Toni stands in the corner as Zoey smirks at her. Finally both women begin circling. The fans are doing dueling "Let's go Zoey!"/"Let's go Toni!" chants and Toni has her fair share of admirers. After a bunch of jockeying, Stark slaps a headlock on Storm. Star wrenches the neck. Storm repositions to put Stark in a leg lock, forcing hte break. Both women jockey for control. Storm puts Stark in a headlock, but Stark wiggles out of it and transitions to an arm hold. Stark lets Storm up and whips her into the rope. Storm runs over Stark and runs off perpendicular ropes, attempting to wrap up Stark. Stark counters and sends Storm to the corner, then hits a running elbow in the corner. Stark with a missile dropkick! Stark looks for something high-flying in the opposite corner, but Storm counters, slamming Stark down hard and taking control.
Storm slows Stark's pace and uses working holds to wear down Stark. Storm with a snap suplex and a pin attempt. Storm moves in and attempts to grab the leg; Stark fights it but Storm forces Stark into a single-legged crab! Stark twists and uses her free foot to shove Storm off, but Storm immediately comes back with a strike. Storm pulls up Stark, and Stark shoves her back into the corner. Storm has been warned twice now by the ref about pulling on Stark's hair. Storm holds Stark by the chin and delivers a big right. Storm with a European Uppercut. Stark fights back suddenly with a flurry of chops and strikes, but again Storm shuts it down. Storm slams Stark and begins to climb the turnbuckles as commentary team Vic Joseph, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix note that Storm isn't one for high-flying. Stark is up faster than Storm can climb, and runs over to strike her. Stark pulls Storm up as she herself climbs, and Stark hits the superplex! The ref counts as both women are down. at three they rise and literally alternate strikes for a few moments until Stark unleashes on Storm! Storm with a missed punch; Stark with a combination offense that leaves Storm down on one knee. Storm dodges a running knee and wraps up Stark. Stark with the standing switch. Stark drops Storm and finally hits her running knee, getting a two-count. Stark is frustrated. Storm plants Stark in the middle of the ring and covers for a close two. Storm pulls Stark up into a butterfly underhook position, looking for her finisher, the Storm Zero, but Stark evades! Stark in control briefly with a knee to the gut. Toni Storm gets her second wind and hits a pair of German Suplexes on Stark! Storm looks for the Storm Zero but can't get Stark up. Stark uses this to her advantage and takes out Storm, rolling her up for the win!
Your Winner, Zoey Stark!

Backstage Interview: MSK

MSK are in the back, and Nash and Carter are asked about the triple threat for the vacated tag team championship tonight. Both men are hyped up and go on about how they want the titles back and end the interview by saying its MSK all day and MSK all night.

Pre-Show Content

The bulk of the pre-show has been speculation over who will win, plus multiple, multiple plugs for tonight's show. Samoa Joe sits down with Raquel González and Io Shirai, separately, as both women are confident they're going to win.

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night One Live Results (4/7/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Video Package: TakeOver Stand & Deliver, Night One

We get a great video package hyping that this is the largest card in TakeOver history and is spread over two nights. The video continues to run down the card.

National Anthem Performed by Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss returns to TakeOver to play the national anthem for us! Fun Fact: she's a descendant of Johann Strauss! She did a wonderful job with a lead-guitar approach to the anthem. And now, time for the first match of the main card! A loud "NXT! NXT! NXT!" chant breaks out and continues as a quick light show happens. A skull is on the back tron, where everyone enters, as a symbol.

Match: Kushida vs Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne comes out first as the piped-in "audience" loudly boo and the in-person audience applaud for him. The Bruiserweight snarls as Kushida comes out, rocking the full Marty McFly look as usual! No time is wasted as the ref calls for the bell. Both men jockey, countering each other's multiple submission attempts. Kushida ties up Dunne until Dunne can escape. Dunne looks to manipulate Kushida's arm but Kushida escapes. Dunne runs towards the ropes and Kushida chases, looking for his springboard back elbow strike but Dunne slides out the ring and Kushida face-plants on the mat. The action spills outside. Pete Dunne with a big suplex drop from the floor to the apron, and Kushida lands hard on his arm. Dunne focuses on the left wrist and arm now. Dunne with a stomp to Kushida's neck. Both men get to their feet. Dunne lets his arrogance cost him, and Kushida begins to fire back with multiple strikes. Kushida exhibits his speed by countering Dunne's attempted attack and drops him. Kushida goes up top but Dunne escapes to the outside. Note: the entrance ramp is flush with the ring. Dunne with a big kick outside, but Kushida streaks up the ramp and back down to attack Dunne! Both men spill into the ring. Dunne blocks an attempted arm submission by Kushida by way of hooking an arm in Kushida's and forcing the break. Kushida again goes for the springboard elbow but Dunne has him scouted and counters. Kushida takes control as neither man can maintain the edge for long. We're told that we're going to commercial, but Peacock has the match going--no commercials!
Dunne takes control yet again and continues to assault Kushida's arm. Dunne drops Kushida and takes a breather. Dunne's approach is met with a kick by Kushida, who then suplexes Dunne. Dunne shuts it down with a kick. Dunne with a suplex. Kushida and Dunne continue their back and forth, as Dunne continues to look for an arm submission and Kushida countering move-for-move in a great technical match. Both men are down and grab each other's wrists. They stand together. Dunne with a right fist, Kushida with a right kick. Kushida with a running dropkick to Dunne's arm. Kushida whips Dunne to the corner and charges in with a leaping strike. Dunne rolls to the apron. Kushida climbs the top turnbuckle, pulls Dunne up and puts him in the Hoverboard Lock on the top rope! Kushida leaps, dragging Dunne with him off the top and to the mat, and Kushida keeps the Hoverboard on! Dunne's in agony and moves, barely reaching the rope. Kushida breaks the hold, stomps Dunne, and immediately locks on an arm bar submission! Dunne gets the tip of his boot on the bottom rope, forcing the break. Kushida goes up top as Dunne uses the ropes to get to his feet. Kushida leaps off, landing on Dunne's arm! Kushida gets Dunne up and hops up, locking on yet another submission! Kushida moves in, but Dunne grabs Kushida's hand and pops the fingers apart! Dunne takes control. Suplex, followed by a big kick. Dunne hits the Bitter End! Dunne covers for the win!
Your Winner, Pete Dunne!

Earlier Today: People Going to Work

We see clips earlier that show Io Shirai, Zoey Stark, Dakota Kai and Raquel González all arriving earlier today to the arena.

Gauntlet Eliminator Match: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Leon Ruff, Cameron Grimes, Dexter Lumis, LA Knight and Bronson Reed

Before our match starts, we're informed that Leon Ruff and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott will start. Every 3 minutes, another competitor enters the match. The winner will face Johnny Gargano on Night Two for the North American Championship. Out first is...Leon Ruff crawls along the entrance ramp, in pain, as Swerve stalks him down the ramp, cocky as ever. Ruff suddenly fires up and takes it to Swerve. They brawl on the entrance ramp. Ruff knocks Swerve off. Ruff runs and jumps, landing on the barricade, then drops down to attack Swerve. Ruff gets a few more hits in before Swerve drops Ruff across the barricade. Swerve into the ring and hits a suicide dive on Ruff outside the ring, where Swerve kneels, watching and mocking his opponent as the ref yells for Swerve to get in the ring as the match hasn't started. Swerve takes too much time and Ruff makes him pay for it. Ruff sends Swerve in the ring, climbs the top turnbuckle and dives off with a big dropkick! Now that both men are in, the ref calls for the bell and we're off!
Swerve takes control back, and takes them back outside. Swerve with a few strikes until Ruff hops on the announcer's desk and dives off, crashing into Swerve. Ruff sends Swerve into the ring and covers for a two. Ruff pulls Swerve up and hits a pair of rights. Ruff attempts to whip Swerve, but Swerve counters. Ruff looks to counter himself with a springboard but Swerve catches him between the ropes and drops him hard. Swerve takes Ruff up top. Ruff fights back and hits an impressive Hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle! The fans count down and here comes Aus-zilla! Bronson Reed has entered the match. Ruff welcomes him by diving off the top turnbuckle as Reed approaches the ring. Reed catches him and slams him down. Reed heads into the ring and begins to dismantle Swerve, starting with a huge splash in the corner. Reed lifts Swerve up for the stalling Brainbuster, holding him for ten seconds (yes, I counted) as Ruff heads up top. Ruff dives off as Reed and Ruff work together to hit a beautiful double-team suplex/dropkick combo. Ruff runs off the ropes, looking to catch Reed. Reed drops him and, as Beth Phoenix said, "in shades of Yokozuna" Reed drops down onto Ruff's chest!
An impressive sequence is next, with Ruff holding onto the ropes in the corner as Swerve attempts a rear suplex. Reed comes up and grabs Swerve and forces a double suplex! Cameron Grimes is now entering the match. Grimes comes in with a sneak strike. Michael Cole's alternate dimension's failed clone experiment, Vic Joseph, comments that Grimes, Ruff and Swerve may have to work together to get rid of Reed. They attack Reed, sending him outside the ring. Grimes pulls out a stack of money and makes a deal with Swerve to double-team Ruff. Both men work Ruff over until Swerve catches a forearm for his effort. Ruff tries to fight off Grimes and Swerve but the numbers game is too much. Ruff is sent sailing across the ring. Grimes pulls money out and showers it over Ruff. Reed starts to enter the ring but Swerve and Grimes knock him off the apron. Swerve takes a breather as Grimes works over Ruff's back. Ruff starts to fire off rights but, again, the numbers are against him. Grimes hits a big lariat as the timer continues. Swerve takes down Ruff hard as Dexter Lumis makes his way out! Beth Phoenix says Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell could be the next celebrity couple and she suggests calling them "InDex." Just worth mentioning I guess. Dexter drops Reed with a DDT on the ramp as Swerve and Grimes put Ruff out of his misery.
Leon Ruff has been eliminated.
Lumis moves into the ring, slithering in like a snake and creeping out Grimes. Lumis picks up Swerve and uses the ropes to hit a catapult tossing suplex, sending Swerve flying and crashing hard! Grimes attempts to take advantage but catches one for his of his own for his troubles! Reed enters the ring and stares eye-to-eye with Lumis. Lumis and Reed slug it out in the middle of the ring. Lumis with a big Undertaker Punch. Lumis attempts to hoist up Reed but Reed counters. They brawl some more. Lumis gets Reed up on his shoulders! Impressive strength! Reed wiggles out as our timer approaches zero. Reed looks to rebound off the ropes but Grimes yanks the middle rope down, sending Reed flying outside. Lumis drops swerve as LA Knight makes his way out on the mic. He offers to help this "piece of trash" (Bronson Reed) go to the back and stomps him at ramp-side. He says the only picture Lumis should be drawing is of LA Knight. He turns his verbal assault to Swerve until Reed attacks him from behind! USA Network is going to commercial but Peacock is continuing the match, so we shall too.
Reed recovers and starts taking on all three men. Strong strikes and a splash help Reed drop Grimes, Swerve and Knight. Swerve and Grimes are battered out of the ring. LA Knight runs off the ropes, charges into Reed and bounces off. Reed pulls Knight up and hits a strong Irish Whip that bounces Knight off the corner. Reed takes Knight into the opposite corner. Knight counters with an impressive slam. Knight fires up as Swerve enters the ring, dropping him with a big suplex. Lumis enters the ring and Knight pauses, staring at him before jawing. Grimes attempts a sneak attack but Lumis senses it coming and ducks it. Lumis attacks Grimes and Knight uses the distraction to attack Lumis. Working together, Grimes and Knight roll up Dexter Lumis to pin him.
Dexter Lumis has been eliminated.
Within seconds, LA Knight is quickly pinned! He rolls to the outside where Lumis attacks him, angry at Knight for eliminating him.
LA Knight has been eliminated.
Swerve, Reed and Grimes begin to fight each other now, any temporary alliance thrown out as all men attack each other. A big spot sees Reed pull Swerve up in a Styles Clash-like hold, but Grimes superkicks Reed, leaving the big man dazed and dropping Swerve. Grimes with a drop before falling down onto Swerve just before the stumbling, dazed Reed drops back on them! All three are down. After a few moments, they begin again, with Grimes and Swerve focusing on Reed. Reed fights them both off, using his impressive power to shut them down momentarily. They successfully drop the big man when Grimes hits a flipping body slam, and Swerve turns on Grimes, rolling him up and holding the tights. The ref didn't see the tights, and Grimes is gone.
Cameron Grimes has been eliminated.
Reed begins to climb up the turnbuckles. Swerve runs over and stuns him with a leaping kick. Swerve climbs up and dumps Reed off, and Reed crashes into the apron and floor. Swerve takes Reed inside and hits a beautiful 360 on Reed from the top, covering for a close two. Reed talks trash to Reed before hitting a big running kick. Reed hazily gets to his knees and taunts Swerve to do it again. Swerve complies, running over and leaping up to kick Reed on the top of his head. Again, Reed rises to his knees and again he calls for it. Swerve goes for it, but Reed catches him by the throat! Swerve with a hard kick to the gut to break the hold. Swerve, who's been in since the start, is frustrated and attempts a working hold on Reed's arm. Reed escapes and hits a suplex. Reed pulls Swerve up and hits a backpack stunner. Reed goes up top, dives off and crashes onto Swerve, covering for the three!
Isaiah "Swerve" Scott has been eliminated.
Your Winner and Facing Gargano Tomorrow for the North American Championship, Bronson Reed!

NXT UK Championship Match: WALTER(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa

No one will survive! Our next match is right up next and out first is Tommaso Ciampa, ZZ Top's long-lost fourth member. Ciampa is fired up, and has a stone-cold face in place. The lights go dark and here comes that awesome Imperium entrance. The spotlight flips on and there stands our NXT United Kingdom Champion, the ring general and the longest-reigning champion in WWE since the 1980's as no one has held the title for two years since then. WALTER makes his way to the ring and Ciampa sits on the top turnbuckle, watching his opponent. I will probably spell WALTER as Walter; leave any complaints with the complaint department please. Walter (see? Told you so!) takes off his jacket and belt as Ciampa still stands in his long coat. The announcements are officially made and Ciampa whips off his jacket, getting in Walter's face and flexing before the ref separates them. We ready up and we're off to the match!
The bell rings and both men lock up, with the larger Walter shoving Ciampa into the corner. Ciampa escapes and Walter goes for a big swing--and miss! Ciampa wags a finger at him and they lock up again. Neither man has the advantage. Ciampa slaps on a headlock and Walter forces them into the corner to break the hold. Both men jockey for control and Ciampa repeats the headlock, and Walter repeats the corner rope break. Ciampa, however, is having none of it as he fires off a flurry of fists and strikes into Walter in the corner! The Champ is reeling briefly from the vicious assault as the Ciampa of old, the Blackheart, seems to be back! Ciampa runs off the ropes but Walter catches him with a loud, hard chop to the chest that drops Ciampa! Walter with another big chop in the corner and Ciampa falls to the outside. Walter follows and holds Ciampa against the desk. Walter goes for a big fist but Ciampa dodges and Walter's fist goes through the top of the desk! Ciampa with a few quick strikes before positioning into the ring. Walter climbs the apron and Ciampa catches him between the ropes with a headlock, pulling him into the ring. Walter again shoves Ciampa into the corner and delivers a few strikes. Walter backs up and comes at Ciampa fast but Ciampa with a big back elbow. Ciampa goes on the offense now, fighting the Champ back. Ciampa tries to lift the Champ but can't get him up. Ciampa changes tactics and lands strikes before attempting a rear suplex. Walter counters, and lays out Ciampa with a big boot instead. You can see welts on Walter's chest as he favors his right wrist and hand from that desk punch earlier.
Walter stomps Ciampa and attempts to put Ciampa in a submission, but his right hand is too injured. We get a closeup of the announcer's table and can see the damage done by Walter's punch. Walter slows the pace, catching a breather and using a foot choke on Ciampa as the ref warns him. Ciampa rolls outside and both men take a brief breather. Ciampa climbs onto the apron, but Walter catches him with a big suplex into the ring. Ciampa gets to all fours and waves Walter over, asking for more. Walter is happy to comply with a kick to the gut and a few punches. Ciampa still struggles to his feet but Walter lays him back out with a high knee strike. Walter holds a kneeling Ciampa by the left wrist and hammers him with a big right. Walter pulls Ciampa by the left wrist and kicks him in the face. Ciampa to his feet. Walter whips Ciampa, who counters off the ropes with a lariat. Walter reels. Ciampa hits multiple big forearm strikes, reeling Walter even more. Ciampa with a running clothesline that staggers the Champ against the ropes. Ciampa with four running lariats against Walter on the rope. Ciampa then, and I'm not kidding, runs off the ropes and hits a lariat on Walter fourteen times, attempting to knock Walter over the top rope it seems. It felt like a spammer in WWE 2k19, spamming one move over and over. Walter can't capitalize on the stop, and Ciampa picks Walter up and nails a running modified Samoan drop. Ciampa looks for the Fairy Tale Ending but can't get Walter up. Ciampa pivots into a pin attempt but Walter kicks out. Ciampa with a big Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster! Impressive, but only garners Ciampa a close two.
Walter starts a short flurry of offense with a big forearm and strikes. Ciampa is quick to steal momentum back by locking a wrist hold on that injured right wrist of the Champ! Walter escapes but is caught with another big forearm. Ciampa locks on another wrist hold as Walter groans in pain and attempts to reach the ropes. Walter finally does, but Ciampa keeps the hold on until the ref's warning hits a four! Ciampa breaks then goes back to working over Walter, and again looks to go for the wrist. Ciampa grabs Walter's wrist and bites it! Walter is sent to the outside. Ciampa can't capitalize on Walter as he tries to enter, and the bigger, powerful Champ. Walter with bruising ham-fists, striking hard. Walter and Ciampa go up top. They battle for control as we're told by Vic Joseph that Walter has never lost a one-on-one match. Ciampa with a big suplex drop off the top! Ciampa covers for a very close two! The crowd breaks out into a "fight forever" chant! Walter gets to a knee and Ciampa gets to his feet. Ciampa with a big chest slap, then another. Walter rises to his feet and again, Ciampa with the chest slap. Walter holds his wrist, huffing and puffing in pain. Ciampa his yet another, this one so hard the Champ doubles over and loudly groans in pain. Ciampa goes for the move one time too many and Walter counters. Walter with a takedown. Walter attempts to pin Ciampa by holding his wrists down and using his (Walter's) knees to hold Ciampa's legs down but Ciampa kicks out! The Champ fails to put away Ciampa, and Ciampa fires off a desperation suplex to buy himself time. Both men get to their feet, exhausted, battered and bruised. Ciampa makes a misstep and Walter connects with the Fire Thunder Driver, finally putting away the challenger.
Your Winner and STILL NXT United Kingdom Champion, WALTER!

After the Match: Imperium Poses

Walter is slow to his feet and makes his way down the ramp as the rest of Imperium come out to greet him. He holds his belt up as they all pose, and you can see the blisters and blood on Walter's chest. Ciampa recovers in the ring after an incredibly brutal and great match.

Video Promo: Franky Monet

We get a short video, seeing only feet and a small-breed dog running across the ring to the owner. A title card comes up and announces that Franky Monet will be debuting next Wednesday.

Backstage: Bronson Reed and Johnny Gargano

Reed talks about his fourteen-year journey to get to this point, having a title shot. Gargano comes up and mocks him and promises tomorrow to still be champ when the night is over.

NXT Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: Grizzled Young Veterans vs MSK vs Legado del Fantasma

Up next is a triple-threat match for the vacated NXT Tag Team Championship. Out first are MSK, followed by Legado del Fantasma as represented by Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. Wilde wears a lucha mask to the ring before removing it. Out next are the Grizzled Young Veterans. This time, the triple threat is using a tag format. Starting things off are Wilde, Wes Lee and Gibson. Bear with me on this one. All three men circle then begin in on each other. Tags are fast in this one. Lee tags in Nash Carter for a double team move. Wes Lee is back in. Wilde is still down on the mat. Carter and Lee double-team Gibson in the corner, with both men hitting Bronco Busters. Finally, the Grizzled Young Veterans take control as Drake is tagged in. Nash Carter comes in and attacks Gibson from behind, but Drake takes control. Drake stomps away at Carter in the corner. Carter throws a punch to Drake's gut, and Drake throws one to Carter's face. Drake attempts a cover but gets nothing. Drake locks on a sleeper hold on a seated Carter. Carter starts shaking his head, trying to get to his feet only to have Drake knock him down immediately. Wes Lee leans over the ropes, cheering on his partner until Drake catches him with a running knee. Drake with a scoop slam and pin attempt. Drake keeps the pace slow, but loses control of Carter. Carter dives and makes the hot tag to Wes Lee! MSK hit double team moves on everyone before Lee gets on all fours as Carter runs, leaps off Lee's back and over the ropes, onto the GYV! Wilde and Mendoza finally factor into this and use tags to keep both men in the ring as they double team Carter, alone in the ring. They hit a beautiful, must-see spot where Mendoza runs, runs up the ropes and along them to dive off as Wilde hits a suicide dive!
The ref restores some order to the chaos and our legal men are Wilde and Carter. Wilde stomps on carter and plays with him, attempting a pin before mocking him in front of his partner. Wilde takes Carter to the corner and tags in Mendoza. Mendoza with fists and an Irish Whip to the corner before hitting a running splash and tagging in Wilde. Wilde hits a running splash and tags in Mendoza. Mendoza with a running splash and tag; ditto for Wilde as they do this routine nearly a dozen times before hitting a double suplex. Mendoza with a springboard moonsault onto Carter for a close two. Drake is in now, and Carter makes another hot tag to Wes Lee. Lee comes in and cleans house, taking out Drake in the ring with a dropkick tot he back of his neck, sending Legado out of the ring, hitting a suicide dive on the opposite side of the ring on the GYV at ringside, then hitting one on Legado at ringside all in a very, very fast sequence! Lee tags in Carter who drops Drake with a suplex and covers for two. Carter starts to hoist drake but stops and tags in Lee. Carter lifts Drake up, looking for their modified Doomsday Device. Lee climbs but is yanked off by Legado. Legado enter the ring and attack Carter and Drake. Lee is back at it and cleans house yet again, sending Legado outside. Lee climbs the top rope, looking to hit a dive on Drake, but Gibson grabs Lee's hand and holds it against the turnbuckle. Drake runs over and jump kicks Lee's hand right into the turnbuckle!
The Grizzled Young Veterans both enter. Gibson puts Lee in a rear arm submission. Lee's about to tap! Carter comes in as Drake puts a submission on him as well. Carter physically grabs Lee's hand to keep him from tapping! Out of nowhere, Legado strike! A beautiful and impressive feat of athleticism as Legado utilize their opponents to help spring off the top rope, off of them, and onto MSK! Legado cleans house now and go for a pin, getting a close two. We're reminded that there's no count-out and no disqualification. As Wilde and Gibson battle on the ringside floor, Drake runs up the ramp as Gibson hoists Wilde up on his shoulders. Drake runs, leaping off the ramp to hit a Doomsday Device! The GYV work together to take out Mendoza. We now have MSK standing on the apron, right side of ring, with GYV on the left. The two Dusty Cup finals opponents slowly make their way to each other. Then the brawl breaks out! GYV send Lee outside. Carter punches Gibson, runs to the ropes and hits a springboard double-cutter! Carter tags in Lee. Carter lifts up Gibson and Lee dives off the top, taking Gibson down hard to the mat and covering for the win!
Your Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, MSK!

After the Match

MSK celebrate in the ring, staring at their belts and looking legitimately proud to hoist htem above their heads. They can't take their eyes off the belts as these youngsters have a bright future ahead of them.

Night Two Card Rundown

Bronson Reed will face Johnny Gargano for the North American Championship; Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon defend their NXT Women's Tag Team Champion against The Way in a ladder match; Jordan will face Santos Escobar in a Cruiserweight Unification match; Finn Bálor defends against Karrion Kross; and in the main event, Kyle O'Reilly takes on Adam Cole in an Unsanctioned Match. Also...Poppy (who's that?) will be performing live.

NXT Women's Championship Main Event Match: Io Shirai(c) vs Raquel González w/ Dakota Kai

After a video package that hyped Raquel González's debut February 2020 and her year of domination, as well as her feud with Io and Io's open challenge to González, we finally get to our main event! Raquel González makes her way out in black vinyl ring wear and a Matrix-style vinyl jacket, her friend and tag partner Dakota Kai accompanying her. González poses in the ring and starts warming up, putting on her game face. Out next is our 300+ day reigning, defending, undisputed NXT Women's Champion of the Woooooorld, Io Shirai! After a few moments, the bell rings and we get started. Io comes in fast, leaping up onto González only to be caught and knocked aside. González with strong fists. González catches Shirai again, and threatens a Powerbomb after yet another impressive display of her strength as she all-but-deadlifts Shirai up. Shirai escapes and takes González to the corner. Io with several strikes as the ref counts. Io breaks it then hits the Pendulum Dropkick in the corner. González to her feet, looking to gain control, but the Champ sends González out of the ring and dives onto her. As the ref checks on González, Kai runs over and attacks Shirai as she climbs the turnbuckle. The ref catches Kai's interference and bans her from ringside.
González takes control off a missed strike. González easily woman-handles Io, tossing her across the ring like a doll. González with a modified spine buster and a pin attempt. Io runs off the ropes and collides with González. González with a big suplex drop and another pin attempt. Frustrated, González pulls Shirai up and drops her and covers. The ref counts, and his hand hits the mat at three but Shirai must have gotten a shoulder up and the camera was out of position. González begins to focus on hurting the Champ, using powerful slams and back wrenches to work on Io's back. Again, González locks Io in a backpack submission. Shirai escapes, drops González and uses her own momentum to leap up and stomp down on González. Both women down, crawling to opposite ropes to recover. Shirai goes for a 619 but González moves. Shirai sends González to the opposite side's middle rope and connects with the 619 this time! Shirai with a spinning sit-out Powerbomb pin combo for a close two!
Shirai takes control back and slaps a crossface on González in the middle of the ring! The challenger grunts in pain as she slowly inches her way to the ropes to force the break. González rolls outside and onto the stage/ramp. Io goes up top and dives off onto her, giving the challenger no room for rest. Io goes in the ring, then steps back out on the apron. The ref yells for Io to go back inside. Io heads up teh stage and takes González down. Io then climbs up on top of the big skull--its a prop, not a screen, my bad-- and dives from roughly 20 feet up, crashing down onto González and the steel grate of the entrance ramp! We get eight replays of the move, in fact. Shirai takes González into the ring, determined to pin González. Io goes up top and hits the Over-the-Moonsault (that Vic calls the Moon over the moonsault, and y'all wonder why I mock him?) and pins for a close two! González rolls to the outside as Wade Barret exclaims on commentary that no one has ever kicked out of Io's Over-the-Moonsault before! Shirai follows outside but regrets it as González attacks her as soon as she comes out, focusing on her back.
González takes the Champ back into the ring. González with a big slam. González hits her one-armed Powerbomb, hoisting the Champ up high and crashing her into the mat. González covers and picks up the win and is the, according to Vic, the first person to defeat Io Shirai.*
Your Winner and NEW NXT Women's Champion, Raquel González!
* Needs independent verification

After the Match

Raquel González celebrates on the ramp as dry ice, smoke and sparklers go off while the new Champ holds the belt up and celebrates. González boasts a huge smile, genuinely happy with her win as our program ends.

In Closing

And that's a wrap, old chaps! (Sorry, Queso!) Night One of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver was full of great matches and a few surprises! Every single match was worth watching, with each match proving solid and the title matches were exceptionally great! Night Two is tomorrow night, with its main event featuring the NXT Championship on the line! Stay cool, stay frosty, and stay safe out there! See you all tomorrow!

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