NXT UK Full Recap (12/2)- B.T. Sport Studios, London, England

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of NXT UK!

This week’s edition of NXT UK will be capped off by an NXT UK Championship match, with Ilja Dragunov defending his title against Rampage Brown. Check it out:

NXT UK (12/2/21)

-The usual show opening video package kicks off this week’s episode, and Nigel McGuinnis, along with Andy Shepherd, welcome everyone to the B.T. Sport Studio.
-Xia Brookside makes her way down the ramp, and he’s the opening contest.

NXT UK Women’s Championship

Xia Brookside vs. Meiko Satomura(c)

The referee calls for the opening match bell, and women’s division action is underway! Both women size each other up before a tie up, and Meiko takes Xia down. Meiko grinds away at Brookside on the canvas, until both women make it back to a standing position, and Xia breaks free. Meiko immediately takes Xia down again, and locks on a submission hold, until Xia breaks free once again. Xia uses the ropes for innovative offense, and works on the arm of Satomura, until Satomura elbows her way out of a straight jacket attempt. Meiko takes Xia down again, and works over the lower leg of Brookside, until the referee calls for a rope break. Meiko goes back on the attack, and cranks the neck of Brookside on the mat, until Xia uses unique tactics to escape. Brookside goes between the ropes, forcing Meiko to back up, and uses the moment to launch an offensive attack. Brookside throws a tantrum, and unleashes strike after strike on Meiko, then tries a pin, but Meiko kicks out at 1. Satomura shows off her striking ability, and floors Xia with a kick, followed by a big right hand. Meiko follows up with a bodyslam, and goes for the cover, but Xia is still fighting. Meiko transitions into an armbar on Brookside, who grabs the ropes right away, and turns the tables with a neckbreaker. Xia makes the cover for a 2.5 count, and keeps her foot on the gas with a submission attempt, but Satomura quickly stops the momentum of Brookside. Xia and Meiko have a brief exchange, until Xia levels Satomura, and tries a pin. The Champion kicks out just in time, and Xia screams in frustration, allowing Meiko to drop Brookside with a kick to the face. Satomura sets up for the finish, but Xia rolls off her shoulders. Meiko delivers a shot to the midsection, and heads to the corner, then nails Xia with Scorpio Rising for the 1-2-3.

Winner and still NXT UK Women’s Champion: Meiko Satomura

-Video promo: Teoman invites Charlie Dempsey to an undisclosed location, and asks Charlie what’s important to him. Dempsey says “legacy and heritage,” and he believes Teoman and Rohan Rajah “could use a helping hand” against Gallus. Teoman welcomes Charlie to “the family.”

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-After the match: Meiko Satomura says she’s going back to Japan, but she’s interrupted by Blair Davenport. They’ll have a great match someday soon.
-Back in the studio: Saxson Huxley is already in the ring, and he’s in the next match.

Saxson Huxley vs. Kenny Williams

Match two kicks off with Williams playing mind games, before swinging away with chops. Huxley swats Williams away, and goes on the attack, until Kenny rakes the eyes of Saxson. Huxley quickly shakes it off, and lands a crossbody dive, before sending Williams to the outside. Saxson follows him, and runs around the ring, before nailing Kenny with a massive clothesline. Back in the ring, Huxley hits Williams with a full head of steam, and tries a cover, but Kenny is still in it. Williams breaks free for a moment, but Huxley grabs him right away, and lands a knee straight to the midsection of Williams. Huxley begins to ragdoll Williams around the ring, until Kenny finally stops the attack. Kenny forces Saxson to the outside of the ring, and rolls to the floor, where Williams unleashes an assault on Huxley. Kenny drags Saxson back into the ring, and is in full control of Huxley, until Saxson powers out of a pin fall attempt. Kenny keeps on the offensive with elbow strikes, until Saxson sends Williams across the ring. Huxley launches at Kenny, who chops Saxson down at the knees, and keeps the advantage. Williams goes for the knee again, but Huxley hoists him up for a slam, before grabbing at the injured knee. Huxley grits through the pain, and unleashes a furry of fists in the corner, then tosses Williams across the ring. Saxon whips Kenny from pillar to post, and follows up with a side walk slam, straight into a pin, but Williams kicks out on instinct. Huxley drags Kenny into the corner, and climbs the ropes, then misfires on an elbow drop! Kenny follows up with a DDT, and makes the cover, but Huxley narrowly gets the shoulder up. Subculture’s music randomly begins to play, and Williams gets distracted, allowing Huxley to drive Kenny into the canvas for the win.

Winner: Saxon Huxley

-Earlier this week: Sha Samuels and Sam Gradwell argue over Number One Contender status to the NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion. Sam challenges Sha to a match, and they’ll throw down next week.

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-Once the show returns: Andy and Nigel give a brief preview of next weeks episode of NXT UK, where Pretty Deadly will defend their NXT UK Championship against Tyler Bate & Trent Seven.
-Back in the studio: Rampage Brown storms down the aisle, and it’s time for the main-event!

NXT UK Championship

Rampage Brown vs. Ilja Dragunov(c)

After the big fight introductions, the main event bell sounds, and the NXT UK Championship is on the line! Both men jump straight into action with a tie up, and neither man is able to gain the early advantage. Dragunov and Brown tie up yet again, and Brown drives Ilja into the corner, where Ilja turns the tables with a few chops. Back in the center of the ring, both men tie up again, until Brown drives Ilja to the corner for a second time. A rapid exchange breaks out, and both men grapple all around the ring, until Ilja grabs a sleeper hold. Rampage tries to break free, and eventually does so, via a thunderous sidewalk slam. Ilja hops up right away, and runs the ropes, then tries a shoulder block. Brown ricochets off of Ilja, and falls into the ropes, then gets taken down by an arm drag from Dragunov on the rebound. Ilja keeps the pressure on with a submission hold, and grinds away at Brown, until Rmapage fights back up. Ilja tries to keep the hold on, but Brown uses a back drop driver to break free. Rampage takes Ilja to the outside, and rams Dragunov back first into the ring post, then tosses the Champion back into the ring. Brown continues his offensive onslaught, and focuses on the back of Dragunov, before trying a pin. Ilja kicks out, and immediately grabs his back, allowing Rampage to keep the advantage. Brown delivers more damage to the back of Ilja, and whips him hard into the corner, before trying a cover. Dragunov kicks out at 2.9, and stands on spaghetti legs, before getting swatted to the canvas again. Dragunov fights to his feet, and tries to run the ropes, but his back completely gives out, allowing Rampage to capitalize. Brown tries to suplex Ilja, but Dragunov reverses with a suplex of his own, and reaches for his back in agony. Ilja tries another suplex, but he doesn’t have the strength to pull it off, so the Champion throws haymakers. Ilja finally hoists Rampage Brown into the air, but Brown rolls off of the shoulders, and blasts Dragunov with a stiff shot. Ilja answers back with an enziguri right to the jaw of Brown, and both men are on the mat. The referee takes a closer look at Brown, and calls for a ref stoppage, allowing Ilja Dragunov to retain his title.

Winner and still NXT UK Champion: Ilja Dragunov

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Ilja Dragunov

Match of the Night: Meiko Satomura vs. Xia Brookside

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your day!