NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Results (8/31)

It's time!

NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff is LIVE now on the WWE Network from the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales.

After the pre-show (Watch Below), which streamed live via WWE's YouTube channel and social media outlet, as well as the elaborate open video package to kick off the show, we shoot live inside the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the second ever NXT UK TakeOver special here in Cardiff. They don't waste any time, however, as they immediately send things down to the ring.

Noam Dar vs. Travis Banks

With that said, Noam Dar's theme music hits and out he comes. Moments later, the theme music for Travis Banks hits and out he comes. Our one-on-one opening contest here at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff is now underway.

The bell rings and the action begins. Early on, Noam Dar is arrogant and has reason to be, as he establishes the early offensive lead in our opening bout.

The announcers are selling the fact that Banks' shoulder is being beaten up, reminding fans about the injury he suffered wrestling Zack Gibson in the past. Now the focus of the attack is the knee of Banks.

Banks keeps showing signs of life, as he attempts to fight back, but Dar keeps cutting him short. Banks with a beautiful dropkick to Dar in the corner and follows up with a German Suplex with a bridge for a pin attempt.

Travis Banks climbs to the top rope as the fans in the Motorpoint Arena pop, however he lands on his feet and rolls, popping back up right into Dar, whom he blasts. Dar ends up holding onto Banks from the ground and throws up multiple kicks to Banks that sets up a crossface from Dar on the injured shoulder of Banks.

After a scramble, the two pop up to their feet briefly, only for things to end up right back where they started -- only reversed, as Banks now has Dar locked in a crossface-type submission hold.

Finally the two break free and begin exchanging strikes and moves as the intensity picks up in the ring and from the fans, as their reactions are getting louder and louder as they feel the end of the match coming soon.

Dar finally locks Banks in a knee bar and twists it into "an Indian death-lock of sorts," according to McGuinness on commentary. Finally, Banks fights free and the action continues. A dropkick knocks Banks outside of the ring. Dar slams him into the ring steps and rolls him back into the ring. He blasts Banks with a big Lariat clothesline and immediately covers him, but only gets a two-count.

Banks tries fighting back to his feet. He's on his knees yelling out in war screams as Dar blasts him with kicks. Finally, Banks starts making his big comeback. Banks goes up and comes down with a double-stomp on Dar for a two-count. The announcers point out that Banks was looking for a Slice of Heaven but altered his move in mid-air.

Banks flies through the ropes and Kiwi Buzzsaws Dar on the floor. Seconds later, Banks hit Slice of Heaven off the barricade on Dar. He rolls him back into the ring, goes to the top rope and hits a big double stomp for the closest near fall of the match thus far. Finally, Dar catches Banks and gets the win.

Winner: Noam Dar

Cesaro Open Challenge Update

Backstage we see "The Swiss Cyborg" in his ring gear. He is interviewed and asked about the "Open Challenge" he issued for the NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff special.

Cesaro talks about being ready for action, however before he can say much more, Ilja Dragunov walks by. The announcers hype up Cesaro being in action tonight and we cut back into the arena.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Cesaro (Open Challenge)

From there, the theme music for Ilja Dragunov plays and out he comes, wild eyes, leather jacket and all.

He makes his way to the ring as the announcers speculate that he will be accepting Cesaro's Open Challenge right now.

And that's exactly what is happening.

He cuts a quick promo and then Cesaro's theme hits and the fans in the Motorpoint Arena go nuts as "The Swiss Cyborg," mouthpiece and all, makes his way down to the ring.

He takes his jacket off, the bell rings and here we go with our second match of the show. Cesaro jumps off to an early offensive advantage, showing off his trademark freak strength within the first few minutes.

Dragunov survives Cesaro's early onslaught and finally he taunts "The Swiss Cyborg" by putting his hand in Cesaro's face and doing what McGuinness on commentary refers to as "The German version of 'Just Bring It!'"

Cesaro blasts Dragunov for putting his hand in his face. This leads to the two exchanging knife-edge chops back-and-forth. Dragunov is finally getting some offense in, but before he can string together much of an offensive display, Cesaro shows off his crazy strength again as he scoops Dragunov off and throws him out to the floor crashing into the barricade.

"The Swiss Cyborg" goes out to deliver some more punishment to Dragunov before he rolls him back into the ring to continue the match. Cesaro nails Dragunov with a belly-to-belly suplex. And another.

Finally, Cesaro gets Dragunov in The Big Swing. He does 40 revolutions as the NXT UK Universe in attendance in Cardiff counted each and every one of them. They explode when he finally finishes and they break out into a huge "Cesaro! Cesaro!" chant.

Cesaro now has Dragunov locked in a cross-face type submission. He crawls to the ropes but Cesaro switches things up and ends up keeping him locked in the hold back in the middle of the ring. Dragunov rolls over, turning the submission into a pin attempt on Cesaro, forcing "The Swiss Cyborg" to release the hold.

Dragunov hits the ropes and hits a 6-1-line, in Rey Mysterio fashion, dropping Cesaro with the big clothesline through the ropes. Dragunov is now firing up a bit and is fighting back finally, displaying his own unique strength in the process. Now Dragunov hits a big dive through the ropes onto Cesaro on the floor.

Back in the ring, Dragunov climbs to the top rope, slips and almost falls, but recovers and goes across the ring long-ways with a flying dropkick into Cesaro, who was leaning against the turnbuckles in the corner on the mat. Dragunov is now peppering Cesaro with chops, however Cesaro is no-selling them and starting his comeback.

The two fight back and forth until finally Cesaro blasts Dragunov with The Neutralizer for the clean pin fall victory. The announcers are putting over the match strong, as they should, as it certainly over-delivered for an unadvertised match. Hell, it would've delivered just as strong had this been a heavily promoted match. Great stuff from these two.

Winner: Cesaro

After The Match: Dragunov Earns Cesaro's Respect

The announcers go over some replays of what was an excellent match as the fans continue to break out into various chants inside the Motorpoint Arena.

Finally, we see Cesaro setting up Dragunov for something, as he is poached in the corner waiting for him to get up, seemingly to blast him with a clothesline or punch or something, as he is in a crouched position waiting to strike.

Dragunov eventually makes it to his feet and "The Swiss Cyborg" begins charging at him ... only to stop himself and extend his hand to offer a handshake as a sign of respect. The two shake hands, hug and exchange a private message to each other as the fans and the announcers erupt.

Legends Shown In The Front Row Of NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff

The theme song for NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff plays and is promoted as we shoot back inside the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales, where we see Adrian Street and Miss Linda sitting in the front row taking in the action.

The announcers promote the new documentary, "Adrian Street: Imagine What I Could Do To You," which is now available on the WWE Network.

The Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Gallus vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster (NXT U.K. Tag-Team Titles)

The video package for our first title match of the show airs now, as NXT UK Tag-Team Championship action is up next. All three teams make their ring entrances, the bell sounds and here we go.

After what had to be the record-breaker for most false-finishes in the history of a pro wrestling match since the inception of the sport, the finish saw the team of Andrews and Webster pick up the "W."

Mark Andrews surprises Gibson with a Stundog Millionaire and then Webster follows up with a top rope Swanton onto the back of Gibson. Andrews covers Gibson but Gibson kicks out.

Drake catches Andrews with a running dropkick in the corner. Gibson slammed Andrews with Helter Skelter, then Drake performed a top rope 450 splash for another believable near fall.

Coffey and Wolfgang get their wits about them at ringside before they return and clean house of everyone in the ring. Coffey hits the ropes and then Wolfgang launches him over the top, where he goes flying and crashing onto all four of their opponents. Coffey throws Andrews into the ring as the battle ensues.

Gibson and Drake execute a Doomsday Device, ala The Road Warriors / Legion of Doom, onto Wolfgang at ringside. Andrews and Webster stood in the ring and called for the tag champions. Drake tagged Coffey, then he and Gibson entered the ring and squared off with he hometown favorites. They teams fought and Andrews hit a double Stundog Millionaire on the champions, then Webster hit a top rope 450 on Drake. Webster had the pin, but Gibson pulled the referee out of the ring. A short time later, Gibson and Drake teamed up for their Ticket To Mayhem finisher on Webster.

The REAL finish finally happens, as Drake takes out both members of Gallus with a suicide dive onto the floor. While that happens, Gibson goes for the pin, however Andrews nails a beautiful Shooting Star Press onto Gibson's back. He pulls his tag-team partner on top of him and the referee slaps the mat with his palm three times.

You know what that means.

We have NEW NXT UK Tag-Team Champions.

Following the match, the two Cardiff home town favorites held an extended celebration with the fans inside the Motorpoint Arena in Wales as the announcers did their best to add to the "feel good moment" of the show.

Winners and NEW NXT UK Tag-Team Champions: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

Dave Mastiff vs. Joe Coffey (Last Man Standing Match)

After some promotional stuff, including a trailer hyping up next month's WWE Clash Of Champions pay-per-view, we are shown another video package to get us ready for our next match of the show.

Up next here at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff is the "Last Man Standing" match pitting Dave Mastiff one-on-one against Joe Coffey. The two guys make their ring entrances, well sort of.

Dave Mastiff comes out first, followed by Joe Coffey. Before Coffey can get to the ring, however, Mastiff charges at him and the two immediately start brawling and using weapons on each other straight out of the gate.

This one could be violent, folks!

Within seconds of the action finally getting going inside the squared circle, the ring breaks!

You read that right, the entire ring is broken. The turnbuckle caved in and the ring ropes are screwed, ala The Rockers vs. Hart Foundation title change on NBC Saturday Night's Main Event that "never actually happened."

This one IS going to happen, though.

With one broken-ass ring, the physicality ensues as Mastiff continues to pummel Coffey as more and more weapons are introduced. We've seen chairs, tables and everything in between. At one point, a skull was used to break a pool cue.

It's that type of match. Now a big chain is being used as the weapon of choice. This one is "bowling shoe" ugly in terms of brutality, as "Good Ole JR" would say.

On commentary they're referring to this action as a "Human Demelition Derby," which is pretty appropriate.

Finally, up near the entrance stage, both Mastiff and Coffey fell backwards about 10-15 feet off the staging area and through a bunch of tables. Somehow Coffey returned to his feet as the official counted to ten.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Toni Storm (C) vs. Kay Lee Ray (NXT UK Women's Title)

The announcers recap an amazing Last Man Standing match before taking care of some in-house business, such as upcoming WWE programming and shouting out another official NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff theme song.

From there, we are shown our next video package as the NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff co-main event is up next. The NXT UK Women's Championship is on-the-line next, as current title-holder Toni Storm defends against friend-turned-enemy Kay Lee Ray.

The bell sounds to kick this one off and Storm catches Ray with a slow kick and then clotheslined her from behind. Storm performed a German suplex and an awkward running clothesline. Storm set up for Storm Zero, but Ray avoided it. Storm came right back with a sunset driver for a two count. Ray caught Storm in an inside cradle for a two count. Storm came right back and hit Storm Zero and only got a two count.

Ray fought right back with a near fall of her own. Storm and Ray fought on the ropes. Storm eventually flipped off and performed a German suplex after pulling Ray from the middle rope. Storm covered Ray for a two count. A short time later, Ray hit Storm with a knee that left her at ringside, then Ray went up top and flipped onto her on the floor. Ray held her back as she reentered the ring.

Ray gets Storm hooked on her back and then drops her face-first on the ropes. She then hooked her back in the same position and hit her Gory Bomb finisher.


In the end, Kay Lee Ray manages to get the three-count for the clean pin fall victory to become the BRAND NEW NXT UK Women's Champion.

Wow, most people did not see that one coming. The announcers are putting over how shocking the title change was.

Winner and NEW NXT UK Women's Champion: Kay Lee Ray

WALTER (C) vs. Tyler Bate (WWE United Kingdom Title)

The time has come!

It is finally time for our NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff main event. The WWE United Kingdom Championship will be up for grabs, as Imperium's WALTER defends his title against Tyler Bate.

Both guys make their ring entrances, the fans get their final pre-match taunts, boos, cheers and chants out of the way. The bell sounds and our NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff headline attraction is now officially underway.

The first half or so of the match saw WALTER dominating his smaller foe and breaking him down slowly but surely over time. There seemed to be several times that WALTER had Bate put away, but Bate kept holding on.

Bate would show signs of life every so often, but for the most part, this was a one-sided ass-beating contest and WALTER was the one swinging the hammer (Credit to "The American Gangster" Chael P. Sonnen).

Additionally, the announcers seemed to be talking as if they were offered a bonus if they could successfully convince the viewing audience that Bate is physically uncapable of movement of any kind.

That's the scene as WALTER continues to remain in control of the contest, with Bate only showing signs of life every so often. In one cool example, outside of the ring apron, Bate blasted WALTER with a belly-to-belly suplex onto the floor.

WALTER is a big boy and big boy landed with a big thud.

The lifelessness of Bate is put over so much so throughout commentary and the storytelling these two did through their physical actions was so convincing and worked so well that late in the match when Bate managed to suplex WALTER, you'd think Hulk Hogan just slammed Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III, and that everybody who saw it at the time actually reacted the way it has been described in revisionist history.

Having said that, it did look pretty damn cool.

Bate finds the energy to nip-up back to his feet, ala Shawn Michaels without all of the fist-clenching and tippy-toe bouncing that generally follows.

We take a break for both guys to catch their breath, and for the fans to exhaust their passionate, echo'ing "This Is Awesome! This Is Awesome!" chant.

A cool spot or two later and now we're waiting out a "This Is Wrestling! This Is Wrestling!" chant.

Bate climbs to the top-rope and WALTER follows him up. Bate grabs WALTER in a suplex position and looks behind him, as if to tease suplexing him out to the floor from the top rope. The crowd bit and popped, however WALTER ended up chopping Bate off the ropes.

Bate jumps up and blasts WALTER and follows back up. Both guys are on the top rope again. Bate with an homage to Pete Dunne with the finger locks. He slams WALTER off the top and covers him, but only gets two.

Bate gets WALTER over his shoulders in a fireman's carry / GTS position and starts swinging him around in circles. He sets WALTER seated on the top-rope backwards. He grabs him in the Lex Luger Torture Rack position and then dumps him. The crowd goes berzerk, as does Nigel McGuinness on commentary.

Unfortunately, Bate couldn't get over to cover WALTER to capitalize on the big spot. He tried to crawl over and put a finger on him, but just as he got within reaching distance, WALTER rolls away and ultimately out of the ring altogether.

Bate gets back to his feet and hits the ropes and flies through with a suicide dive, catching WALTER with a flying DDT-type of move on the way down. He goes back in the ring, hits the ropes again and this time comes flying over the top rope and splashing onto WALTER.

He rolls WALTER back in the ring and tries picking up the large WWE UK Champion. He does and even manages to slowly rise him up and dump him backwards with a back-suplex for a close two-count.

"How is this possible?!" says a frantic Nigel McGuinness.

Out of nowhere, Bate reverses a WALTER move attempt into a Tyler Driver. He hits it too, despite the size disadvantage. He covers him but still only gets two. He goes to the top, hits a flying corkscrew splash and covers him immediately again, and again, WALTER finds a way to get his shoulder off the mat before a count of three.

The fans break out into another "This Is Awesome! This Is Awesome!" chant as Bate starts taking the tape off of his wrists. He's pissed but WALTER cuts him off and begins his comeback. He delivers a ton of punishment and then a big powerbomb. He covers Bate and Bate kicks out at one and does a push-up. He looks like a man possessed. Seconds later, however, WALTER manages to blast him again, this time with a monster lariat/clothesline off the ropes to get the three-count to silence the NXT UK Universe inside the Motorpoint Arena.

An excellent match that the announcers just put over as a 40-minute thriller.

Winner and STILL WWE United Kingdom Champion: WALTER

After The Match:

After the match, WALTER poses with the title as Bate remains laid out in the ring. Eventually, WALTER goes up to the top of the entrance stage where he poses with the other members of Imperium.

Back in the ring, Bate finally gets back to his feet to a loud ovation from the fans in Cardiff. He is joined by his fellow British Strong Style members, Pete Dunne and Trent Seven, join him in the ring. The three pose as the fans pop one final time.

That does it for NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff live special from the Motorpoint Arena. We hope you enjoyed the show and our results coverage here at Rajah.com!

Leave your NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff comments and feedback below~!


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