Original Ring Names For Stone Cold Revealed

During his biography on A&E, Stone Cold Steve Austin, as well as the guests on the show, revealed ring names Austin almost had given to him.

According to Austin, and the many guests on the show, there was a long list of monikers, which you can see a few of below:

• Fang McFrost
• Snowman
• Otto von Ruthless
• Mr. Freeze
• Ice Dagger
• Cruel Luke
• Cool Cat
• Chilly McFreeze

Another WWE Hall of Famer added his two cents in to the mix. Mick Foley spoke about the “terrible names”, and told viewers:

"That's a tricky situation, when you're fairly new in the company, Mr. McMahon has agreed to give you a character change and you're given a list from creative. The fact that I can rattle off more of Stone Cold's names than the terrible names that I was given, speaks to just how bad they were”.

Which name do you believe is the worst on the list? Let us know in the comments section!

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)