Ric Flair On Whether MJF Should Win AEW Title At Full Gear, His New Peacock Documentary

Should Maxwell Jacob Friedman emerge victorious in his quest to capture the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley at this Saturday's AEW Full Gear 2022 pay-per-view at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey?

Ric Flair thinks so.

"The Nature Boy" spoke about this, as well as his thoughts on seeing the finished version of his new Peacock documentary during the latest episode of his official podcast, "To Be The Man."

Featured below are some of the highlights from the show where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On whether MJF should win the AEW World Heavyweight Title from Jon Moxley at Full Gear: “If they’re pushing him, well, I’ll just say it like this. During the time off, and all the negotiations, and whatever decision he made to come back, obviously Tony came up with the money and Tony made what he considered to be the right decision, which I think was great that he stayed, he would have done very well in WWE, but I’m proud of him for staying there which means Tony made him happy. So there’s only one way to go with a guy. You don’t cut him short.”

On seeing the finalized version of the documentary that will be airing on Peacock: “I saw my documentary yesterday and if I live till it airs, it will be the greatest thing I’ve ever produced on TV. It’s two hours long, two hours and it covers everything. I don’t even know where they got some of the pictures. I know they got stuff from the library. The WWE and Peacock were all partners. I know exactly what day it airs, but I’m not allowed to say anything. I’m thankful because the reason I’m throwing this in is because Steve is in it a lot. Taker is in it a lot. Shawn’s in it a lot. Megan is in it a lot. Ashley, Post Malone, Stephan A. Smith. It is the most accurate depiction of my life ever imagined put together. It took two hours, but I swear to God, I sat there and watched it and I just, I cried, laughed, cried, laughed, but it’s so spot on. As promised, they didn’t pull any punches. Not one. They didn’t pull any punches and that’s what makes it so good. It’s what I felt. It’s what I’ve experienced. It’s what I’ve gone through. It’s what I’ve done to myself. It’s the bad choices that I made in life. The good choices I’ve made in life. My family responded honestly. It talks about the airplane crash. It talks about me getting hit by lightning. It talks about me being sick. I was blown away by it.”

Check out the complete episode of the "To Be The Man" podcast by visiting Apple.com. H/T to WrestlingNews.co for transcribing the above quotes.