Roxanne Perez Explains How Reality Of Wrestling Helped Her Prepare For WWE

During her appearance on El Brunch de WWE, NXT Superstar Roxanne Perez reflected on her time in Booker T's Reality Of Wrestling promotion. Check out the highlights below.

On training with WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T:

“Yeah, it is difficult because you have to be paying attention to so many things at once. But I trained under Booker T when I was in the independent scene. And at his school, he also has a wrestling show called Reality of Wrestling. And that’s the first place that I went to on the indies where he uses cameras. So it’s a very nice set-up, kind of like NXT, and he taught me how to look at the cameras, and stuff like that. So when I came to NXT, it was a little bit easier to catch on to it and to learn that.”

On Reality Of Wrestling:

“With Booker T, I started at his school when I was 16. Yeah. So I was with him for about three years, four years.”