Samoa Joe Says He Is Not Too Keen On “The Forbidden Door” Concept

New NXT Champion Samoa Joe recently appeared on the "So Catch by Hal 2" podcast, where he spoke about professional wrestling's "Forbidden Door" and how he is not too keen on the concept.

Samoa Joe said:

“I work for a company.” “If I played for a major football club, you wouldn’t lend me out on the weekend to go play for the rival team. Messi’s ain’t doing day shifts over at Manchester United. I understand some fans want for that and they want to see that, but at the same time, just with the whole politics of that type of situation, it wouldn’t be a good outcome anyways. Nobody wants to look bad in that situation, everyone’s getting pushed and pulled in a certain way and it becomes a convoluted mess.”

“If guys want to show and get down with Samoa Joe, get on my level, they come find me and let’s do this. I ain’t making house calls right now.”

Samoa Joe then talked about what advice he would give to his younger self back when it was still very early in his pro wrestling career.

Samoa Joe said:

“I think not to put a timetable on things.” “I think early in my career I’d always kind of put this…you know if you had asked 19 year old me where I would be right now, at this point I would’ve wrapped it up ten years ago. ‘I gave it this and this and I’m working on this.’ I never really envisioned it would be the lifelong pursuit that it’s become. It’s not that I didn’t want it to be, it was just young me always kind of thought in very blocked off time blocks. I wanted to be at certain places at a certain time in my life. And I think a lot of young me are very much the same. But yeah, it never occurred to me some twenty odd years later that I’d be here doing this.”

You can check out Samoa Joe's comments in the video below: