Saraya Talks About Wanting To Get Her Brother On AEW Dark

Keep an eye out for Zak on AEW Dark.

Saraya recently appeared as a guest on AEW Unrestricted and spoke about wanting to get her brother, Zak, on AEW Dark in the future.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the podcast where she touches on this topic with her thoughts.

Hopes to get her brother Zak on AEW Dark: "I would love, since I have a family of wrestlers, please, we have to get my brother Zak. Zak has never made it and it’s so frustrating, he’s tried so hard. We need to get him on an AEW Dark show or something like that so we can showcase him. He just did New Japan. People loved him, they’re bringing him back again. He got such a great reaction when he walked out. People didn’t know who he was at first and then they said ‘Zak Zodiac’ and everyone was like ‘YESSS!’ It gave me chills."

Other members of her family that she wants to help: "I would love for my brother to eventually be in AEW and my nephew, Ricky Knight Jr, my nephew Patrick. A whole family thing. Going over to the UK, I’m like, ‘Yes, I will plug them and try to get them on the Dark show."

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