Sheamus Reveals What Motivated Him To Return To The WWE In The Best Shape Possible

Top WWE SmackDown Superstar Sheamus appeared on SHAK Wrestling to discuss a variety of topics such as how he went away and came back as a heel due to the fans turning on him no matter what he did as well as how he still loves what he does and he is more passionate about wresting now than he's ever been.

Sheamus said:

“Oh, it’s an incredible feeling. It kinda came out of left field, to be honest. I’ve kinda been doing this my whole career. I’m very, very physical in the ring. I think there’s a couple things at the beginning of my career that kind of muttered that, the whole stories with Triple H and some other stories backstage were total BS. But I just feel like, no matter what I did, especially in 2012, when I was world champion, the stuff with [Daniel] Bryan, it didn’t matter what I did. The crowd would turn against me because they thought the machine was behind me. No matter how hard I beat him my body, I just wasn’t gonna win them over. So I went away and I came back as a heel. But yeah, I love what I do. I’m still very passionate about what I do, probably more passionate now than I’ve ever been.”

Sheamus also discussed what motivated him to return to the WWE in the best shape possible.

Sheamus said:

“I was actually at Edge’s house, and I saw his titles on the wall, and I saw the IC Title. I was like, ‘I can’t give up now. I’m so close to getting that piece in the puzzle.’ It motivated me to get back and come back in the best shape possible.”

You can check out Sheamus' comments in the video below. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.