Tyler Breeze Reflects On NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Match Against Jushin "Thunder" Liger

Earlier this week, former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze conversed with Matthew Rehwoldt, during another addition of the Straight Shooting Podcast.

In the interview, the One-Time WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion discussed his match against WWE Hall of Famer Jushin “Thunder” Liger, at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Check out the highlights below.

On his match against Jushin “Thunder” Liger in Brooklyn:

“Liger is very different. I was kind of running out of people to work and I went, ‘Who am I working on the next TakeOver?’ Nobody would tell. Finn actually came up and was like, ‘Hey man, you’re working Liger.’ I was like, ‘What? He doesn’t even work for the company. How do you know? Are you kidding?’ He goes, ‘No, Liger trained me and they had me reach out to Liger to see if he would be interested in coming over.’ I went, ‘Oh my God, really? He’s doing it?’ I knew before anybody else, but they didn’t tell me until like the day of the show. They were like, ‘You’re gonna have a quick enhancement match then Regal is gonna announce who you’re against, we’ll put a graphic on the screen, and it’ll be Liger. I went, ‘Cool.’ It was very last minute. Literally, day of the announcement (is when I found out).”

On meeting Liger:

“I never met him until Brooklyn when I met him in catering. I saw some guy who is not normally there and I went, ‘Hey man. is it me and you tonight?’ He goes, ‘Yes, yes, yes. Please, put the whole match together, I don’t know this style.’ I put the whole match together, I think we ran over the whole thing and that was a tilt-a-whirl. He was awesome. He’s the chillest guy ever.”