WrestleMania 37 Results (4/10/2021) - Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL. (Night 1)

The wait is over.

The time has come.

WWE returns with their biggest annual spectacle this evening, as night one of the two-night extravaganza known as WrestleMania 37 takes place this evening from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, airing live exclusively on the WWE Network via Peacock TV.

Scheduled to take place on "The Grandest Stage of Them All" as part of the night one special event this evening are three world championship bouts, with Bobby Lashley defending his WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre, Sasha Banks putting her SmackDown Women's Championship on-the-line against Bianca Belair and The New Day defending their Raw Tag-Team Championships against AJ Styles & Omos.

Also on tap for WrestleMania 37 Night 1 is Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon in a steel cage match, Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro in a grudge match, Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs. The Miz & John Morrison in tag-team action, as well as a women's tag-team turmoil bout for a shot at the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championships at night two of WrestleMania 37 on Sunday evening.

Featured below are complete WrestleMania 37 results from night one held on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL.


Here we go! It's time to "raise up your fist," WWE Universe, as night one of the two-night extravaganza known as WrestleMania 37 has officially gotten underway, as the Night 1 Kickoff Show live stream has begun. (See below).

The theme song and promotional trailer for the show airs to get things started on the live stream. It continues to repeat a few times until finally the "WWE Then .. Now .. Forever" signature flashes on the screen and we get rolling for real.

From there, we shoot inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida for the first time as Kickoff Show panel of Kayla Braxton, Booker T, JBL, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Peter Rosenberg are shown sitting in their Sunday best attire as the pre-show for WrestleMania 37 Night 1 formally gets started.

After each member of the panel is introduced they talk about the WWE Championship match between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre opening up the main card at 8pm Eastern Time / 5pm Pacific Time tonight at WrestleMania 37 Night 1.

They talk about the match a bit and then talk about the headline bout of the evening, which will see the SmackDown Women's Championship on-the-line as "The Boss" Sasha Banks defends against the 2021 WWE Women's Royal Rumble match winner, "The EST Of WWE." The elaborate video package for the Banks-Belair bout airs.

Following the package the panel talks about the match extensively and then move on to introduce some recent highlights from WWE TV that tells the story of the match tonight between The New Day and the team of AJ Styles and Omos.

The panelists talk about New Day's success in the tag division over so many years and the intrigue behind the mystery giant Omos. Booker T brings up UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou as a comparison to the monster Omos. JBL jokes that Ngannou didn't have to win his title with Stipe Miocic as his partner, and points out Omos has to win a match in tag-team form.

Braxton then sets up some highlights of the recent backstage segment that saw Seth Rollins get attacked and swung by Cesaro on SmackDown leading up to their match at WrestleMania 37 Night 1 tonight. After the highlights, Rosenberg kicks off the panel discussion and analysis of the Rollins-Cesaro bout.

We see a preview of "The WrestleMania Report" by The Miz, who talks about his excitement for WrestleMania and plugs the full feature being available now on the official Twitter feed of Cricket Wireless. When the preview segment wraps up, we shoot to the video package hyping the tag-team showdown tonight pitting Bad Bunny & Damian Priest against The Miz & John Morrison.

The package wraps up and we shoot back to the panel, who address the fans, who we hear in the background off-camera chanting for Jerry Lawler. Booker T stands up and yells out to them, getting pumped up from the energy coming from the WWE Universe that is finally once again in attendance at a live event, and at a WrestleMania for the first time in two years.

After the quick check-in with the panel for the fan hype and the talk about the Bad Bunny attraction match scheduled for tonight, they send us to a video package that recaps the WWE Hall Of Fame induction ceremony from earlier this week.

When they return from the package, they give props to JBL who is one of this year's inductees. The fans chant his name, so the panelists chant along with them. JBL talks about his experiences at the WWE Hall of Fame and calls it a lifelong dream to be inducted.

From there, they run down some of the matches scheduled for tomorrow night's WrestleMania 37 Night 2 conclusion to this year's annual spectacular from the global leader in sports entertainment. When they finish that up, the panelists return on camera and talk about the matches they are anticipating the most in terms of the entire two-night extravaganza as a whole.

As they talk about their picks, Jerry Lawler reveals that he is going to be a special guest commentator for the Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman Steel Cage Match. Booker T noted earlier in the broadcast that he will be on special guest commentary for the Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs. The Miz & John Morrison tag-team showdown tonight. After this, we head to a quick commercial time-out for Cricket Wireless and WWE Shop ads.

We're back from the quick ad break and we are shown some photos of members of the WWE Universe who have tweeted pictures of themselves watching the WrestleMania 37 Night 1 show tonight. From there, the panelists introduce the in-depth video package for the Steel Cage Match pitting Shane McMahon against "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman.

The panel talks more about the Steel Cage Match and then are joined by Sonya Deville, who takes Peter Rosenberg's chair, to join the crew to break down the tag-turmoil match for a shot at the Women's Tag-Team Championships on night two of WrestleMania 37. They send us to a quick commercial break and we return, Rosenberg has taken his chair back and the crew talk about the storm finally clearing up, the rain stopping and the fans finally filtering to their seats in preparation of the start of tonight's big event.

After that, the panel shows us some more photos of fans in their homes watching WrestleMania 37 from Twitter. Braxton reads an ad for a special Draft Kings betting competition this evening and then the panel sends us to the elaborate video package for what will be the first match when the main card for night one gets started here in a couple of minutes -- the WWE Championship bout between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.

We return after the package wraps up to the panel talking about their thoughts on the WWE Championship opener for tonight. For the first time in a long time, the crowd at the show is so loud that they have to stop and acknowledge this fact, with Rosenberg even getting emotional when talking about the crowd choking him up. He quickly goes into a DMX reference, as the Hot 97 personality mentions the passing of Dark Man X before sending things over to the rest of the panel, who give their final thoughts as we wrap up the Kickoff Show with the crowd getting audibly louder and louder in the background.

Booker T plugs his new show "Scratch" as literally the final words on the Kickoff Show for night one of WrestleMania 37. That didn't seem planned, either. I wonder what the reaction to that will be? I'm sure we'll hear something. Keep your eyes peeled to the news section here on the website for any potential updates about that. Anyways, we're off to get ready for the live event extravaganza known as WrestleMania!


Night one of the two-night extravaganza known as WrestleMania 37 kicks off with an immediate shot inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL., where we hear the ring announcer introduce the Chairman of WWE -- Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon Addresses The WWE Universe

Vince McMahon is shown at the top of the entrance stage area inside the stadium with the entire WWE roster standing behind him on the stage. McMahon talks about how his performers have spent the better part of a year doing what they do best, but noted one crucial component -- the single most important component was missing -- the WWE Universe. The fans. He welcomes them back and then does his over-the-top introduction to kick off WrestleMania 37.

Bebe Rexha Performs "America The Beautiful"

The WWE Then .. Now .. Forever signature airs and then we shoot inside the stadium again where "America the Beautiful" is performed live by Grammy-nominated artist Bebe Rexha, with Vince McMahon and the WWE roster still at the top of the entrance stage and the live singer performing it in the ring with some backup band members.

WrestleMania 37: Night 1 Opening Package

After she finishes up, we then head to the usual elaborate bad-ass video package that opens up most pay-per-views, as the over-the-top kick-ass trailer-style package airs. It stops at one point with some comedy and then they talk about picking up where things left off last year. They continue the package and then drop some realness, as the kids say. (Literal words used on the package).

We see clips from past WrestleMania shows, highlighting the spectacle with the giant crowds, fireworks and pyro / light shows and other over-the-top antics from the past 36 events held on "The Grandest Stage of Them All." The package wraps up by noting they want to tip their caps to us, the fans. They even acknowledge all of us that can't not watch on Peacock (Verbatim!) The course has been corrected. History can't be stopped. And our adventure continues. Now how's that for a cold open? Impressive, but what about the big finish? Everyone knows you need a big finish. It's cold open 101. Okay, let's try this. We welcome you to the greatest spectacle in live entertainment -- welcome to WrestleMania! Snickers presents the global spectacular -- WrestleMania! (Again, Verbatim!)

Michael Cole Kicks Off WrestleMania 37 With A Weather Delay Announcement

For the first time in one year, one month and one day, notes Michael Cole, the WWE Universe joins him in welcoming us to the greatest spectacle in live entertainment. Cole immediately points out that they will have to pause for a weather delay due to potential lightning issues with storms passing through the area right now.

This is wild. We hear the ring announcer addressing the fans in the background, but barely, as the camera is in a tight shot on the commentary trio of Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe. They stall and kill time as they talk about the Lashley-McIntyre bout scheduled to open the show, but noting that they are both being thrown a curve ball at the last minute by being forced to wait due to the weather delays that are starting the show off tonight. This is definitely wild. Cole guarantees us that they will be back to live action in just a few moments.

Backstage Interview With Shane McMahon

Until then, they send things backstage where Sarah Schreiber is with Shane McMahon. Shane-O-Mac points out his goosebumps on his arms and talks about getting an energy boost from the fans who are back for the first time in a long time tonight. He vows to take out Braun Strowman tonight.

Backstage Interview With MVP & Bobby Lashley

As Shane continues to talk about Strowman and how he has been mocking him in recent weeks, in walks MVP and WWE Champion "The Almighty" Bobby Lashley out of the blue. They push Shane out of the way and take over the interview segment. MVP talks about the time for talking being over.

The Hurt Business mouth piece continues running down some of the history between Lashley and McIntyre leading into tonight. As he does, he too is interrupted as in walks "The Scottish Warrior" Drew McIntyre. He gets in MVP and Lashley's face and says if they have to fight back here in the backstage area tonight, they will.

Backstage Interview With Drew McIntyre

A bunch of WWE officials rush the scene to separate the two, and MVP and Lashley end up walking off. Sarah Schreiber returns and asks McIntyre for his thoughts. He says he needs a moment. He talks about last year at the Performance Center being his big crowning moment. He says now this year he is fighting in the first match and now the damn weather is ruining things. He says this match will happen tonight if he has to drop him where he stands backstage.

Kickoff Show Panelists With Weather Delay Update

Now we head over to Kayla Braxton, Peter Rosenberg and JBL who are in a special area of the stadium backstage, presumably where the Kickoff Show was shot, and they talk about how we are still in a weather delay. They talk about what they just saw between McIntyre and Lashley being unreal.

Backstage Interview With The New Day

We head to the backstage area again where Raw Tag-Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, both of whom are sporting very unique looking mohawks, talk about their title defense tonight against AJ Styles and Omos. In walks Big E. who joins them for an impromptu reunion of The New Day. They have some fun and then sends things back to ringside.

Michael Cole Labels This "Rain-le-Mania"

Now we return to the commentary trio being shown on camera at ringside, where they appear clearly annoyed as they talk about how with everything WWE has been dealing with as of late, they might as well add the first weather delay in the history of WrestleMania to the list. Cole labels this, "Rain-el-Mania." Samoa Joe says he won't co-sign that goofy name.

Backstage Interview With Braun Strowman

Things are sent backstage again where Braun Strowman talks about his Steel Cage Match against Shane McMahon. Strowman says he doesn't want to talk he just wants to finally give Shane-O-Mac these hands.

Kickoff Show Crew Talks About Getting Goosebumps From Vince McMahon

We check in briefly again with Kayla Braxton, Peter Rosenberg and JBL who talk about how Vince McMahon gave them goosebumps and reminded them of his introduction of Aretha Franklin from many moons ago at WrestleMania earlier this evening, before things went to hell with the weather delay issues.

Backstage Interview With Kevin Owens

From there, we head back to the backstage area where Kevin Owens is standing by with a member of the WWE broadcast team. He asks if he can hold the mic himself and excuses the interviewer. He starts actually delivering a killer promo and then we literally start having loud choppy audio issues as he was nearing the end of it. Just brutal what is happening tonight, folks!

Michael Cole In A Giant Rain Coat Cover With Weather Delay Update

Now we shoot back to the ringside area where Michael Cole is in a giant rain coat cover standing up away from the desk now. Although it looks 100 times worse than it has already, he claims we are actually about to get WrestleMania started for real in just about five minutes or so.

Backstage Interview With Bianca Belair

We shoot to another backstage interview, this time with Bianca Belair. She talks about her match against Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women's Championship main eventing tonight's show and gets a bit emotional near the end of the interview.

Backstage Interview WIth Seth Rollins

After that, we quickly go to yet another backstage interview, this time with Seth Rollins, who comes in laughing and calling the interviewer by the wrong name and telling him to enjoy the show tonight because this is WrestleMania and you never know what's going to happen. He is asked about being swung again and loses his cool before going off on The Swiss Superman and vowing to win. He says he's feeling good and ends the interview. This was one of the better impromptu interviews thus far.

On-Stage Interview With The Miz & John Morrison

Now Sarah Schreiber is standing near the WrestleMania 37 entrance and she introduces The Miz and John Morrison. They talk about Bad Bunny and Damian Priest and after some bad comedy they vow that the fun and games are over. They send a final message to their opponents before their match tonight.

Weather Delay Is Finally Over

We appear to finally be getting things underway as after one final check-in with Kayla Braxton and Peter Rosenberg, we are sent to the video package for our opening bout of the evening -- the WWE Championship showdown between "The Almighty Era" and "The Scottish Warrior." We actually hear someone off-camera from WWE production saying they need to go to the bathroom. I can't make this stuff up guys. This is the atmosphere we are dealing with straight out of the gate on "The Grandest Stage of Them All" this evening. We are living in crazy times!

The video package wraps up and we return at ringside in front of the commentary desk to Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe, who are no longer wearing ponchos, as they inform us that the real start of WrestleMania is just moments away, as they note the fans are filing back into their seats as the weather delay is officially over.

WrestleMania Co-Hosts Titus O'Neil & Hulk Hogan Start The Show ... For Real This Time!

The Warrior Award recipient for this year's WWE Hall Of Fame class, as well as the co-host of WrestleMania 37, Titus O'Neil is introduced. He makes his way out and stops at the top of the entrance stage as his fellow WrestleMania 37 co-host, two-time WWE Hall of Famer, "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan is introduced. "Real American" plays and we get our first WrestleMania pops of the evening as the two hosts for this big two-night extravaganza soak in the energy from the fans in the crowd.

O'Neil welcomes us to Raymond James Stadium and his city of Tampa Bay. Hogan says we're going to make history tonight and again tomorrow night. He says we're going to do that with our first match of the evening right here in front of the WWE Universe for the first time in a year, a month and a day. They talk about how the WWE Championship bout is going to be the opener for tonight's night one event. They end the opening segment with a mixture of their catchphrases and then Hogan's music plays again to wrap it up.

WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley (c)

Finally, after one more check-in at ringside with Cole, Saxton and Joe, presumably to give fans a few more minutes to file back into their seats from the weather delay, we are sent to the top of the entrance stage again where we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of Drew McIntyre.

"The Scottish Warrior" makes his way out holding his giant sword, as he is ready for battle tonight in this WWE Championship contest. He settles into the ring and soaks up the energy from the WWE Universe as fireworks explode throughout the stadium. That looked awesome.

Now the reigning and defending title-holder makes his way out, as the theme for "The Almighty" Bobby Lashley plays. The WWE Champion emerges accompanied by MVP and the two make their way down to the ring as Cole sets the scene for this opening bout and talks about the significance of this match and this showdown between these two particular Superstars.

Lashley's music cuts off as he settles into the ring with MVP. The ring announcer does the formal pre-match introductions. The referee for the bout holds the title up high and MVP heads out of the ring and settles in at ringside.

The bell sounds and we are finally underway with our first match of the evening here at night one of WrestleMania 37. The two lock-up as the fans erupt with noise as the show finally gets underway for real. We get a stalemate early on with the lock-up, as neither man over-powers the other.

They lock-up again and Lashley goes behind McIntyre. McIntyre reverses and slaps a side-head lock on the champ. Lashley shoves him off and whips him into the ropes, blasting him with a shoulder block that drops him when he comes off of them. The Scottish Warrior immediately pops back up, which Cole points out.

McIntyre and Lashley lock-up again and this time it is McIntyre who takes the WWE Champion off of his feet, arm-dragging Lashley across the ring and popping up to flip-off the champ. Lashley pie-faces McIntyre like he is Ben Askren and McIntyre is Jake Paul, only The Scottish Warrior didn't fire back with a wimpy back-shove and butt-jab like the YouTube sensation.

Finally the two start to turn up the intensity as the first strikes in the bout are exchanged and the action quickly spills out to the floor at ringside. Lashley slams McIntyre into the barricade. He picks him up and whips him into the barricade for a second time. He rolls him back in the ring and then spears him in the corner of the ring. Lashley hits a neck-breaker on McIntyre and covers him, but Drew quickly kicks out.

Back on his feet, McIntyre starts showing signs of life, blasting Lashley with chops. Lashley cuts his comeback attempt short and whips him into the corner. He takes his time following up and now McIntyre starts to shift the offensive momentum in his favor for real now as he locks in an arm-bar on the ground that looked close. Lashley ends up escaping, however, and absolutely pummeling the challenger with ground-and-pound to further widen the competitive gap between himself and The Scottish Warrior.

Drew finally makes a big comeback, blasting the champ with a neck-breaker and a back-breaker before starting his offensive run in the lead for the first time in the match. He hits a crazy inverted Alabama Slam style move, ala Hardcore Holly's old finisher but if the person was facing the other way when hoisted up, over and way back down with authority. McIntyre takes Lashley to the top-rope but is cut off. McIntyre is sent down as Lashley remains on top. McIntyre ends up yanking Lashley down with a last ditch effort.

We see McIntyre looking to set Lashley up with the Claymore Kick, however Lashley intercepts it as he had it scouted and counters with a big power move that floors The Scottish Warrior. Lashley gloats to the fans but then turns to see McIntyre nip-up and stare at him and say, "Bring it, b*tch!" Lashley does exactly that, but so does McIntyre. The latter gets the better of things, as he blasts the champ with a few shots and then hits him with a Future Shock DDT. He holds on and hits a second one immediately after. He holds on again and hits an immediate third in a row. He goes for the cover but Lashley kicks out.

McIntyre gets up and stalks his opponent now, waiting for him to get up as well as the fans break out into a "This Is Awesome" chant. McIntyre looks to set Lashley up for his finisher, but the champ sees it coming again and ducks out the back door, sliding under the bottom rope. McIntyre hits the ropes, however, and goes air-born, flying over the top and taking out Lashley and MVP on the floor with a crazy splash.

Back in the ring, we see some back-and-forth action with Lashley starting to once again take over control of the offense in the contest. He keeps going for the Hurt Lock but McIntyre keeps avoiding it. MVP ends up providing a big distraction, which sets things in motion for Lashley to finally secure the Hurt Lock where McIntyre slowly fades and while he doesn't tap out or quit, he does pass out and the referee calls the match off. Lashley retains in the opener.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Bobby Lashley

Backstage: nWo, Bayley & Titus O'Neil

After the match we head backstage where we see this year's WWE Hall of Fame inductees, the New World Order (nWo) -- Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, as well as Titus O'Neil, when in walks Bayley.

Bayley acts extra cheesy and corny and mentions her talk show segment and tries to get the band to do the too sweet hand gesture with her. Nash does the hair-slick fake-out instead. O'Neil walks off. nWo decides to do the same, all of whom leave Bayley standing there by herself still hamming it up.

Tag-Team Turmoil

After a quick sponsor commercial break we head back inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. where the ring announcer introduces the next match of the evening, which will be the tag-team turmoil match to determine the challengers for the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championships for WrestleMania 37 Night 2 on Sunday evening.

The ring announcer runs down the rules of a tag-team turmoil match, noting two teams will start in the match with new teams entering when a pin fall or submission takes place, effectively eliminating the losing team. Teams will be eliminated until the last team standing is declared the winner.

Naomi & Lana vs. Carmella & Billie Kay

With that out of the way, the lights go out and the neon lights flash up as the techno music hits and out dancing comes the duo of Naomi and Lana. Billie Kay and Carmella come out next as they will be the other team starting things off in this match.

Naomi and Carmella kick things off for their respective teams. We see Naomi gain the early control as she takes it to Carmella and then tags in Lana. Lana picks up where she left off until Carmella turns the tables and takes over. She gloats a bit and then tags in Billie Kay.

Kay comes in and goes to work on Lana, until Lana hits a crazy twirling head-scissors into a Russian leg-sweep. This buys her enough time to make it to her corner where she makes the tag to Naomi. Naomi takes the hot tag and comes in and starts flying all over the place, taking out Lana and Kay with fancy kicks and then tagging Lana right back in.

The two hit a double team face-buster after Naomi tags back in. She goes for the cover but Carmella breaks it up at the last second. We then see Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the reigning WWE Women's Tag-Team Champions, watching on via a monitor backstage.

As we return to the action in the ring, we immediately see the finish of the first fall in this tag-team turmoil match, as Carmella and Billie Kay cheat and hold onto each other for added leverage to secure the pinfall victory, eliminating Naomi and Lana in the process.

Winners: Carmella & Billie Kay (Naomi & Lana eliminated)

Carmella & Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan

The Riott Squad make their way out after Naomi and Lana head to the back after being eliminated. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan settle into the ring and our second fall in this tag-team turmoil is now underway.

After some back-and-forth action, we see Riott head to the top-rope and come flying off with the double-knees. She follows up with a pin on Kay and gets the victory. With the pin, Carmella and Billie Kay are eliminated.

Winners: Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan (Carmella & Billie Kay eliminated)

Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

As the team of Carmella and Kay are eliminated, Carmella heads back into the ring to deliver one final cheap shot before she and Kay head to the back. Out come the next team in this match, which are Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

While heading down to the ring, one of them, I believe it was Mandy Rose, fell flat on her ass on the long entrance ramp due to the wetness from the bad storms this evening. It made it on camera so the announcers brought it up. Ouch.

They settle into the ring and the next fall in this tag-team turmoil match is now underway. We see Rose and Brooke jump off to an early lead in this fall, utilizing smart tag-team tactics after jumping off to an early lead, as they continue making quick tags and keeping the fresh member of their team on the beaten down and softened up member of their opposition -- Riott.

Finally, Riott buys herself enough time with a hope spot to make it to her corner to make the tag to Morgan. Morgan comes in and takes it to Rose. Riott comes in and blasts her with the Riott Kick, leading right into the pin attempt however Brooke comes in and breaks it up. Morgan tags back in.

Morgan and Rose go at it, with Rose blasting Morgan with a big punch in the corner. She hears Riott trying to attack her from behind and turns in time to blast her with a good shot as well. Now she heads to the top-rope with Liv Morgan where Dana makes a blind-tag to Rose. Rose hits a superplex on Morgan off the top. Brooke climbs to the top and hits a swanton for a pin attempt but Morgan kicks out. She quickly reverses the pin attempt and she gets the three-count, eliminating Rose and Brooke.

Shockingly, the fun at this crazy night continues, as the ring announcer immediately announces that The Riott Squad have been eliminated, even though the exact opposite just happened. Cole was quick to catch the error and point it out and a few seconds later the ring announcer jumped in with a "correction" announcement.

Winners: Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan (Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke eliminated)

Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan vs. Natalya & Tamina

After the correct announcement is finally made, the losing team heads to the back and the familiar sounds of Natalya's theme plays as she and Tamina make their way down to the ring for the next fall in this tag-team turmoil bout.

Nattie quickly tries locking Morgan in the Sharpshooter in an attempt to finish this one off before it even gets started. It doesn't end there, however, although what instead starts is the beginning of a prolonged beatdown that Morgan finds herself on the wrong side of.

Nattie and Tamina take turns tagging in and out as they each beat on an already weakened Morgan for a few minutes until finally she hits a hope spot and makes the tag to Riott. Riott hits a big kick and then she tags Morgan right back in. Morgan hits a spot as Riott goes to the top. She comes flying off with a senton and Morgan follows right up with a cover on Tamina, but Tamina kicks out at two. Morgan screams out in frustration.

Morgan now tags in Riott. Ruby Riott comes in and picks Tamina up. Tamina sends her into the corner and catches Morgan with a super kick. Now she makes the tag to Natalya. She sets Riott up for the Hart Attack. Nattie connects. She smiles and grabs the legs of Riott with intentions of finishing her off with the Sharpshooter. Nattie slams her legs down instead and points up. She tags Tamina and tells her to go to the top-rope. Tamina obliges. She hits the Superfly splash and covers her. 1-2-3.

Winners and advancing to the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championship match at Night Two: Natalya & Tamina

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

After a quick ad time-out we discover that it is that time of the show where we "BURN IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!" The familiar sounds of the entrance theme song of Seth Rollins plays as he makes his way down to the ring for our third match of a scheduled seven bouts here at night one of WrestleMania 37.

As Rollins settles into the ring, the fireworks explode at the top of the entrance area and then the commentators set up a video package showing highlights from last night's Friday Night SmackDown of the Rollins-Cesaro segment.

Once the SmackDown package wraps up, we return live inside Raymond James Stadium again where Cesaro's theme hits and "The Swiss Superman" begins his long walk down to the ring. As he does, Cole sets up more highlights from the past several weeks on SmackDown, including the initial swing that humiliated Rollins and led to the match with Cesaro for tonight's show.

The bell sounds and Cesaro immediately sprints over and blasts Rollins with a vicious European uppercut. Cole speculates that he is already looking to lock Rollins' legs up for the swing. Rollins isn't having it, however, as he gets back to his feet. Unfortunately, avoiding the swing only led him into further punishment from the Swiss Superstar as he goes back to work dominating Rollins here in the early goings.

Michael Cole talks about this being the first singles match at WrestleMania in the career of Cesaro as he heads to the top-rope only for Rollins to slide out the back door and grab Cesaro in the power-bomb position. He walks him across the ring and then puts him down -- the hard way -- for a near fall. Rollins grabs Cesaro's arm and goes to work on the limb, focusing his attack on it, likely in an effort to hinder Cesaro's ability to swing Rollins around a bunch later in the bout.

Cesaro heads to the top-rope with plans on connecting with something big, however Rollins, ala Kurt Angle in his prime, leaps to the top-rope in one swift motion. He hooks Cesaro and hits a crazy superplex off the top-rope, but upon landing he holds on and rolls through directly into a follow-up Falcon Arrow on Cesaro. We see immediate replays of that bad-ass sequence now as Rollins gloats a bit.

Rollins maybe gloated a bit too much, as Cesaro is starting to show signs of life, which quickly turns to vicious rage as he punches Rollins with lefts and rights over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over again, backing him into the corner and pummeling the living hell out of him. He throws him into the ropes and turns him inside-out with a big clothesline. He goes for the cover but Rollins kicks out at two.

The camera pans back to show a wide shot of the jam-packed Raymond James Stadium as Cole points out tonight marks the first time in a long time that a capacity crowd of WWE fans has been in attendance for a big event.

We see Cesaro look for the swing as he has Rollins down, however the WWE veteran avoids getting embarrassed again. Instead he looks to fire up for a comeback, as he nearly connects on a Stomp on Cesaro. Instead, Cesaro takes Rollins' legs out from under him and immediately starts swinging him! He swings him a bunch of times but eventually lets him go and sells his arm being sore / hurt, which the commentators point out.

Cesaro goes to work on Rollins and the fans chant "One more time! One more time!" He looks to give them what they want, however Rollins avoids it and now he starts to shift the offensive momentum back into his favor. He heads to the top-rope and hits a crazy corkscrew splash for a near fall. We see immediate replays of that crazy turning splash off the top from Rollins from multiple camera angles. That was bad-ass, but not enough to put away Cesaro just yet.

Rollins looks for a Rip Cord, but Cesaro reverses and connects out of nowhere with The Neutralizer. He goes for the follow-up pin attempt but somehow Rollins finds it in himself to kick out before the referee can make it to the count of three. Cesaro starts to look discouraged at his inability to finish off Rollins, as the camera shows a tight close-up of the look in his eyes when Rollins kicked out.

Cesaro looks to get Rollins with The Neutralizer again, however Rollins escapes out the back door and immediately counters Cesaro, blasting him with a Pedigree. He goes for the cover but Cesaro too avoids being finished off. The crowd lets these two hear it with cheering and chants. Rollins blasts Cesaro in the back of the neck with a forearm. It looks like he was going to go for the Stomp but decided against it.

Now with Cesaro down and slow to get back to his feet, Rollins hangs in the corner stalking his prey, waiting for him to get up enough that he can Stomp him right back into the mat. Instead, as he jumps up to Stomp him, Cesaro pops to his feet and catches Rollins on the way down with a crazy European uppercut. This leads to another big swing spot with Cesaro swinging Rollins 23 times, with the fans counting each and every one of them. Cesaro immediately follows up with another Neutralizer. 1-2-3. He wins.

Winner: Cesaro

Backstage Interview With Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

After we get a recap video package of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal from the WrestleMania edition of Friday Night SmackDown last night, we return to see Kayla Braxton standing backstage.

Braxton introduces her guests at this time, the SmackDown Tag-Team Champions The Dirty Dawgs -- Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Roode comments about cleaning up nice. Ziggler remarks about the Raw Tag-Team Champions not being as good as them and AJ Styles and Omos being unproven as a team. They talk about the Hall of Fame and walk off.

Raw Tag-Team Championships
The New Day (c) vs. AJ Styles & Omos

We return live inside Raymond James Stadium where WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E. comes out and does his over-the-top New Day-style intro, telling us not to be sour, but to instead clap and let them hear it for the Raw Tag-Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Kingston and Woods, who as noted earlier in the coverage are sporting very unique looking mohawk hair-cuts for tonight, come out and embrace with Big E. before he heads to the back and they make their way down to the ring where they are ready to defend their Raw Tag-Team Titles in our next match of the evening.

As they settle into the ring and play to the fans, complete with Woods playing the trombone, their music fades down and then the familiar sounds of "They don't want none!" plays as fireworks explode and "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles emerges, along with his massive giant tag-team partner Omos, who seems to just be wearing his regular clothes for this match. Cole notes on commentary that when you're as big as him you don't need wrestling gear.

The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with our second-to-last title bout of the evening here at WrestleMania 37 Night 1. It looks like Omos and Kingston are going to kick things off for their respective teams until Woods and Kingston dare Styles to start instead. Omos tags him in. Styles and Kofi start things off as the match now gets underway for real this time.

We see Styles faring well early on, however it doesn't take long before the champs are pulling into the offensive driver's seat in this one. Woods is shouting and taunting Styles as they do it, talking about how they are cutting off the ring like you're supposed to do in tag-team wrestling, as he locks in a rear chin-lock to a grounded "Phenomenal One." He tags in Kofi and they hit the New Day stomp as they tag each other in and out, stopping only to stomp on Styles a few times before tagging the other person right back in.

The camera shows a close-up look of a pissed off giant Omos as the commentators point out his frustration level being stuck on the apron watching as his partner is being dominated here thus far in this match. We see Kofi and Xavier hit a double-team bulldog on Styles after another tag for a close near fall attempt.

Kingston is playing defense, as Cole points out, as he stands with his back to Omos and steps side-to-side any time Styles tries to step to the side of him to make it to his corner to tag in the massive-man. Styles gets mad and rolls out of the ring and tries going around, but Woods puts a stop to that and a continuation to the one-sided beatdown that Styles has found himself on the wrong end of here in the first-half of this bout. Samoa Joe is going as far as to call it a handicap match thus far with the way it's playing out.

Styles gets close to finally making it to his corner, but he is stopped and dragged back to the New Day corner where Kofi tags back in. He heads to the top and hits a big splash on Styles for a near fall. They go to do the same but Styles kicks himself free, knocking the New Day member out to the floor which left Woods on the top-rope. He and Styles lock eyes as they both realize there is no one there to stop Styles from making it to his corner now.

"The Phenomenal One" leaps to his corner and finally makes the tag to Omos. The enormous monster comes into the ring and immediately starts manhandling both Kingston and Woods with ease. We see Woods and Kofi look at each other on the mat after being rag-dolled, which Cole points out was a look of two people who have never experienced anything like that before. Omos hits a spinebusting back-breaker on Woods, nearly collapsing his entire body in half with his mamoth size and strength.

He scoops Kofi up with what Joe describes as effortless-power on commentary, using one-arm to hit a sidewalk slam. Omos yells out a war-cry and stands tall as Styles climbs onto his giant shoulders and hits a Phenomenal Forearm on Kofi. Omos scoops Kofi up for an enormous follow-up chokeslam. Styles yells at Omos to pin him with one foot. Omos puts one foot on Kofi and gets the 1-2-3. We have new Raw Tag-Team Champions.

Winners and NEW Raw Tag-Team Champions: AJ Styles & Omos

Steel Cage Match
Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman

After a quick ad time-out, we return to the commentators plugging another official WrestleMania 37 theme song from The Weeknd before we witness the lowering of the Steel Cage around the ring for our next bout of the evening.

On that note, the elaborate pre-match video package for the Steel Cage showdown between Shane-O-Mac and "The Monster Among Men" airs, as this contest will be up next here at night one of WrestleMania 37.

When the video package wraps up, we return inside the stadium to the tail-end of the entrance of WWE Hall of Fame legend Jerry "The King" Lawler, who is joining Cole, Saxton and Joe on special guest commentary for this Steel Cage match.

The ring announcer runs down the rules of the Steel Cage match for tonight and then introduces the first of two competitors scheduled for this contest. With that said, we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of Shane-O-Mac, as here comes the money ....money-money-money-money, dolla-dolla ... ching-ching, bling-bling, etc. plays and the son of the Chairman of the Board for WWE makes his way down to the Steel Cage-covered squared circle, hopping around like a wannabe boxer in typical Shane-O-Mac fashion as his music fades down.

Braun Strowman's theme plays as a giant explosion erupts and fireworks explode as "The Monster Among Men" emerges and the ring announcer does the formal pre-match introduction for the veteran WWE Superstar. He stops at the end of the ramp / entrance walk-way to pose as a cool fireworks display is set off around the top of the entrance staging area behind him.

Shane-O-Mac is trying to hold the cage door closed as Strowman finally makes his way to the ring steps. As he climbs up the first step we hear a loud whack and we see it is none other than Elias and Jaxson Ryker blasting him from behind with steel chairs. They beat the crap out of him and wear him out with chair shots and then roll him into the ring, along with the chair, where Shane continues to whack the hell out of the big man with vicious chair shots over-and-over-and-over again.

The cage door is locked behind them and this Steel Cage match appears to now officially be underway. Strowman stands up now and as Shane goes to blast him over the dome with another chair shot, he blocks it with "these hands" and then looks to make sure the cage is locked. He turns and yells at Shane that he's got nowhere to run or hide and promises that he's now going to finally get these hands.

Strowman closes in on Shane and the two start going after it. Strowman blasts Shane but it isn't long before Shane out-smarts the bigger, stronger Strowman and is on the run, avoiding being close enough for Strowman to do anything for long. He grabs a piece of steel after climbing up to the top of the cage. He comes back down and blasts Strowman with it a few times. He looks to escape through the cage door after it is opened, however Strowman stops him by grabbing his legs at the last second as he tried crawling down the ring steps. Strowman hoists Shane back in, up and eventually, back down with a vengeance.

Now "The Monster Among Men" is going to work on Shane with clubbing blows while still selling his leg, which was the focus of Shane's attack and some of the chair shots early in the pre-match attack by Elias and Ryker. Strowman ends up smashing Shane up against the cage with a big splash. Shane slumps down to the canvas like HBK in the first Hell In A Cell with Undertaker. Strowman grabs Shane and raises his other hand to pose for the fans. He blasts Shane with a massive clubbing blow that drops him down to the mat. He hoists him up looking for the running power slam finisher, however his bad leg once again gives out and Shane takes over, chop-blocking it from behind and then ramming Strowman head-first into the steel cage. He follows that up with a big DDT.

From there, we get some true vintage Shane McMahon, as he climbs to the top on one side of the ring while Strowman is down and out on the other side. He comes flying off and connects with his "Coast To Coast" spot. We see some immediate replays of that always-fun and fan-friendly spot.

After that, Elias and Ryker are back on the scene at ringside and this leads to all hell breaking loose as they try and help but it backfires and leads to everyone crashing down and eating dirt. Shane is slow to get back up but does and immediately starts climbing up the cage again. Strowman is up not long after Shane and follows behind him and starts climbing up after him. He gets a hold of Shane but Shane somehow finds a toolbox up there on the top of the cage. He uses it to waffle Strowman over the dome with it, where "The Monster Among Men" crashed down far below to the mat inside the ring. Shane celebrates as if he's already won and then begins climbing down the other side of the cage.

He stops to wave "Bye-Bye" to Strowman. Strowman grabs Shane through the cage and holds onto him with one hand while he uses the other hand to literally peel the cage off the hinges, separating the fencing / mesh part in the middle of the cage wall and exposing it wide enough for Shane to be brought back into the ring without having to pull him back up the outside of the cage and back over the top. He decides against bringing him back in the ring, however, as he decides instead to take Shane back up to the top of the cage as the commentators play the confusion as we see the slow reveal of a crazy high spot coming.

Strowman yells at Shane face-to-face and then launches him off the top of the cage where he flips frontwards all the way down to the mat inside the ring way down below. The crowd goes absolutely nuts. That was absolutely nuts so that is an appropriate reaction, for sure! Strowman climbs down the cage. He yells out that this is for every person that has ever been called stupid. He picks Shane back up aggressively and then throws him over his mighty shoulder. He begins walking around and then speeds up, connecting with his running power slam finisher and following up with the pin fall for the victory.

Winner: Braun Strowman

WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2020 Recap

After a quick sponsor ad break, we return and Bayley tries cutting in with a Ding Dong, Hello segment before we are ultimately sent to a video package recapping this year's class of inductees into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Once the package wraps up, we shoot inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. where the ring announcer introduces the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2020, all of whom are standing at the top of the entrance stage.

First he introduces JBL, followed by, in order, William Shatner, Nikki and Brie -- The Bella Twins, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Warrior Award Recipient Titus O'Neil and "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith.

Finally, before the last inductees are introduced, or present with the rest of the 2020 class on the stage, we hear the familiar sounds of the theme music for the New World Order as Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman come out and then do the hands forward-backward gesture to bring out "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, who comes out playing guitar on the spray-painted old-school WCW World Championship.

The nWo settles in with the rest of the inductees, taking their spot on their star on the red carpet laid out at the top of the entrance area. The regular Hall Of Fame classic style music plays again as the ring announcer does one final announcement for the fans to give it up for the 2020 class of inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame. After that, we head back to another quick commercial break.

WrestleMania 38 Coming To AT&T Stadium In Arlington, TX. In April 2022

We return from the quick ad sponsor time-out to a video officially announcing WrestleMania 38 for April 2022 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas in a kick-ass package narrated by, and featuring, WWE Hall of Fame legend and Texas native "The Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Miz & John Morrison vs. Bad Bunny & Damian Priest

From there, we shoot back live inside Raymond James Stadium where we see a bunch of giant bunnies making their way out. That's right, a ton of adults in Bunny Rabbit costumes come out and hop down the long ramp to the ring, which they completely fill up because there are so many of them.

They hop around as the smash-hit single, "Hey Hey, Hop Hop" begins playing and they come out singing and performing it live as they dance their way down to the bunny rabbit-filled ring.

As they await their opponents, the bunnies eventually clear out and out comes Damian Priest by himself after highlights are shown further telling the story leading up to tonight's match, explaining the involvement of Bad Bunny in WWE to fans who might be unaware with the back-story.

Finally, with Miz and Morrison in the ring and Priest settling into the ring as well, the global music artist emerges and makes his way down to the ring. Our featured attraction tag-team co-main event of the evening here at night one of the two-night WrestleMania 37 extravaganza is about to get underway.

The bell sounds and it will be Priest starting things off for his team, or so we think. Miz and Morrison dare Bunny to start instead and he has no problems doing so. To the surprise of many, Bad Bunny is immediately taking control of the action, flying all over the place like a seasoned vet hitting high-spots and head-scissors and other crazy spots for a non-wrestler to be executing so smoothly and seemingly effortlessly.

Bunny gets on a hot streak as he takes it to Morrison, however some double-team action from Miz and Morrison end up switching the momentum into their favor. Morrison tags Miz in. The two hit some double-team spots on Bad Bunny and then Morrison exits the ring while Miz hops around like a bunny, mocking the music artist.

Bad Bunny tries crawling to his corner to tag in Priest, and Miz looks like he's going to let him, but he ends up stomping on his hands at the last second. He then slaps a rear chin-lock on him as he has his hand out-reached trying to tag Priest in, adding further insult to injury by letting him get so close and then forcing him to suffer in that close spot.

After several minutes of back-and-forth action we see Bad Bunny hit a crazy Destroyer in an insane spot that the commentators put over huge. Moments later, however, The Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale and nearly steals the pin. Instead, Bunny hits another crazy spot and then Priest helps seal the deal with a super cross-body into a pin.

Winners: Bad Bunny & Damian Priest

SmackDown Women's Championship
Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks (c)

After a quick ad time-out, we return and the commentators run down some of the action scheduled for WrestleMania 37: Night 2 tomorrow night, Sunday, April 11, 2021.

From there, we get ready for our featured match of the evening -- the main event of night one of WrestleMania 37 featuring the SmackDown Women's Championship on-the-line as "The Boss" Sasha Banks defends against 2021 WWE Women's Royal Rumble winner "The EST Of WWE" Bianca Belair.

The super awesome video package airs to tell the story leading up tonight's showdown between Belair and Banks for the SmackDown Women's Title. Once it wraps up, we return live inside the Raymond James Stadium where Belair begins making her grand entrance down to the ring for the biggest match of her career. She stops half-way down the ramp to pose as fireworks explode and pyro erupts behind her and the fans roar with approval for the rising star in the WWE women's main roster landscape.

Belair settles into the ring and dances / hops around in circles, playing to the fans. Her music fades down and then the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of "The Boss" plays as the SmackDown Women's Champion emerges and throws her sunglasses off. She struts down the long entrance ramp appearing full of confidence as Michael Cole runs down her laundry list of accomplishments at this point in her career. Banks hops on the ring apron outside the ropes and does her pose with the title as fireworks explode throughout the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL.

It's main event time here at night one of WrestleMania 37. The ring announcer does the final formal pre-match introductions, first of the challenger, then of the champion, for this our main event title bout. The bell sounds and we are officially off-and-running with our final bout of the evening here on the first night of the two-night extravaganza.

Belair and Banks get after it early on, with Banks enjoying some early success while Belair would have brief shining moments, particularly those showcasing her unusual strength and power as she rag-dolls and manhandles Banks on a few different ocassions, including one where she held her over her head and walked up the ring steps like it was nothing, and another where she held onto her for several suplexes and muscled her up each time.

The EST of WWE is taking off and starting to enjoy a comfortable offensive lead over the champion. She hits a crazy flip-spot off the top-rope for a near fall. She goes for the cover but Banks hangs on. Banks starts to show signs of life as she blasts Belair with a shot that momentarily stuns her.

"The Boss" tries fighting her way back into the lead, however she gets ahead of herself, leaping diretly into the waiting arms of the powerful Belair, who catches her and slams her down in a power-bomb type of position. We see some replays of that spot. Back live, both Banks and Belair are slow to get back to their feet. Banks is up first and she takes Belair over to the corner and slams her down. She charges at her and blasts her with a running boot / knee to the face, which the commentators comb over when a slow-motion replay shows.

Banks heads to the top-rope moments later and appeared to be looking for the Meteroa but changed it to a splash in mid-air. Cole freaked out during that spot. Banks takes Belair out of the ring and out to the floor at ringside. She rams her into the steel ring steps. She rolls her back into the ring. She takes a moment to play to the crowd and then heads in after her. Belair nearly cut her off when Banks re-entered the ring, however "The Boss" reverses it and ends up getting Belair in the Bank Statement submission in the middle of the ring. Belair slowly makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

Belair takes back over and goes to work on Banks with a variety of striking attacks. She takes Banks over to the corner and sits her on the top-rope. She takes too long setting the spot up, however, and Banks fights back, she hangs Belair in the Tree of Woe in the corner of the ring. Banks goes to dive into Belair's upside down body in the corner but Belair escaped and Banks crashed and burned. Belair heads to the top and hits a 450 splash. She connects and covers Banks but somehow "The Boss" managed to kick out before the count of three. Belair freaked out as soon as Banks managed to kick out at two-and-a-half on the pin attempt.

The two fight back-and-forth for a spot, countering each other back-to-back. Banks ends up holding onto the long pony-tail of Belair. Belair yells for her to let go of her hair. She ends up freeing herself and finally gives "The Boss" a receipt for the super-human hard slap to the face that she took during the build-up to this match. She slaps the hell out of Banks in the mid-section with her pony-tail and it echo'd throughout the stadium. She follows that up for a K.O.D. on Banks for the 1-2-3. We have a new SmackDown Women's Champion as The EST of WWE gets her WrestleMania moment.

Winner and NEW SmackDown Women's Champion: Bianca Belair

After The Match: The EST Of WWE Wraps Up WrestleMania 37 Night 1

Her family jumps-up-and-down as soon as the three-count was made. The show goes off the air with Belair celebrating with her title as we see slow-motion replays of her family's emotional reaction to her victory and fireworks explode non-stop as Michael Cole thanks us for tuning in and reminds us to tune in again tomorrow night, Sunday, April 11, 2021, for WrestleMania 37: Night 2.


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