WrestleMania 37 Results (4/11/2021) - Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL. (Night 2)

WWE is back with night two of their two-night WrestleMania 37 extravaganza tonight at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Scheduled to take place on "The Grandest Stage of Them All" for the second and final night of the two-night special event, which streams live via the WWE Network on Peacock TV, are seven advertised matches, five of which feature championships on-the-line.

On tap for WrestleMania 37 night two is Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan for the Universal title, Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley for the Raw Women's title, Big E. vs. Apollo Crews in a Nigerian Drum Fight for the Intercontinental title, Riddle vs. Sheamus for the United States title and the team of Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. the team of Natalya & Tamina for the Women's Tag-Team titles.

Also in store for the WWE Universe at "The Showcase of the Immortals" this evening are special attraction matches such as Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn, with YouTube sensation Logan Paul, as well as Randy Orton vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, with Alexa Bliss.

Featured below are complete WrestleMania 37 night two results from Sunday, April 11, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.


The Then..Now..Forever signature airs and then we head into the Kickoff Show for WrestleMania 37: Night 2. We see a shot of the giant pirate ship inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. as Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the official pre-show for tonight's show on "The Grandest Stage of Them All."

We see the camera pan around the fans inside the stadium as Braxton jokes about the weather conditions being questionable for the second night in a row and then she gets to introducing her dapper panel, which again this evening consists of Booker T, JBL, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Peter Rosenberg.

The crew banter back-and-forth a bit and talk about last night's show briefly before running down some of the matches scheduled for tonight's show. Braxton informs us that the bout pitting "The Fiend" against Randy Orton will be opening things up in the ring when WrestleMania 37 Night 2 kicks off at the top of the hour.

From there, we head to our first extensive video package, which tells the story of the Orton vs. Fiend rivalry leading up to their match later this evening. We then shoot back to the panel, as the Kickoff crew talks about the match a bit and then we head to a video package showing Stephanie McMahon and Titus O'Neil at some WWE Community charity efforts.

After a quick ad break, we return to the panel as the panelists start breaking down the Women's Tag-Team title match this evening. They give some predictions for the bout and then we see some highlights of recent WWE TV that shows the Riddle and Sheamus rivalry brewing as they head into their showdown for the United States title tonight.

The Riddle-Sheamus video package airs and then we head back to the panel for some insight into tonight's U.S. title bout and then we move on to an extensive video package recapping night one of WrestleMania 37 from Saturday night. We head back to the panel for some thoughts from the panelists on their favorite moments from the first of the two-night extravaganza this weekend.

Now we head to the next match of the show as the video package airs to tell the story leading up to tonight's Raw Women's title showdown between Asuka and Rhea Ripley. From there we head back to the panel for some thoughts on the match. As they give their predictions for the bout, we start to hear the crowd getting noticably louder in the background with various chants and cheering.

Booker T names this his "Shucky Ducky Quack Quack of the Moment" as he backs Ripley in tonight's Raw Women's title bout. Braxton then sets up the video package for the WWE Hall of Fame inductee segment from last night's WrestleMania 37: Night 1 show, which airs now.

We return after the video package airs to tell the story leading up to tonight's Nigerian Drum Fight for the Intercontinental title between Apollo Crews and Big E. to the Credit One Bank segment of the pre-show, as Sonya Deville joins the panelists to give her thoughts on the I-C title bout on tonight's card.

They wrap things up by sending us to a Cricket Wireless segment featuring Kofi Kingston reflecting back on Kofi-Mania at WrestleMania and then hyping up the premiere of his new Cricket Wireless commercial later tonight at WrestleMania 37: Night 2. After that we return to the panel where the panelists set up the video package telling the story leading up to the showdown between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (with Logan Paul).

From there, we head back to the panel again as they break down the Zayn vs. Owens match and talk about the Logan Paul factor. After that we send things to a quick ad break, where we see the aforementioned Cricket Wireless commercial featuring Kofi Kingston. We head back to the pre-show where we see photos of fans on Twitter in their homes watching WrestleMania 37: Night 2 this evening.

Finally, the panel sets up the video package, which airs now, telling the story and showing the events that led up to tonight's WrestleMania 37: Night 2 main event, the triple-threat match pitting Edge vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.

We return after the video package and we can see in the background that the sun has started to go down and the sky is getting dark as a result, regardless, it seems like the weather is holding up better this evening for the upcoming start of the main show. The panelists quickly give their predictions for the main event and then Kayla Braxton wraps up the Kickoff Show.


The Peacock | WWE logo flashes across the screen and then the Warning: Unauthorized Interception or Receipt Prohibited message airs. The Then..Now..Forever signature is shown again and then we head directly into a shot of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. as country singer Ashland Craft is introduced as she sits in the middle of the ring with the entire WWE roster out at the top of the entrance stage area as she sings "America the Beautiful" as the cold open to the show. After she wraps up, a bunch of fighter jets roar across the sky and then fireworks explode at the top of the stage.

From there, we head into the kick ass, elaborate opening video package for night two of WrestleMania 37. The video is similar to the one that opened last night's WrestleMania 37: Night 1 main show broadcast on the WWE Network on Peacock TV, with comedic overtones and gladiator style graphics and effects. It actually might be the exact same one. I believe it is, in fact. At least thus far. Now as it gets to the hype for the actual matches for tonight, we see some clips mixed in from recent WWE TV shows of the Superstars competing in matches on tonight's Night 2 card. That was about the only difference from last night's cold open package, as it ends with the same self-noting "what about the big finish?" line, etc.

After the cold open package wraps up, we see a Snickers presents graphic of the pirate ship leading into a live shot of the crowd inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. as fireworks go off like crazy all over the venue. Seriously, like an enormous, enormous amount. That was probably expensive as all hell. More than some of us will make in a lifetime, more than likely. Then the co-hosts for WrestleMania 37 this year are introduced -- first Titus O'Neil and then Hulk Hogan. The WrestleMania 37 theme plays as O'Neil and Hogan come out dressed up like pirates, or like grown men dressed up like what they think an old pirate would look like for Halloween.

O'Neil and Hogan promise a great show tonight, noting that the card features seven matches, with five championships on-the-line. They finish up their terribly awful attempt at a comedic opener by setting up the first match of the evening.

Randy Orton vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (w/ Alexa Bliss)

The familiar sounds of Randy Orton's theme song plays as "The Viper" hears voice in his head that talk to him -- and understand -- as the ring announcer handles the formal pre-match ring introduction of the future WWE Hall of Fame legend. From there, Orton begins his long walk down to the ring as the commentary trio of Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe talk up "The Viper" and run down some of the highlights from his ongoing rivalry with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss heading into tonight's bout.

Orton settles into the ring and dose his trademark pose on the ropes as fireworks explode throughout Raymond James Stadium behind him. The commentators set up the video package for tonight's match, which airs as Orton finishes up his entrance for the live crowd in Tampa. When the package wraps up, we see a shot of the new looking Fiend looking as terrifying as ever as he stands in a special LED-lit entrance tunnel. We see him burn up in a blaze of fire and flames and emerge as the regular looking version of "The Fiend."

Fiend starts marching ahead as the lights in Raymond James Stadium go out. When they come back on, they are much more happy and colorful and the children's TV show theme song-sounding music for the Firefly Funhouse plays as Alexa Bliss dressed up like a psycho version of Harley Quinn as a 7 year old girl that was blown up into the size of a full grown adult that smeared some black Halloween paint on her face.

She emerges at ringside to an enormous jack in the box music box. She grabs the giant handle and starts winging it around and around as the infamous song that most music boxes has plays throughout Raymond James Stadium. At the end, the theme for "The Fiend" kicks in and the red lights fill the stadium as "The Fiend" slowly ascends out of the top of the jack in the box music box like a deamon emerging from hell. Very, very cool stuff. A WrestleMania moment, if you will.

Orton appears frozen as he gazes at the spectacle that is the ring entrance of The Fiend. Out of nowhere, The Fiend jumps of the box and takes Orton's head off in the ring with a flying clothesline. The bell sounds as Michael Cole proclaims that The Fiend has been restored. We see Fiend immediately go to work on Orton and then play to the crowd. He goes over to the corner and hangs upside down in trademark Bray Wyatt fashion. He stalks Orton and waits for him to get up. The Fiend red lights are on the entire time throughout the stadium during this match, by the way.

Fiend charges at Orton, who slides out the back door, ducking under the bottom ropes and heading out to the ringside area to buy himself some time. Unfortunately for him, however, Fiend comes out after him like a scary monster you can't avoid in your never-ending nightmare that you can't wake up from. Orton momentarily turns the offensive momentum in his favor on the floor, but this only lasts for a few seconds, as Fiend turns him around and pummels him and slams him into the commentary table.

The action returns inside the ring where Orton again shows flashes of offensive momentum, only this time when he decks Fiend, he pops right back up like one of our WrestleMania 37 co-hosts in his best no-selling-prime in the 1980s. Orton goes back to work on him, blasting him with his trademark draping DDT off the middle ropes, however again Fiend does an Undertaker-style no-sell sit-up to scare "The Viper" out of his mind. This time Fiend follows up by going back to work on Orton, shifting the offensive momentum back into his favor as he decks Orton and pummels him with the ground and pound.

Wyatt stands up and backs into the ropes for some leverage before jumping up and going for a back-splash on a grounded Orton. Orton rolls at the last moment, however, at Fiend lands on the mat hard with nobody home. Orton capitalizes by popping up and putting the boots to Fiend. He again drapes Fiend off the middle ropes and executes his trademark draping DDT. This time Fiend doesn't pop right back up, however, leading to Orton's confidence rising as he drops down into Viper mode and starts pounding the mat as he stalks Fiend and sets him up for an RKO.

Instead, Fiend slowly recovers and eventually springs to life as he takes back over the fight, slugging it out with Orton and beating him down. He sets him up for his Sister Abigail finisher, kissing him on the forehead as fire explodes out of each ring post. He stops as Alexa Bliss appears inside the giant music in the box with a completely different look as black blood or goo is dripping down all over her face and she is wearing all black now. As Fiend is distracted by this, Orton pops up and blasts him with an RKO out of nowhere and covers him. He picks up the pin fall victory and exits the ring as his music plays and the regular lights come back on inside the stadium.

Winner: Randy Orton

After The Match: The Whacky Fiend-Fun Continues ...

Once the match wraps up, we see Fiend slowly recovering as Orton heads up the long ramp / entrance way, stopping to look back a few times. Fiend makes it back to his feet and stares over at this odd looking version of Bliss as the fans anticipate something big. The lights go out. When they come back on, everyone is gone, including the giant jack in the box music box. From there, we head to a commercial break.

Bayley Approaches Hulk Hogan, Titus O'Neil & Eric Bischoff

We head backstage after the break and we see WrestleMania 37 co-hosts Hulk Hogan and Titus O'Neil, still in their pirate gear, talking with 2020 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Eric Bischoff. They mention his 83 Weeks podcast and then in walks Bayley in her over-the-top goofy heel persona.

She talks about how none of them answer her calls or texts or DMs. She brings up Hogan and O'Neil ignoring her last night and mentions that like Bischoff with his 83 Weeks podcast, she too has a show called Ding Dong, Hello and continues pestering them.

Hogan says "argh" like a pirate and then talks about how he wants to go look at the giant pirate ship inside Raymond James Stadium here in Tampa, FL. He walks off, with Bischoff quickly following behind. O'Neil makes up a quick excuse and heads off soon thereafter, again leaving Bayley by herself without acknowledging her for the second night in a row.

Natalya & Tamina vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (Women's Tag Titles)

From there, we head back inside the stadium as the familiar sounds of Natalya's theme plays as she and Tamina make their way down to the ring. The commentators talk about them winning the Tag Team Turmoil at the WrestleMania 37: Night 1 event on Saturday night to earn their shot against the champions here tonight.

They settle into the ring as their music fades down and then the theme of the champs plays as Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler begin their walks down the long ramp / entrance aisle. Baszler and Nattie kick things off for their respective teams as the bell sounds to kick off our first of five championship matches scheduled for the show.

Nattie gets in some good offense but Baszler answers back with some of her own. Baszler ends up making the tag to Jax. Jax stops as Nattie looks over and the fans ask for Tamina to be tagged in, so she happily obliges. Nia and Tamina stare each other down as they close in on each other and the fans start to make some noise.

Natalya comes in and helps Tamina hit a double suplex on Nia Jax that elicits a decent pop from the fans inside Raymond James Stadium. Baszler tags back in, however with both Nattie and Nia still in the ring together they hit a double suplex on her as well. Tamina settles on the apron as Nattie goes to work on "The Queen of Spades." She puts the boots to her and then tags Tamina back in.

She picks Baszler up and whips her into Tamina, who charges at her and blasts her with a clothesline that nearly rips her head off. She then tags right back out as she feeds Baszler into Natalya with a big catapult that sends Baszler flying through the air where Nattie catches her with a well-timed super kick. We see some replays of that.

Baszler starts to finally show signs of life as she begins making her comeback. She catches Natalya with an absolutely brutal knee to the grill that we see on some replays as the commentators make some cracks about how Natalya better have a good dentist. Nia Jax gets involved, taking out Tamina on the apron and essentially removing her from the match to help widen the gap that the champs have in the offensive lead in this match at this point.

"The Queen of Spades" goes to work on a grounded Natalya with her well-versed submission attack, focusing on the leg of the veteran women's wrestler. She stands up and jumps on the ankle of Nattie in a vicious spot. We see some replays of that as she tags in Nia Jax. Jax comes in and picks up where Baszler left off, taking it to Nattie and working her over with submissions as she keeps her grounded on the mat. She stops to stomp her as well as blasting her with a short clothesline before tagging Baszler back in.

Baszler goes back to work on Nattie as the commentators point out that Tamina is still out of it outside the ring. Nattie finally gets a hope spot and buys herself some time, but as the commentators again point out, there is no one for her to tag right now so she is forced to continue to try and fight off the champs by herself.

Finally, Tamina recovers and gets the much-needed hot tag as she enters the ring and goes to work on the champs, taking both out with high-paced, high-intensity spots. The champs end up turning the tables and shifting the offense back into their favor, as Jax goes to work on Tamina, starting another prolonged offensive run in the driver's seat for Jax and Baszler.

Jax gets a little too arrogant for her own good at this point, as she stands over a beaten down Tamina and taunts her, using the word b*tch so many times that they eventually started bleeping it out even though it was off-mic and just being picked up by the hard cameras and mics at the commentary table. Tamina hears one comment too many and fires up, taking over on offense and taking it to Jax. She heads to the top-rope for the Superfly, however when she launches herself and goes flying, she finds nobody home upon landing as Jax rolls out of the way just in time.

We see Tamina and Jax both crawling to their respective corners looking to make the tags to their partners. Both make the tag. Nattie and Baszler come in. Nattie is fired up and takes it to both Jax and Baszler. She sends Baszler out of the ring and she focuses on Jax, who isn't the legal woman in the ring at this point. She locks her in the Sharpshooter and it looks like she has it won, but again, as the commentators now point out, Jax is not the legal member of her team in the match right now. In from behind comes the legal member, Baszler, who locks her choke-finisher on Nattie, who eventually has no choice but to tap out. The champs retain in a hard fought battle.

Winners and STILL WWE Women's Tag-Team Champions: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn (w/ Logan Paul)

We head to a quick commercial break, which includes the new trailer for the WWE 2K22 video game featuring Rey Mysterio, and then we head back inside the stadium where the commentators introduce the pre-match video package for our next bout of the evening, which will be the final non-title contest on the card.

On that note, the pre-match video package airs telling the story leading up to tonight's match pitting Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn -- with Logan Paul. When the package wraps up, the special guest commentator for this match -- JBL -- is introduced. The WWE Hall of Fame takes his seat at the announce desk after soaking in some love from the Tampa fans.

From there, the always-fun and energy-filled theme song of the "Conspiracy Theorist" Sami Zayn begins playing as the man himself makes his way down the lengthy ramp. He poses on the ropes and then enters the ring and reaches for a microphone.

Zayn's music fades down as he asks the WWE Universe to please give a warm WrestleMania reception to his special guest of honor tonight. The fans boo, so he tells them to show some respect because this is the only ally he has on his side regarding the conspiracies against him. He then introduces Logan Paul.

Some hip-hop music plays as the lights in the stadium swirl around and the big screens flash the name Logan Paul up as the YouTube mega-star makes his way down the long ramp to the ring while Zayn does similar dancing to the style he did when Paul was making his entrance to the ring during the red carpet ceremony for the world premiere of the trailer of Sami Zayn's new documentary.

Finally, as Zayn hugs Paul and the two stand together in the ring as the hip-hop music fades down, the familiar sounds of Kevin Owens' theme hits as the WWE veteran makes his way down to the ring looking all business and ready for war tonight against his longtime friend turned bitter rival. As Owens soaks in the love from the WWE Universe on the top rope, we see Logan Paul has taken a seat in a steel chair next to the commentary desk at ringside.

Owens kicks the ropes because he's so excited and full of energy. He and Zayn stare each other down as his music fades down. The referee calls for the bell and this match is now officially underway. Zayn charges right at Owens, who hoists him right up and connects with his pop-up power bomb. Zayn rolls out to the floor upon landing and Owens follows him out, threatening to hit another power bomb on the floor before the action resumes inside the ring.

Kevin Owens blasts Zayn with a big clothesline in the corner of the ring. He backs up and charges in with a diving cannonball that connects. Owens climbs up to the top-rope but notices Zayn exiting the ring to avoid him so he comes down and stops him on the ring apron outside of the ring ropes. Zayn kicks Owens and then hoists him up.

Zayn goes for, and connects with, an insane suplex that sees Owens land awkwardly -- and violently -- on his neck on the hard part of the ring apron, bouncing out to the floor at ringside afterwards. We see Logan Paul's shocked facial reaction as soon as Owens lands and then some immediate replays of the dangerous spot.

The ref begins her count but Owens eventually recovers and re-enters the ring before the count of ten. Zayn blasts him with some punches and kicks as the commentators talk about the conspiracy theory storyline and Zayn's claims in recent weeks. Zayn looks over at Logan Paul at ringside and flashes a big cheesy smile in his direction. He then goes back to work on Owens. Zayn sits Owens on the top-rope looking for a superplex, however Owens blasts him with a big shot that stuns him.

Owens then hoists Zayn up and the two go flying off the top-rope, with Zayn getting the worst of the situation upon the violently uncomfortable landing in the ring. When they both get back to their feet, Owens goes to work on Zayn but he ends up finding himself on the wrong end of a one-sided beatdown. Zayn hits a big exploder suplex on Owens into the turnbuckles in the corner. He hits a big brainbuster for a near fall but Owens kicks out. Zayn goes on a rampage, blasting Owens with another exploder suplex into the turnbuckles in the corner and then another brainbuster for another failed pin attempt.

Zayn looks frustrated at his inability to finish off Owens, staring around at the sea of members of the WWE Universe in attendance as Owens lays beneath him lifeless but still in it just enough to keep his shoulders up for longer than three seconds. We hear the fans erupt into "This is Awesome" chants and then things get even more awesome as Owens and Zayn head to the top-rope and in mid-air we see Owens reverse Zayn's move attempt into an insane mid-air fisherman's superplex. Logan Paul's jaws drop as he nearly falls out of his chair reacting to that spot. We see some replays of it as well as the fans go nuts.

Finally we see Zayn connect with his big running kick into the corner finisher on Owens. He gets in his face and talks some trash and then backs up to hit him with another one, however Owens counters him and drops him. He then gets in Zayn's face and tells him he did this to himself. He hits him with a Stunner and covers him, 1-2-3. Owens wins. Logan Paul immediately stands up out of his chair and starts applauding what was a very applause-worthy match between Owens and Zayn here tonight at WrestleMania 37: Night 2.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After The Match: Logan Paul Gets Stunned By The KO Show

Once the match wraps up, we see Owens celebrating as his music plays and Zayn slowly recovers. Logan Paul enters the ring and continues applauding. He sees Zayn is still down so he leans down and tries to console his friend. He then turns his attention to Owens, who he fan-boys-out over, telling him, "That was awesome!"

Zayn notices Logan Paul praising Owens and gets offended. He jumps up and runs over to the two and pushes Paul away from Owens. He asks him what he's doing. He asks if he just saw what Owens did to him. Logan Paul ends up shoving Zayn down and out of the ring. Zayn flips out and walks off.

Logan Paul walks over and grabs Owens' arm and pulls him to the middle of the ring with him, raising it in celebration of his victory and posing for all four sides of the fans in the stadium. When Paul lets go of Owens' arm, Owens continues to stare at it. He then looks over at Logan Paul.

He walks over pretending like he's going to shake his hand but instead gives him a boot to the stomach and a Stunner. The fans pop and Owens' music plays again. He heads out and hugs someone at ringside to end the match and post-match segment.

Riddle Talks To The Great Khali & Fellow "Bro" RVD

We shoot backstage where WWE United States Champion Riddle rolls up on his scooter and notices The Great Khali standing around in a suit. He approaches the new WWE Hall of Fame inductee and rants and raves to him for a while in typical "bro" fashion, however Khali responds to nothing he says because he can't understand him.

Up walks fellow new WWE Hall of Fame inductee Rob Van Dam in his Sunday best suit as he talks in similar fashion to Riddle, complete with tons of "bros" and "dudes" peppered into the conversation. They wrap the segment up doing RVD's old self-pointing thumb gesture.

Sheamus vs. Riddle (U.S. Title)

From there we head back inside the stadium where we hear the familiar sounds of the theme of Sheamus, as "The Celtic Warrior" begins his long walk down to the ring. Highlights are shown telling the story of this rivalry leading up to tonight's showdown for the U.S. title.

Riddle's music hits and now the United States Champion makes his spectacular champion-level entrance to the ring, complete with fireworks and doves and his scooter. He enters the ring and the bell sounds to kick off our next title bout of the evening.

These two waste absolutely no time getting after it, as they collide and immediately get this match underway as soon as the bell sounds. Riddle fares well early on, however it isn't long before Sheamus turns the tables and shifts the momentum in his favor.

"The Celtic Warrior" leans Riddle over the ropes and pounds the holy hell out of him with clubbing forearm blows over-and-over-and-over again in trademark fashion. He continues to manhandle his smaller opponent as he dominates the action thus far in this championship contest.

We see things build until we get to the top-rope in the corner of the ring where Riddle hits a crazy reversal that sees him connect with a wild overhead belly-to-back superplex. We see the immediate replays of that insane high spot as both guys sell the affects of it live in the middle of the ring.

Riddle enjoys a nice run of offensive control from here on out for the next couple of minutes, until Sheamus shifts the momentum back into his favor with a thudding Alabama Slam that sends Riddle damn near through the ring mat. Riddle knocks Sheamus out to the floor and then leaps off the middle rope with a moonsault to the floor, splashing onto The Celtic Warrior on the way down.

Some immediate replays of this are shown and then Riddle rolls Sheamus back into the ring and heads to the top-rope. He comes flying off with a flip high-spot that connects. He goes for the cover but Sheamus hangs in there. Riddle locks in a triangle choke on Sheamus. Sheamus fades momentarily but then powers Riddle up and Donkey Kong's him down ala Quinton "Rampage" Jackson to Ricardo Arona in the good-ole' days of PRIDE Fighting Championships in Japan.

The match continues with Sheamus going to work on Riddle until the U.S. champ locks him in a modified rear-naked choke out of nowhere. Eventually, Sheamus escapes and fires back up, pummeling and rag-dolling Riddle from one end of the ring to the other. He takes him to the top-rope and looks for a Super White Noise but nearly drops him so he comes down off the top rope and calls an obvious audible. Moments later Sheamus blasts Riddle as he was coming off the middle rope moments later with a Brogue Kick. He makes the cover. 1-2-3. We have a new U.S. champion. Riddle's mouth got badly busted open on the finish there, by the way.

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Sheamus

Apollo Crews vs. Big E. (Intercontinental Title Nigerian Drum Fight)

After a quick commercial break, we return to a vignette featuring Triple H and Bad Bunny promoting his upcoming hip-hop live tour across the United States.

From there, we head back inside the stadiun where the commentary team brings up the fact that Bad Bunny was the talk of the entertainment world coming out of night one of WrestleMania 37.

Then we see the pre-match video package for the Nigerian Drum Fight between Big E. and Apollo Crews for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. When the package wraps up, we shoot live inside the stadium again where the ring announcer introduces hip-hop star Wale.

Wale begins a live performance of one of his songs and eventually moves his performance, in mid-rap, over to the giant entrance ramp where fireworks explode and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E. The two dance next to each other as Wale continues rapping and performing.

The I-C champ then makes his way down into the ring. He is full of energy tonight, folks. Very cool ring entrance for one of the clear-cut stars of the future in the singles scene in WWE here at WrestleMania 37. He settles into the ring as the music fades down and then we hear "Apollo!"

This begins the theme song for the challenger, as Apollo Crews makes his way out holding his giant Nigerian spear. The ring announcer does the official pre-match ring introduction for him and he begins his long walk to the ring as Michael Cole sets the stage for the first-ever Nigerian Drum Fight here at WrestleMania.

As Apollo emerges around the ringside area, we see all kinds of old-school drums and other Nigerian looking artifacts such as the giant spear-thing that Apollo carried to the ring and some massive-looking kendo sticks and whatnot. The bell sounds and this one is now officially underway.

Big E. and Apollo both have one of the giant bamboo sticks or massive kendo sticks. They charge at each other and like Frye-Takayama from PRIDE, only with kendo sticks instead of gloved-fists, they trade vicious back-and-forth shots over-and-over-and-over again. Big E. ends up getting the better of it as Apollo ducks out to the floor to regroup.

The champ heads out after him and brings him back into the ring after delivering some more punishment. Once in the ring, Big E. hits the ropes and sprints at Apollo, blasting through him with a spear that knocks him through the middle ropes. Both guys go sailing out to the floor. We see replays of this.

Eventually we see Apollo start to show signs of life and he connects with a massive Death Valley Driver on the hard part of the ring apron outside the ropes that shifts the offensive momentum into his favor. He heads out of the ring and grabs the steel ring steps. He drags them over to the side of the ring where the long ring ramp leads into.

He lays Big E. across the top-half of steel steps and goes over and grabs the bottom half. He stands on the ring apron and yells something in his native language before driving the top-half of the steel steps down. Thankfully Big E. moved in time so it was only steel stairs-on-steel stairs slam. Unfortunately, however, Big E. hits a crazy chokeslam on Apollo off the ring apron that sees the challenger land violently on the bottom half of the steel ring steps.

After that big spot we see some immediate replays and when we return live, we watch as Big E. grabs a table from under the ring. He brings it into the ring and sets it up. He heads back out and grabs Apollo, bringing him back into the ring. Once he gets him in the ring and has everything set up, however, Apollo makes a comeback and grabs a kendo stick, blasting the piss out of Big E. and laying him across the table that was just set up in the ring.

He goes to the top-rope but comes flying off to nobody home as Big E. moved just in time. Apollo ends up putting himself through the table. Big E. pops up and hits the Big Ending on Apollo, but before he can finish off the challenger, in comes an enormous, massive human being with dread locks who manhandles Big E. as the commentators question who he is while freaking out in awe over his size and dominant power. He drags Apollo and puts him over Big E's lifeless beaten down body. 1-2-3. We have a new I-C champ.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Apollo Crews

WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2021 Honored On Stage

We see another recap video from night one of WrestleMania 37, followed by some of the media coverage from the mainstream sports and mainstream entertainment media outlets that covered the event on Saturday night.

Afterwards, the commentators show a shot of the stadium and then we head into a video package honoring this year's inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2021.

With last night seeing the inductees of the class of 2020 honored in front of the WWE Universe on stage at WrestleMania 37: Night 1, this evening we see the 2021 class of inductees introduced one-by-one as they are honored before the live crowd inside Raymond James Stadium, with Kane serving in the main event role that the nWo had during last night's segment of this kind.

Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka (Raw Women's Title)

Once the WWE Hall of Fame segment wraps up, the commentators switch gears and start focusing on our co-main event of the evening, which is up next. With that said, the extensive pre-match video package telling the story leading up to tonight's Raw Women's Championship bout airs, as Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley is up next.

Ash Costello of New Years Day is then introduced as we return live inside the stadium. She begins a live performance of the song, "Brutality," as Ripley gets the rock-star ring entrance treatment, emerging as fire explodes as she makes her way down the lengthy entrance ramp.

Ripley settles into the ring and the WWE Universe lets her hear it, giving her a tremendous superstar-level reception entering the ring. Ripley soaks it up as her music fades down and Ash Costello wraps up her performance of "Brutality."

Michael Cole and company are shown on camera at the announce table as the band and its' equipment are cleared off the giant entrance stage. The theme of "The Empress of Tomorrow" begins playing as Raw Women's Champion Asuka emerges wearing her title and her entrance robe and waving a Japanese style fan in front of her as she begins her long walk down to the ring.

Both the champion and the challenger are now in the ring and ready for battle. The referee calls for the bell and these two begin circling each other and talking trash to each other. Finally Asuka connects with a dropkick that fails to knock Ripley off her feet. Asuka goes for a couple of quick roll-up attempts, which Ripley kicks out of with ease, but it does enough to frustrate her, as she takes a moment in the corner of the ring to regroup.

Asuka blasts Ripley with some kicks and then we see the challenger finally start to shift the offensive momentum into her favor. She grounds the champion and locks her in a body-scissors while she screams and taunts her. The fans break out into dueling chants for Ripley and Asuka until Ripley goes overboard with shouting in Asuka's face and unnecessarily taunting her and punking her, and then they start booing her and turning on her.

Ripley picks Asuka up and clotheslines her right back down. And again. She picks her up and goes to do the same, however this time Asuka counters and grabs a hold of a knee-bar out of nowhere. Ripley is stuck and Asuka starts yanking on the leg, tearing at the knee of the challenger as she screams in pain. Ripley eventually muscles Asuka up and German suplexes her down to free herself from the hold.

Ripley smacks Asuka in the back of the head to punk her again as she stands up and goes back to work on her in the corner of the ring, blasting her in the lower back with punches and ramming her face-first into the top turnbuckle. Asuka ends up firing up for a comeback as she blasts Ripley with a big missile drop kick off the top-rope. She then hits the ropes and launches herself into her with a flying hip attack.

The champ climbs up to the top-rope afterwards, however Ripley pops to her feet and connects with a drop kick that knocks Asuka off the top and out to the floor at ringside. Asuka starts fighting back after this as the commentators point out that she is refusing to allow the challenger to gain any kind of momentum. On the ring apron outside the ring ropes, we see Asuka and Ripley trading shots. Asuka ends up hooking Ripley and launching both of them backwards, connecting with a flying backwards DDT off the ring apron to the floor.

Asuka goes for the cover once she and Ripley finally re-enter the ring, however the challenger manages to survive as she kicks out at two. Ripley ends up securing a modified standing Sharpshooter on the legs of Asuka. Eventually Asuka escapes and counters by locking an unsuspecting Ripley in an armbar. Ripley eventually gets out and returns to the offensive driver's seat. She blasts Asuka with a headbutt and connects with a big suplex for a close near fall. Asuka secures an armbar on Ripley again.

Ripley escapes but falls right into the Asuka Lock from the champ. She escapes that as well. Asuka starts blasting Ripley with kicks while she is on her knees asking for more, daring the champ to give her more punishment. Out of nowhere, she pops up and connects with her Rip-Tide finisher out of the clear-and-total blue. 1-2-3. We have a new champion. The crowd explodes.

Winner and NEW Raw Women's Champion: Rhea Ripley

Bayley Beat By Bella's, Ignored By WrestleMania Co-Hosts

We see some replays of what went down at the start of the show with "The Fiend" returning to his old look, only to ultimately lose to Randy Orton after being distracted by Alexa Bliss popping out of the giant jack in the box music box that he entered the ring coming out of, including the post-match scene that saw him staring at her in disbelief as the lights went out and quickly came back on to show that the two and the giant music box had disappeared.

From there, the co-hosts of WrestleMania 37 are again introduced and brought out. Titus O'Neil and Hulk Hogan make their way out to the top of the stage. O'Neil thanks everyone for coming out and the WWE Universe for being part of this year's show on "The Grandest Stage of Them All" for the first time since the global pandemic.

As they continue to talk, they are interrupted by Bayley who comes out ranting-and-raving on the microphone about being ignored by them and other legends and WWE Hall of Famers for two nights in a row. She asks where her pyro is. She demands that her pyro go off. It does. She lets out a crazy-woman laugh.

Bayley talks about how this is her time to shine, but before she can say anything else, the theme song of The Bella Twins hits and out comes Nikki and Brie Bella. Bayley cuts them off and says she doesn't know what they're doing out here but this is her time to shine.

She says she doesn't know if they are confused, but John Cena's music did not hit. Nikki Bella b*tch slaps Bayley for that and then she and Brie beat her as she rolls all the way down the enormously long entrance ramp. Hogan and O'Neil mock her by saying, :"Ding-Dong, Goodbye!" They post with The Bella Twins as fireworks go off one more time to end the segment, and then we head to another quick ad break.

Daniel Bryan vs. Edge vs. Roman Reigns (Universal Title)

The camera pans over to the commentary duo of Michael Cole and Corey Graves who begin to set the stage for tonight's main event, noting the story for it began with the Royal Rumble back in January.

On that note, they send the broadcast to the elaborate pre-match video package that tells the story of the rivalry leading into tonight's triple-threat main event title match pitting Daniel Bryan vs. Edge vs. Roman Reigns with the WWE Universal Championship on-the-line.

When the package wraps up, we head back inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. where the familiar sounds of Daniel Bryan's theme hits and the leader of the "Yes!" Movement begins his long walk down to the ring. He leads the WWE Universe in some "Yes!" chants once in the ring and then he begins waiting for his opponents to make their way out.

The music fades down and then the sound of Edge's theme hits the house speakers as "The Rated-R Superstar" emerges looking super intense and in the moment, ready for the biggest challenge of his life as he tries to put a picture-perfect ending to the story of his unexpected comeback to WWE from medically forced retirement.

He settles into the ring and now he too waits on the third and final member of this main event match-up to make his way to the squared circle. On that note, the theme of "The Tribal Chief" begins playing and out comes the reigning, defending WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, accompanied by his special counsel Paul Heyman, as well as his cousin Jey Uso.

The three make their way down to the ring, with "The Head of the Table" looking all business and super focused. The camera cuts back to the ring a few times and shows Bryan stretching and Edge talking to himself, presumably saying a prayer, as he leans his face into the top turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Once the champ settles into the ring, he arrogantly holds his title high in the air as fireworks explode in the background throughout the stadium.

Michael Cole reads one final plug for tonight's presenting sponsor, Snickers, and then the bell sounds. The ring announcer begins his final pre-match ring introductions of the three competitors, starting first with Edge, followed by Daniel Bryan and finally, the defending champion heading into this triple-threat headline bout, Roman Reigns.

That does it with the pre-match bells and whistles, folks. It's time to get down to business with our featured attraction main event of the evening here at the second and final night of WrestleMania 37, as all that's left now is for Daniel Bryan, Edge and Roman Reigns to do battle on "The Grandest Stage of Them All" at "The Showcase of the Immortals" to make their claim as the top dog in the business today.

The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with our seventh and final match of the evening. We see Edge duking it out coming out of the gates. Reigns and Bryan go at it now and Bryan is sent out to the floor, where Jey Uso blasts him with a super kick as a cheap-shot. Reigns beats down Edge and sends him out to the floor as well. Reigns follows out and clears off the commentary table at ringside. As soon as he does, he turns around as Bryan soars through the ropes and splashes onto him.

Uso hits another super kick cheap shot after the big splash from Bryan onto Reigns. Edge recovers and now he grabs the lifeless body of Reigns and smashes him into the steel ring post. He follows that up by smashing him into the ring apron over-and-over-and-over-and-over again. Now he smashes him into the ring barricade over-and-over-and-over again. He throws Reigns down to the mat and looks at the crowd as they roar with approval. Edge heads over to Uso and on the bottom half of the steel ring steps, he hits an impaler DDT. The replays show that Edge too didn't come out of that unscathed, as he landed hard on the steel steps as well in the midst of delivering that move to Uso. Several officials hit the ringside area and help Uso up and help walk him to the backstage area. The fans sing "Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye."

Reigns looks up from the ground at ringside as Edge and Bryan return to the ring and start trading blows as the crowd fires up with roars. Bryan gets the better of the exchange blasting Edge with "Yes!" kicks repeatedly in the corner. Edge ends up hitting a hot streak coming out of the corner and power-bombing Bryan and hitting a nice follow-up for a near fall. Bryan kicks out and Edge turns his attention to Roman Reigns, as the champ has finally recovered and is now on the ring apron.

Edge and Reigns trade shots on the ring apron on opposite sides of the ring ropes. Bryan recovers and runs over and knocks Reigns out to the floor. He heads to the top-rope and comes flying off, connecting with a missile drop kick on Edge. The WWE Universe responds with a thunderous "Yes!" chant. Bryan is sent out to the floor where Reigns manhandles him. He re-enters the ring and starts doing the same to Edge. Once he has Edge down he stalks his opponent in the corner of the ring, waiting for him to get up. When Edge does, Reigns charges at him with evil intentions of connecting with a Superman punch, but Edge sees it coming and reverses, countering with a lifting DDT.

Now Edge backs into the corner and awaits Reigns as he struggles to get back to his feet. Once Reigns does get back up, Edge charges at him with intentions of going for a Spear, but instead he runs right into a Superman Punch out of nowhere from the champ that connects. Reigns now looks to connect with a Spear of his own on Edge, who has the same idea. They meet in the middle, coming 100 miles per hour from opposite sides of the ring, splashing into each other with simaltaneous Spear attempts that takes each man out.

Bryan recovers and re-enters the ring like a man possessed. He is on fire now as he flies all over the place taking out any-and-everything that moves. He connects with a big follow-up high spot off the top-rope and then he goes for the pin, but only gets two. He waits for Reigns and Edge to get up on their knees on opposite sides of his body as he stands in the middle of the ring. He begins blasting both with repeated "Yes!" kicks as the fans chant along. He finishes up with some big kicks, the last of which knocks out Reigns. He goes for the cover but again the champ manages to hang on, surviving and kicking out at two.

We see Bryan survey the scene around him, as there is carnage and bodies everywhere. He eventually gets Reigns in his "Yes! Lock" submission finisher. Cole quickly reminds the viewing audience on commentary that Bryan made Reigns tap out to this same move at the WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. Eventually, Edge recovers and runs over to break up the hold. He continues to recover after this while Bryan fires back up again and then secures the "Yes! Lock" submission finisher on Edge until eventually Reigns recovers and breaks it up. Reigns manhandles and rag-dolls the hell out of Bryan. It sounded like Bryan was legitimately hurt by that spot. He rolls out to the floor while Reigns plays to the crowd a bit, generating a "Roman Sucks!" chant from the WWE Universe in attendance in the stadium.

Eventually, Reigns heads out after Bryan on the floor. He stands on top of the bottom half of the steel steps and picks Bryan's lifeless body up, power-bombing him through the announce table while standing higher up than the ground due to the added height from the steel ring steps. As Reigns plays to the crowd after connecting with the big spot, out of nowhere, Edge charges over and blasts Reigns off the steps with a huge Spear. The fans erupt with roars and cheers for that spot as replays are shown.

Back in the ring, Edge gets a grounded Reigns stuck in the "Yes! Lock" submission finisher that Daniel Bryan used to force him to tap out at the aforementioned WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. He ends up grabbing a piece of broken off steel from a chair to use as added leverage on the "Yes! Lock" as the champ really screams in pain now as Edge pulls back on the devastating hold. Reigns is literally raising his hand to tap out as Bryan slides under the bottom rope into the ring and grabs it as it was on the way down to tap the mat and end the match. This keeps the match going. Bryan ends up locking up the other side of Reigns' body with a "Yes! Lock" at the same time, so now Reigns is being trapped in a double "Yes! Lock" with Edge and Bryan cranking on both sides of his body at the same time.

Edge turns his attention to Bryan while they're both yanking on the hold. They begin trading punches. Now the war is on between these two. Bryan gets the better of it and he looks down at Edge and yells out that he has a bad neck, huh? He then violently stomps away at the neck of Edge over-and-over again. Eventually Bryan fights back into competitive form. The two trade shots again. They go back-and-forth until finally Edge blasts his finisher out of nowhere and seemingly has this one in the bag when he loses his cool in the heat of the moment. Now Edge starts to get that sadistic look in his eyes as the camera shoots a close-up shot on his intense face. Edge heads out to the floor outside the ring where he starts grabbing multiple steel chairs that he feeds into the ring.

He keeps a hold of the last one and walks over to Reigns, who is still laid out on the floor at ringside. He begins pummeling Reigns with the chair. He rolls Reigns back in the ring and starts beating the holy hell out of Reigns and Bryan with the chair, taking turns whacking each of their lifeless bodies over-and-over-and-over again with the chairs. Now he lays the lifeless head of Bryan on a chair and grabs the other chair with intentions of hitting his conchairto on him. Instead, Jey Uso re-emerges and takes out Edge with a distraction. This leads to Reigns taking him out and then grabbing the chair and blasting Bryan with a conchairto. He connects on a Spear. He stacks each of his opponents on top of each other and makes the cover on both of them at the same time, scoring the pin fall victory, winning the main event of WrestleMania 37 and ending the two-night extravaganza by retaining his WWE Universal Championship.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

After The Match: The Head Of The Table Wraps Up WrestleMania 37

Heyman and Uso re-enter the ring and hand Reigns the title. Replays are shown as the commentators talk us through them. We return live and see Reigns posing with his title as fireworks explode and erupt throughout the stadium as Michael Cole takes us off the air, ending this year's two-night extravaganza on "The Grandest Stage of Them All."

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