WWE "The Bump: TLC Preview" Recap

The Bump: 12/20/20
Recap by: Andrew Hatcher, Rajah.com reporter

Earlier today, WWE’s YouTube show The Bump made a “special edition” TLC preview show. The guests on the show were “Mr. Money in the Bank” The Miz, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Paul Heyman, and two members of The Hurt Business, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. The host of the show is McKenzie Mitchell, and she’s joined by Matt Camp, Evan T. Mack, and Ryan Pappolla. They start the show off by talking about the Inferno Match between “The Fiend” and Randy Orton, coming up on tonight’s TLC event. McKenzie transitions into talking about The Miz, and he’s the shows first guest.

Matt asks The Miz if he’s trying to get McIntyre off his game, and Miz tells him that he “has to” do that. Miz says tonights WWE Championship match is “a huge night for the Raw brand”, and Ryan asks who The Miz wants to be Champion. Miz calls Drew “unstoppable”, and says AJ is “creative”. Miz concludes that right now he “would have to want to face AJ”. Miz continues talking about the possibilities of who he could cash in on, and says he plans to be the WWE Champion again. McKenzie wonders how this current Reign with the briefcase is different, and he says this time he is “more educated”. He tells us he didn’t know what it took back in 2010, but he does now “and when I cash in you will see that”. Miz tells us once he cashes in, he will know “exactly what to do” with the belt. T. Mack wonders who would be the hardest to cash in on, and Miz tells him both would be hard, but “you have to wait for the right moment”. Ryan questions Miz on how he feels about being Mr. money in the bank again, and about people doubting him, just like last time. Miz tells Ryan “it’s been the story of my career”. Miz mentions all the people who told him he wouldn’t make it, and talks about taking any advice he could get. Miz continues talking about all the things you have to do as champ, besides wrestling, and tells us he’s “ready” to be the wwe champion. He goes on to tell his naysayers they “don’t know what it takes” to be the champion. Miz finishes by saying once he cashes in his contract, he will “be the champion that raw needs, and ratings will go up”. Miz says he doesn’t tell us how to do our jobs, and he enjoys when people tell him he sucks. He says he’s not going away and he will be WWE champion “very soon”. Matt then questions how Miz will go about cashing in, and if he will call the shot ahead of time, like John Cena did. Miz questions why he would do that, and implies that it’s not in his character. Miz tells him he’s not a big guy, but he will be the smartest. Ryan questions Miz about his intentions for this year wrestlemania, and if he wants to main event again. Miz says he “wants to be amongst the greats” and doing so “would take many wrestlemania main event matches”. McKenzie thanks the Miz for joining the show, and Miz jokes about cashing in tonight.

McKenzie switches gears, and begins talking about the women’s division matches tonight. The hosts wonder who will team with Asuka tonight, and make their individual picks on who will win the WWE Woman's Tag Team match. They then begin to talk about the Carmella vs Sasha Banks match, for the WWE Smackdown Women’s championship, and the hosts select who will win. McKenzie closes the discussion, and introduces us to Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

Natalya and Beth share their opinions on the tag team tables match they had back at TLC 2010. Clips from the match are played, and Beth calls the match “one of the most memorable moments” of her career. Natalya adds to this, saying that match was “huge”. Natalya continues, claiming they were “ready for the evolution before it was ready for us”. Ryan questions them both about the day of the match, before it happened, and Beth tells him they “felt pressure”. Beth continues, saying it was important to women before us, and women after us. Ryan asks them about being in the match with Lay-Cool, and Natalya says they were the centerpiece of the women’s division. McKenzie asks them about putting Lay-cool through a painted table, and Natalya tells us “it was Finley’s idea”. The hosts thank them for stoping by, and the panel begins sharing their picks for tonight’s Raw Tag Team Championship match. Matt then welcomes in the next guests, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

Ryan wants to know about a quote Benjamin made back in 2017, and Benjamin tells him he’s “here to win titles” and tonight is the night it will happen. Cedric tells Ryan he feels the same way, and tonight they “will be the new tag team champions”. Clips of comments Woods and Kingston made about the group are shown, and Cedric responds by saying they “got lucky one time”. T. Mack wonders if it feels like things are coming full circle, with him stepping in the ring with Kofi Kingston again. Benjamin says he was the first person to beat Kofi, when he was Jamaican. Shelton says the problem with the new day is that “they are an obstacle”. Matt questions Cedric on if he should have joined the hurt business sooner, and says he should have, because it’s brought the best out of him. Matt asks them about matches they had against each other earlier in the year, and Shelton says having Cedric in his corner “gives him more confidence”. Cedric adds to this, saying “if there was no Shelton Benjamin there would be no Cedric Alexander”. T. Mack wants to know if the match tonight not having a stipulation will help them or hurt them, and Shelton tells him “it’s always business as usual”. They share their final thoughts on the match tonight, and Shelton tells us “tonight the new day is going to get hurt”. Cedric tells the panel he’s “said all he needs to say”, and Matt sends them on their way.

McKenzie reminds us about the Slammy awards, taking place on Wednesday morning, and the panel makes more picks for tonight’s WWE and Universal Championship matches. McKenzie then brings in the next guest on the show, Paul Heyman.

Heyman thanks them for having him on last, and says “no one can follow him”. McKenzie wonders if Owens is bringing out a more dangerous side of Roman Reigns, and Heyman says he is “worried” about what Roman will do to Owens. Heyman says we “will see how far” Roman will take things and that “parental discretion is advised”. T. Mack wonders why Jey Uso is making the decisions he’s made, and Heyman says Uso “answers to Roman Reigns”. Heyman says it’s the best thing for all of USO’s family. Ryan mentions Afa and Sika coronating reigns earlier this year, and what it’s done for Roman as a competitor. Heyman tells him tonight is all that matters, and Matt plays some comments KO made on the bump earlier this week. Heyman responds to those comments, telling Matt he “admires and respects Kevin Owens”. Heyman continues, saying Owens is a great competitor, “but he’s just not in Romans league”. Ryan wonders if Owens will have the edge, given his history of ladder matches, and questions if that bothers Roman. Heyman tells us neither guy has the advantage, and whoever pushes their own limits will be the man who wins, and that man will be Roman Reigns. Ryan finishes up the conversation, questioning Heyman on if he thinks anything could prepare Kevin Owens for tonight’s version of Roman Regins. Heyman simply says “no”. The hosts remind us one last time about the Slammy Awards, and we’re told the next weekly edition of The Bump will air on Wednesday, January, 6. They all say goodbye, and the show fades to black.

That’s all for this recap of a “special edition” of The Bump! Join me right here at Rajah.com Wednesday morning, for a full recap of the 2020 Slammy awards!