WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (7/02/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL


Welcome back to Rajah.com's live results coverage of Friday Night SmackDown! Your host is the most iconic name in sports entertainment live results today, Rajah's red-and-yellow Rajahmaniac, Mike "Hulk" Hogan! Our official preview dropped earlier this morning, and the WWE official preview released around 5pm EST backed up our preview.

We know we'll have WWE Legend & Hall of Famer Edge on tap to address his vicious assault of Universal Champion Roman Reigns last week. We'll also have potentially multiple Money in the Bank event qualifiers, including the previously-announced Last Man Standing match between Zayn and Owens. SmackDown still has two slots to fill in the men's MitB match (Big E + Owens/Zayn winner) whereas Raw has filled their men's slots completely. Speaking of filling men's slots, don't forget to check out Matt's excellent 205 Live results, featuring matches from some of the hottest new talent in the breakout tournament!

We'll have all these two things announced, and so much more, tonight on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (7/02/2021) -- ThunderDome III (Yuengling Center), Tampa, FL

Previously on SmackDown...

We start tonight's program by showing video from how last week's ended. Paul Heyman, along with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, cut a promo in which they bragged about destroying the entire division. They brag that they don't have anyone worthy to face Roman...until Edge attacked Roman in his return. Edge ended our program by convincing Adam Pearce to give him a match with Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank.

In the Ring Promo: WWE Legend & Hall of Famer Edge

We cut to the ThunderDome, where Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to SmackDown. Edge makes his way out to boisterous cheers from our digital crowd. Edge gets on the mic. "WrestleMania was supposed to be the culmination of a ten-year story. Winning the Universal Championship ten years to the day after being forced to retire as Universal Champion...would've made for a hell of a story, wouldn't it? And I envisioned it so much I knew it would happen. And then it didn't. I..I-I didn't see that coming, that wasn't in my plans, that wasn't in my vision. Now, I'll be fully transparent. It rocked me. So I took some time. Eventually, in that time, I started to roll the match back in my brain. Hell, I watched the match back--I never do that. And Roman likes to embroider the truth and gloss over a lot of key moments at WrestleMania." He goes on to explain that his fear of Daniel Bryan costing him his title shot came to fruition. He explains that 2021 Edge is different than 2006 Edge. He understands there's always going to be obstacles, but "I don't stop. Now here's the thing...now that I've been in here with Roman one-on-one, I know I can beat him. And more importantly, Roman, you know it--I can beat you. We're the only ones who truly know because you felt it and I felt it." Edge asks for a picture from WrestleMania to be displayed, and in it Edge has Roman in a foreign object-assisted submission. He has production zoom in on Roman's eyes; Roman's facial expression looks pained, panicked. He then asks them to pan up and show his face, which expresses a strong dislike and a great upsettedness (pretend its a word) with Roman Reigns. Edge goes on to say that no matter what odds say, no matter what it says on paper, Edge is the man who has Roman's number. He then heavily breathes in the mic for a few moments. He remains confident and pledges to be the next Universal Champion as he pursues his twelfth world title.

Backstage: Jimmy Uso and Paul Heyman

We cut to the back, presumably Roman's locker room. Jimmy's upset at Edge calling out Roman and asks Heyman to tell him that Edge didn't just say that. Jimmy then expresses repeatedly that he has Roman's back. Both men await the arrival of their Tribal Chief.

Tag Team Match: King Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Boogs & Big E vs Baron Corbin & Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews w/ Cmdr. Azeez

We return to the arena, where Boogs is awaiting on his guitar. He does his royal introduction for our one, true king and plays lead guitar as King Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way down in beautiful new ring wear, replacing his old red hues with white. Pat McAfee gets so excited about Nakamura and Boogs that he jumps on the desk and actually sits on Michael Cole's head, haha! This dude really loves his job. After much hype from our commentary team, out comes his tag partner tonight--Big E! After our first commercial break of the evening, we return mid-entrance as the Intercontinental Champion, Apollo Crews, makes his way to the ring escorted by Commander Azeez. And last--and least, 'til he acknowledges the one true king--is Baron Corbin. We get clips from an interview on "WWE on YouTube" last Friday, in which Corbin admits to interviewer Megan that he's lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad investments. Okay. He mopes his way down the ramp, depressed when he sees his old "King Corbin" title-cards on the trons and screens around the ring. As he reaches the end of the ramp, the announcer starts to announce him as "King" Corbin but stops mid-sentence and corrects himself, much to the chagrin of Baron Corbin.
We start with Crews and Nakamura. Both men off the ropes and collide, neither man budging an inch. Crews turns to a side headlock before rebounding expeditiously off the ropes, laying out Nakamura. Crews stops to yell at Corbin for whatever reason, allowing our King to recover. With a kingly kick, Nakamura lays out Crews. Nakamura takes Crews to the corner. Boogs plays a few licks on his guitar as Crews is choked out in the corner. Big E tags in and controls Crews for a few moments. Crews escapes and tags Corbin in. The Baron easily dispatches Big E at ringside, throwing him hard into the ringside as we head to our second break. After the break, we find Baron Corbin kneeling over Big E as he rains elbows down across Big E's shoulder and chest. Big E powers himself to his feet and throws elbows into Corbin's side, attempting to gain separation, but Corbin lays him out with a clothesline and attempts a pin. Corbin with a headlock to Big E, pulling him back to the corner. Crews tags in and works Big E's arm. Crews whips Big E into the ropes and catches him with a standing dropkick right to the smacker as Big E rebounds. Crews grins, content with himself as he slaps on another headlock. Both men struggle for a moment; Crews breaks the grapple with a Step-up Enziguri. Crews tags in Corbin. Corbin attacks Nakamura on the apron, then slams Big E down and attempts to pick up the win. Nakamura makes the save. Nakamura and Crews head to the outside, where Nakamura connects with a desperation king that leaves both men down. Corbin continues to work on Big E when Boogs gets on the mic. He makes a PSA, stating that the "driver" of a white $250,000 (per McAfee) car should be advised as his car is being repossessed. Corbin is upset, unbelieving until he sees video on the tron showing his car being repossessed in the parking lot. The distraction easily allows Big E to pin the despondent, heartbroken former king. After the match the camera stays on Corbin's face as he cries/tries to cry.
Your Winners, King Shinsuke Nakamura & Big E

In the Ring Promo: Bayley

Bayley comes out and after a commercial break, we return. Bayley references her match with Bianca Belair last week, in which Bayley stole a victory over her. Bayley brags about how she called it when she said Belair was a fluke. She reminds us that she holds the record at 380 days, unlike Bianca's 80-ish days, and tells Belair via the camera that a loss this early into her reign isn't good. Bayley tells Bianca to get her head back in the game because in two weeks, they're coming back to perform in front of the fans. She gives props to McAfee for enthusiastically applauding. She then states it would be awful for all the boys and girls who adore Belair and worship her to see her fall to Bayley. We pause for a loud "you suck" chant from the digital crowd. Bayley goes on, stating "Bianca ain't nothing to Bayley. Never has been, never will be." And on cue, out comes SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair! Belair accuses Bayley of being obsessed with her; Bayley counters that she's in Belair's head. Belair acknowledges that, yes, Bayley is in her head. Belair declares that there's only one way to end this--to embarrass Bayley "to the point of no return." She wants to end the feud because she's "so over" Bayley. Belair then states that she'll put her title on the line against Bayley in an I Quit Match. Bayley laughs, then realizes that Belair was seriously. She questions how badly she's truly messed up Belair, and laughs at Belair offering that. Bayley goes on to tell Belair that she would do an I Quit match, an I Quit WWE match, anything really because she feels Belair has zero percent chance at retaining. Belair laughs until Bayley snaps at her. Belair tells Bayley that just when she thought she was so sick of hearing Bayley's voice again...but now she's excited to hear Bayley say "I quit." Michael Cole ponders if officials will make it, uh, official.

Backstage: Paul Heyman with "Main Event" Jimmy Uso

Uce is back, fired up, and wants to beat the hell out of Edge for what he said earlier. He then tells Heyman he wants a match tonight and is excited for Roman's arrival tonight.

Money in the Bank Qualifier Last Man Standing Match: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

Back in the arena, Kevin Owens makes his way out. After our break, the "Great Liberator" himself makes his way out to the ring, fired up, taking high-steps and doing a jig down the ramp all while yelling at KO. Owens' left arm is taped up with kinesthetic tape. This is our first Last Man Standing on SmackDown in nearly a decade. The bell rings and Owens takes control, immediately taking Zayn into the corner and stomping him down to a seated position. Owens wastes no time in following up with a Cannonball. Zayn rolls to the outside and the ref begins to count. Owens heads out after Zayn, and the ref's count is ended at four. Owens beats Zayn around the ring, sending him into the barricade. Again, the ref counts, but only reaches three. Owens looks for a whip but Zayn counters, whipping KO into the barricade and following it up with a lariat that lays out Owens. Zayn with a kick and elbow smashes to Owens as he's pressed against the barricade. Owens dumps Zayn over the barricade and Pat McAfee excitedly growls "into the ThunderDome!" Careful not to hit the digital front row of fans, Owens and Zayn struggle briefly. Owens sends Zayn over the barricade and dives off the top, landing on Zayn hard. Owens watches Zayn as he gets to his feet, slowly, at the count of six. Owens throws Zayn on the commentary table. KO with a right, then a second. KO climbs the barricade but Zayn is too quick, hopping up to grab KO and send him flying into the table himself. The table doesn't break, and Owens bounces painfully to the ringside floor. The ref counts, and Owens gets to his feet at seven as we go to break!
Back from the break. KO is firmly in charge and the ref counts as Zayn slowly gets to his feet at the count of seven. Owens again drops Zayn with the same outcome. Owens delivers a pair of chops to Zayn's chest, reddening his skin. Zayn rolls out the ring and gets to his feet at six. Owens heads outside, slamming Zayn into the post before crotching him against the ring post. Pat McAfee called it "throw(ing) his kitten kaboodle". Owens and Zayn briefly slug it out, but Owens is the fresher man and easily lays out Zayn. As the ref counts, Owens pulls a table out from under the ring as McAfee excitedly exclaims "get the tables!" Owens sets up the table and pulls out another, setting them up and, in the words of McAfee, "stack them sumbitches up!" McAfee loves his job, and I love that. Owens takes Zayn up the turnbuckles. Owens is looking for the Superplex to the outside and through the two tables. Zayn fights and claws desperately, finally bringing both men down from the top. Owens rolls to the outside, and Zayn connects with a tope con hiro! Impressive. Owens is wiped out at ringside. Zayn sends Owens into the ring and stands over him, swinging fists and forearms wildly in an effort to keep Owens down. Owens throws fists, fighting back to his feet. Zayn hits an Exploder Suplex in the corner and both men are down. Zayn makes it to his feet as Lil' Naitch gets to five; Owens is up at six. Zayn positions Owens in the top left corner, away from the tables, and hits a Super Brainbuster that leaves both men down in the center of the ring! Both men make it up by eight. Owens takes Zayn into the corner with a Superkick. Both men look exhausted. Owens connects with another Superkick, dropping Zayn to the mat. Owens takes Zayn back up the bottom right turnbuckles, looking for another Superplex through the stacked tables. Zayn escapes and shoves Owens--Owens flies out of the ring and through both stacked tables! The ref counts and Owens barely gets to his feet at nine. Zayn is incensed! Cole tries to send us to commercial, and is cut off mid-sentence.
Back from the break. Zayn sets a table up at ringside, near the commentary table. Zayn pulls Owens up the steel steps and attempts a Fisherman's suplex. Owens blocks it and then yanks Zayn into the ring post. Owens takes Zayn by the head and throws him into the barricade. Owens starts to climb the apron and Zayn attacks him. Zayn climbs up and both men struggle on the apron. Zayn with a beautiful Full Nelson suplex from the apron! Owens broken body crashes to the hard floor. Referee Charles Robinson counts, but Owens makes it up at seven! Zayn allows Owens to enter the ring and immediately hits him with the Helluva Kick in the corner! The ref counts and Owens rises at seven, barely. Zayn backs off into the opposite corner and hits another Helluva Kick! Zayn catches Owens' body, holding him up and placing him in the corner. Zayn tells Owens "this is Karma...for everything you've ever done!" Zayn runs off and comes back, hitting a third consecutive Helluva Kick! Owens rolls out of the ring at nine, landing on his feet just long enough to reset the count. Zayn expresses his dislike of the situation with Lil' Naitch. Zayn heads outside and streaks around the ring...right into a Superkick from Owens! Zayn's kicked into the ring and the ref counts. Owens picks up Zayn and whips him into the ropes, connecting with the Pop-Up Powerbomb. The ref counts again, reaching eight before Zayn rises. Owens immediately hits a Stunner and Zayn rolls outside. Owens follows and Zayn tries to beg him off. Zayn asks Owens, "How'd we get here?" Owens yells, "it's just karma" then Powerbombs Zayn through the announcer's table! Owens picks Zayn up immediately and Powerbombs him through the table Zayn set up earlier! Owens picks Zayn up immediately once again and hits a hard Apron Bomb (powerbomb in which Zayn's back lands across the edge of the apron)! The ref counts as Owens holds up a "shush" finger. Owens picks up the win.
Your Winner and Advancing to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Kevin Owens!

Backstage Interview: Megan with Edge

Megan Morant catches up with Edge in the back and asks him about tonight. Edge tells Megan that he knows she's only been here "a few weeks" but surely she has to know it's a setup, right? He knows they're setting a trap but concludes the interview by saying it's fine, because they're setting a trap for an angry, vindictive son of a bitch.

Backstage: Baron Corbin and Rick Boogs

We catch Corbin watching backstage, who's being harassed with "king" jokes by Boogs

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match Announcement

WWE Official Sonya Deville makes her way down to the ring as we get a short video clip from last week, in which Sonya announced the first entrant into the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match--the "most beautiful woman in the WWE," Carmella. We go to break. When we return, we get a surprise entrant and return as Zelina Vega is back! We can expect her husband, Aleister Black, back soon too. Zelina comes out with red highlights in her hair. Deville towers over Zelina. Vega tells Deville taht she knows Deville was honored to announce her. Vega tells us that she's going to win the MitB contract and find the perfect opportunity to face a women's champion--whether it be Raw or SmackDown or NXT. Liv Morgan comes out and is upset with Sonya Deville for giving Carmella a spot and then just rewarding Zelina Vega with a spot. Morgan rolls into the ring and tells Deville that Vega doesn't deserve to be in this match as she's not even competed on SmackDown all year. She questions how it's fair, and Vega mocks her. Vega tells Liv that she (Zelina) can run circles around Liv, and embarrass her, and is one of the biggest names in women's wrestling today. Morgan slaps Vega, demanding she prove it, and asks Sonya if she can prove it right now in a match. She begs Deville, and Deville acquiesces. We go to break.

Women's Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs Zelina Vega

When we return from the break, this match is under way. Carmella watches from the ringside area. Vega dumps Morgan before following up with a toss. Vega attempts pins early and often. Vega takes Morgan into the corner and has to step up on the bottom rope so she can reach Morgan's face to kick it. Vega with a running knee and a pin attempt. Morgan with a rear suplex roll-through into a pin attempt; Vega reverses it and grabs Morgan's tights but the ref catches her. Morgan reverses their position and pins Vega, picking up her third win against MitB competitors.
Your Winner, Liv Morgan!

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville + Seth Rollins

Pearce and Deville are talking backstage, off mic, until Rollins walks up. Rollins introduces himself to both officials; they respond that they know who he is. He then explains he felt he had to tell them who he was since they just gave Edge a title opportunity. Pearce states that Edge deserves a shot, and Rollins points out that Edge is no "Seth freakin' Rollins." Pearce refuses to run down the accolades Edge's accumulated over a quarter century of wrestling and states that Edge deserves a shot. He won the Royal Rumble and didn't get a one-on-one shot. Rollins calls them dummies, telling them it was their stupid idea to put Daniel Bryan in the match. The officials tell Rollins their decision is final, but he can get a title shot if he can win the MitB match--and he can earn a spot next week, if he defeats Cesaro.

Singles Main Event Match: Otis w/ Chad Gable vs Angelo Dawkins

Yes, this is apparently our main event. Otis makes his way out with Gable and we head to break. After a Progressive Match Flo that showed the Alpha Academy's recent attacks on the Street Profits. We're reminded that Montez Ford is out with a cracked rib. Dawkins makes his way out to loud cheers. Dawkins is out the gate at the bell, taking hands to Otis. Oh hey, news worthy: Otis has a haircut and he shaved today. Saved you all a click! Otis immediately takes control from Dawkins, using powerful suplexes to send Dawkins over his head and crashing into the mat. Gable barks orders and instructions to Otis throughout the match. Otis is in complete control. Otis climbs the middle rope and flies, splashing onto Dawkins and crushing his body. Otis drags Dawkins over to the corner and rear climbs up the turnbuckles. Otis with a Vader Bomb! Otis covers and picks up the win. Dawkins only had a few seconds of offense the entire match.
Your Winner, Otis of the Alpha Academy!

Backstage: Paul Heyman and Jimmy Uso

Jimmy once again talks to Heyman, excited to call out Edge and impress his Tribal Chief. Roman is still nowhere to be seen. Heyman tells Jimmy to go out there and be "Main Event" Jimmy Uso. Uce slaps hands with him and heads out to the ring.

In the Ring: "Main Event" Jimmy Uso and Edge

Jimmy Uso makes his way out and we head to break. After our final break, Jimmy's in the ring and gets on the mic. "Where you at, Edge? 'Cuz I'm right here, Uce." He waits and Edge doesn't come out. Jimmy tells Edge it's okay to come out because Roman Reigns isn't here tonight. He tells Edge that Uso doesn't need Roman because Jimmy can take out Edge all by himself. He challenges Edge to come out and be face-to-face with Jimmy Uso. He waits, then promises that this isn't a trap--it's just an Uce calling him out, so "let's do this! Yeah yeah yeah, let's do this!" Finally Edge makes his way out. Edge implores Jimmy to open his eyes to what Roman's doing. He reminds Jimmy that Roman's just using him, like he did for his brother. He tells Jimmy that he's just like his brother, and he's one of Roman's bitches. Edge admits that he knows Roman laid a trap but it wasn't a trap for Edge--it was a trap for Jimmy Uso. Edge drops his mic and marches down to the ring.
Uso looks around, apparently looking for Roman per McAfee and Cole, and Edge strikes! Edge beats Jimmy out of the ring, slamming his face hard into the ring post and bouncing him outside. Edge and Jimmy brawl outside the ring, with each man briefly taking control before taking it back into the ring. Uso unloads on Edge with a flurry of fists. Edge fights out of it and turns the tables, mounting and pounding Jimmy into the mat hard. Edge then transitions into a submission, a modified crossface, and Jimmy taps the mat quickly. Edge releases him, positions himself in the corner, and hits the Spear right through Uso! Edge heads outside the ring and retrieves a steel chair. He stares at it then stomps the bottom leg support bar off. He tosses the chair aside and picks up the think metal bar, perhaps twelve inches long. Edge uses it to put Jimmy Uso in a foreign object-assisted crossface! Jimmy grunts in pain and we're reminded of the image of Edge doing this to Roman at WrestleMania. Edge yells at the camera, telling Roman to look into Jimmy's eyes. He keeps the hold on for a minute then breaks it, growling into the camera "I. Don't. Stop!" We fade to black.

In Closing

That wraps it up for the week, folks. Don't forget to check out Matt's excellent 205 Live results, featuring some of the hottest new talent in the breakout tournament. Thanks for stopping by. From our Rajah.com family to yours, have a happy holiday weekend! Try to stay cool out there, always stay frosty, and stay safe. See you all for Raw on Monday...and it's coming, July 6th during the Great American Bash...

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