WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (July 1, 2022): the Footprint Center - Phoenix, AZ

Friday Night SmackDown

Riddle, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Omos, Sheamus, Sami Zayn, ???

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes.

Speaking of tonight's show, our official preview is up, and tonight's go-home edition of SmackDown comes to us less than twenty-four hours before tomorrow night's Money in the Bank! The men's edition of the name-sake match has one slot available, so tonight's the night the men are getting that hole plugged! We've also got tag action as the Viking Raiders look to pillage and plunder the New Day. And in cross-brand six-woman action, six of our entrants in the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder match--sans Becky Lynch-- will square off along brand lines as Raw's Asuka, Liv Morgan, and Alexa Bliss team up to take on SmackDown's Raquel Rodriguez, Shotzi, and Lacey Evans! Post-show, tonight's episode has added to a disturbing trend of the Blue Brand having weaker go-home editions of shows for three consecutive months.

Raquel Rodriguez, Lacey Evans, Shotzi; Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Asuka.

the New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston); the Viking Raiders (Ivar & Erik)

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (July 1, 2022): the Footprint Center - Phoenix, AZ

Money in the Bank is TOMORROW Night!

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to Arizona, where the ring is surrounded by ladders--and has six set up in it, upon which the men's announced participants are perched. Cole and McAfee remind us MitB is tomorrow night.

In the Ring: Riddle, Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn, Sheamus, Seth Rollins, Omos

Everyone but Omos (with MVP) are perched atop ladders and have mics. Seth welcomes Phoenix to Friday Night SmackDown for the cheap pop, notes that they're all on ladders and hypes tomorrow night's event. Drew and Riddle briefly exchange words with Rollins before he goes on to announce the best place to cash-in will be at SummerSlam, after the Lesnar/Reigns Last Man Standing match. He boasts about his experience cashing in, and states its like taking candy from a baby. "Now with that said, whether that's a little tiny Samoan baby or a little tiny beast boy baby..."--then is interrupted by Riddle. Riddle talks about beating the "disgusting, despicable dirt-bag bro" Sami Zayn. Zayn reminds us he's an Honorary Uce and he's going to grab the briefcase to keep the contract in the Bloodline "and as long as I have that contract, that means Roman Reigns' championship will be safe from all of you vultures." MVP gets on the mic, calling them all a bunch of idiots for not seeing the giant standing in the ring with them, and hypes his odds-on-favorite status in Vegas to win tomorrow night in Vegas. There's truly something special about the way MVP calls someone an idiot. Sheamus takes a turn on the mic and talks about switching his "bowl of Lucky Charms" to a bowl of Wheaties. Drew takes a turn to state his case for winning when the Miz's music plays and out comes the A-Lister! He starts his turn on the mic, then is joined by Ezekiel, Happy Corbin, and Madcap Moss. Everyone takes jabs at each other until WWE Official Adam Pearce makes his way out and announces a battle royal (no, not a royal rumble rampage)--coming up next!

Dynamic Battle Royal: Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Riddle, Seth Rollins, Omos, Sami Zayn, Madcap Moss, Happy Corbin, Ezekiel, the Miz

We return from our break and the action gets under way. Chaos ensues as our Superstars absolutely rampage in this battle royal. Omos dominates like dynamite in this battle royal, eliminating multiple opponents. Drew McIntyre is the one who stands toe-to-toe with Omos as everyone else backs off. McIntyre unloads rights as the ring grows still and everyone watches. Omos chokes McIntyre down to a knee but the Scottish Psychopath battles out of it and throws more rights! Omos, however uses an elite headbutt to drop McIntyre. Omos continues to dominate and starts to stalk Seth Rollins, who happily eliminates himself. Rollins cackles and dances over his brilliant move but Riddle slides under the bottom rope and hits an RKO on Rollins! Omos pulls Riddle up by the hair but Riddle slips an arm bar on Omos, holding him bent over the top! Sheamus and McIntyre work together and manage to dump Omos over the top, sending us to a break!
When we return, the action continues. Sheamus uses the Ten Beats of the Bodhran as Riddle stalks him for an RKO attempt but Sheamus perseveres and eliminates Riddle, instead, mid-RKO. Sami Zayn and Corbin temporarily align to double-team McIntyre. McIntyre headbutts Zayn and tosses Corbin out, eliminating him. Drew uses a textbook neckbreaker to drop Sami, kips up and counts down for a Claymore--only to be intercepted by Sheamus with a Brogue Kick! Sheamus attempts to eliminate Drew but McIntyre gets a hand on the apron and uses elbows to fight Sheamus off. Sheamus attempts a Brogue Kick to eliminate Drew but Drew counters, re-enters the ring, and uses a series of clotheslines to drop the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus and Drew battle more until Zayn enters the ring. McIntyre spars with Sheamus and turns in time to dump Zayn over the rope. Sheamus looks to sucker-strike McIntyre, who instead starts to eliminate him. Happy Corbin hits the ring, still legal, and dumps both Sheamus and Drew McIntyre over the top, stealing the win!
Your Winner, Happy Corbin!

Video Package + Promo: Ronda Rousey/Natalya

We get a video hyping the recent conflict between SmackDown Champion Ronda Rousey and Natalya. Nattie then cuts an interview-promo backstage and, essentially, states that she'll be the first person to tap-out Ronda.

Tag Team Match: the New Day vs the Viking Raiders

The New Day are out first as we get a recap from last Friday, that saw the returning and furrier Viking Raiders return as heels, destroying the New Day. We return and, for those interested, the New Day have been entertaining the crowd for eight minutes at this point. They cut a silly promo in which Kofi pretends to get the date wrong, referring to it as June; when Woods corrects him, Kofi returns "Ju-lyin'." The New Day attempt to pander to the crowd a little more before bringing up the "new vicious Viking Raiders"--the third time we've heard that in two minutes, please God don't let that be their new name. Kofi and Woods state its time to, quote, "let's get dangerous" (okay, Darkwing Duck!) They tell the Raiders to get their As-gards out there. At 8:50, we hear the horns and out come the Raiders with new music, a new (and more viking) look with shields and furs. They're announced as the new vicious Viking Raiders and both teams stand face-to-face in the ring. Woods offers Erik a mic, but Erik drops it. The New Day attack the Raiders, who use their shields to great effect to shield bash, shield slam, and essentially dismantle the New Day. There's been no bell yet, either. The Raiders continue to beat down the New Day as the crowd boos lightly and the digital crowd angrily roars to life. We're told the New Day can't compete, without anyone checking on them, making this a non-match.
Your Result, No Match

Six-Woman "Battle of the Brands" Tag Match: Raw's Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Liv Morgan vs SmackDown's Raquel Rodriguez, Shotzi & Lacey Evans

At 8:54, Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan are announced for this match and we head to break! Why the time stamps, you didn't ask? Because I'm curious tonight how long our Superstars are forced to stand around awaiting the bell to ring, of course! Which turned out to be seven minutes (after Becky Lynch made her entrance on the mic). Asuka starts us with Shotzi, who only lasts moments before bringing in Lacey Evans. Evans battles Asuka to the Blue corner and brings in Raquel Rodriguez, who looks for a cover after Evans hits a pendulum corner dropkick. Asuka fights back, attempting a roll-up but Raquel looks for an elbow drop to counter it. Asuka dodges and tags in Bliss to a decent pop and lots of cat-calls from Arizona. Bliss walks stiff, kind of like Raquel, teasing her. The two lightly engage in a friendly competition, when Bliss attempts to run past Raquel but Raquel continues to block her. Rodriguez eventually connects with a splash and a whip and looks for a Lawn Dart but Bliss wiggles out. Raquel runs over Bliss with a big shoulder. All this time, Lynch babbles on and on, on commentary. Bliss tags in Liv Morgan and the blonde duo double-dropkick Raquel, setting up a cover attempt.
We return and Bliss finds herself at the mercy of the SmackDown Superstars, who continue to use frequent tags to isolate her to their side of the ring. Evans shows off her powerhouse status with a swift slam. Bliss hangs in there, however, as both Raquel and Shotzi take turns working her over. Shotzi attempts to stomp a mudhole in Bliss in the corner. Shotzi fails to contain Bliss after a failed Boston Crab attempt (that looked way more like an old school Lion Tamer, not that watered down Walls variant). Finally Bliss makes the hot tag to Asuka who fires off kicks to Shotzi and hits a hip-attack on Lacey Evans to dump her off the apron. Asuka charges into a double-foot attack from Shotzi but manages to slap an ankle lock on Shotzi. Asuka pulls Shotzi back with the lock, fires off a German Suplex, and attempts a cover for a close two. Our Superstars start up our end as Bliss comes in to help Asuka fight off Raquel. Lacey uses a Woman's right and Shotzi with a dump-over the ropes to send Bliss & Asuka to the ringside area. Shotzi takes a moment to celebrate, unaware Bliss has recovered but Evans & Raquel are still down. Bliss attacks from behind and picks up the win! After the match, Becky Lynch hit the ring, then hit Asuka with a Manhandle Slam.
Your Winners, Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan!

Backstage: WWE Official Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville

A classy-dressed Sonya Deville confronts Pearce, stating what he did was wrong (when she was put in a 2-on-1 handicapped match against Raquel and Lacey Evans). She then tells Adam she filed a formal complaint against him. She states what he did was wrong "but what I'm about to do is wrong, too," and she slaps him across the face.

Contract Signing: Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Bout at Money in the Bank

Kayla Braxton, the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos, and their opponents for tomorrow night--the Street Profits--are shown in the ring for a contract signing and or press conference. Whatever, I'll update you when this crapfest is over. The first question asked by Braxton, of the Usos, is if they're worried about losing tomorrow and what it means for the Bloodline. They take exception to the question. Kayla asks the Profits about losing their killer instinct, and "what is it I'm hearing that you two aren't getting along?" Oh snap, it's gonna happen! Angelo "Shawn Michaels" Dawkins and Montez "Marty Janetty" Ford question Braxton about where she heard this rumor. Ford then cuts a promo on the Usos. The crowd is mostly dead during this. The Profits criticize the champs as piped in noise fills the arena. The only life shown by the crowd is whatever section is shown on camera at any given moment. Pointless segment before a dead crowd.

Maximum Male Models Finally Debuts

The formerly-known-as Eli Drake/LA Knight, Max Dupri, took the ring and the spotlight to finally introduce his Maximum Male Models. Mace (rhymes with "ace") is now named ma.Ce (rhymes with "ma say") and is spelled with symbols I've got to figure out how to type. The second announced male model, formerly known as Mansoor, is now man-soir (pronounced, "man-swahh"" and they're going to "titillate the juices of" the WWE. Dear god, so much cringe, six minutes of it. I need bleach for my brain. The horrible segment ends with McAfee too-ecstatic about Max Dupri, pumping it up until he wears himself out and has to sit.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Fatal 4-Way Main Event Match: Happy Corbin vs Madcap Moss vs Ezekiel vs the Miz

Despite the run time, a sizable chunk of our match was commercials. Each man had a few minutes in control, with hints that Ezekiel and Happy Corbin might both go over. Ultimately, however, Madcap Moss persevered to pick up the win. Madcap Moss has been added to the Men's Money in the Bank match. After the match, the man he pinned--former best friend and employer Happy Corbin--was yet again exposed to ridicule by commentator Pat McAfee as the duo build more towards their match at SummerSlam.
Your Winner and FINAL Entrant in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Madcap Moss!

In Closing

And that's it for tonight's go-home edition of Friday Night SmackDown! Sadly, the trend of weaker SmackDown episodes ahead of premium live events has continued into a third month. Also, one last, final reminder from this guy--Money in the Bank airs Saturday night, not Sunday! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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